Education is the most powerful weapon which you, can use to change the world
- Nelson Mandela.

Education undoubtedly can change the world but what is of primary importance and what we need to identify is whether education we are providing actually fulfils the expectations of the times ahead.A curriculum which is obsolete, which is insipid and which has no direction helps neither the learner nor humanity as the goals of education remain unachieved.

The generation of today is always in the quest for more. Each young mind is power packed with curiosity, analysis, reasoning, discovery and plethora of ideas and acumen. At PIS-CIE we have recognized this feature in every child. Hence our teachers are trained in a unique manner to always instigate the students to come with a barrage of information on a particular concept and then an interactive session in the classroom provides a kick start to the lesson. Hence not only are the students attentive during the session but also feel a sense of responsibility in understanding the concept.

To us every child is unique and each has his/her own tangible requirements in the area of academics. Hence it is not only important that every child is participative in class but also important that every child feels welcome in the classroom environment. So team building activities and think-pair-share activities become an integral part of our teaching process. Every student from the early years is provided with a skill set to develop their analytical and application abilities.

We provide a platform for students to indulge in life lesson and activities way beyond classroom teaching. Our ‘Kidpreneur’ project imbibes an understanding of entrepreneurship to our young ones from the lower grades. Small business projects are run by the students to get first-hand experience in entrepreneurship.

The school looks towards adapting a community service project for the year so that the roof to any organizational skill development,‘empathy’ is honed in every child through their growing years.

Hence at our school we strongly believe that education cannot be imparted in a stagnant classroom. It is an ever evolving process and at our end we constantly strive to keep this mechanism with our child centric optimism thriving in our entire endeavour.

Education I believe is a lifelong process and we need to need to constantly provide fodder to the development of the young minds and so we are constantly focused on providing a congenial environment to these developmental factors.

Towards the above goal, our experienced and immensely efficient team aims to provide, an education, which is inclusive of the talent and capability of each child, thereby strengthening the potential which is innate but awaiting expression. We provide an environment that is happy, intellectually stimulating and is based on knowledge enhancement, ethical and spiritual discipline along with emotional integrity.

We have a strong ethos of parental involvement for we recognize the need for open interaction between the school and home. It is only when this partnership is collaborative that a child grows into an adult who evinces intellect, warmth, character, sensitivity and respect for human diversity so as to become a constructive World Citizen.

Mrs. Suchita Malakar
Principal, Podar International School - Powai CIE