Jumbo Kids Events

Summer Fun 'Seven wonders of the world' - 2022

Summer Fun 2022 was conducted at Podar Jumbo Kids, Ratnagiri on 4th May 2022 to 14th May 2022. Various activities like Yoga, Stories telling, Creative expression, Adventures outdoors , craft, ramp walk with dress up were conducted. Children enjoyed it a lot .Total 20 children participated in the camp.

1st Kiducation Huddle with Parents - 2022

We conducted the 1st Kiducation Huddle with Parents- ‘We learn as we play ,the Jumbo Kids way’ at Podar Jumbo Kids,Ratnagiri on 30th April 2022 in the school. Learning is child's play at Podar Jumbo Kids. Thank you dear Parents for attending the 1st Kiducation Huddle event.

Earth Day Celebration - 2022

At Podar Jumbo Kids, we celebrated Earth Day as “ Let us protect the environment’ with fun-filled activities. Children learnt about taking care of our planet Earth. Here are some photographs of our children enjoying and learning about taking care of our planet Earth on the occasion of Earth day.

Parents Induction Program - 2022

Parent Induction was conducted for the academic year 2022-23 with the theme "Living in the new N.O.R.M.A.L" Thank you parents for your enthusiastic presence. Here are the glimpses of the program.

Independence Day Celebration - 2020

Independence Day was celebrated with our children ,parents and grandparents with quizzes, singing songs, dancing etc. Children enjoyed all the activities a lot.

Onam Celebration - 2021

Onam event was celebrated virtually with the fun session during teacher child interaction. Theme of the event was "Together we can".

International Tiger Day Celebration - 2021

"International Tiger day" was celebrated virtually to make our children aware about the need to protect animals and conserve our national treasure.

Janmashtami Celebration - 2020

Janmashtami was celebrated virtually with the theme: Milk and Milk products give protein and build immunity" . Our children had a fun session with their teacher by discussing the importance of milk and milk products.

Rakshabandhan Celebration - 2020

This year Rakshabandhan was celebrated virtually with the theme " Protect trees - Our best friends" .Our children had a fun session with the teacher by making Rakhis and they tied it to their plants at home . Children showed love and care for the plants.

Homebased Online EYFS Learning 2020-2021

Podar Jumbo Kids commenced Academic year 2020-21 on 7th April 2020 with HOMEBASED ONLINE EYFS LEARNING to support continued learning of our children.

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