Safety norms in the School Bus

We have attached great importance to enhance the Safety and Security measures for children travelling in our own School Buses. We furnish here under a list of such enhanced safety measures which have been implemented :-

  • All buses will be run by authorised Private Contractors only who have sufficient years of experience in running of school buses and who are fully acquainted and competent to adhere to the prescribed norms of safety as laid down by the Regional Transport Commissioner.
  • Parents are requested to desist from utilising the services of any unauthorised private transport,(other than those which are duly authorised by the School). The list of authorised Transport Contractors is displayed in the Transport Department Notice Board.
  • A number of buses have been installed with door closure systems with alarm. Thus while the bus is in motion, if the door is kept open, a shrill alarm will go off, thereby alerting all concerned.
  • A number of our school buses have been fitted with CCTV cameras.
  • Each Podar School bus has 3 adults in the bus. A trained driver, a lady attendant and a conductor.
  • All Lady Attendants will have a dedicated Mobile Number and will be designated for each route without being changed frequently. They will be monitoring discipline in the school bus, besides taking responsibility for conducting the bus and shall be reporting directly to the School Principals and the Transport Department.
  • New routes may be added during the academic session.
  • As per the recent R.T.O rules, private vehicles (unauthorised Bus, Mini Bus, Autorickshaws, etc) should not be used to ferry school children to and from school. These guidelines have also been reiterated by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. The rule is important as these private vehicles may not prescribe to the safety and security norms for school children.
  • Suggestions and grievances may be brought to the notice of your respective school's Transport Manager. Details can be found at the organizational chart section and contact us section.
  • There will also be a Transport Committee for each school comprising of the respective Principal, Admin Officers / Transport Officers and two designated parents from the school. Officials from the Regional Transport office, Traffic Police, Education Office and local Authority may also be invited to be a part of the Transport Committee.


Bus Staff Training Manual
School Bus Safety Policy for Nursery Children