School Events at Ratnagiri

Guru Nanak Jayanti - 2022

A special assembly was held by the students of Ventus House on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Podar International School, #Ratnagiri on Monday, 7 November 2022. Students expressed their views on Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Sikhism and also presented ‘Pushpanjali’ through a semi classical dance. The assembly was concluded with an address by the Event Coordinator summing up with the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Field Visit 'Samarth Exotica Plant Nursery' - 2022

The students of Grade I of Podar International School, #Ratnagiri visited ‘Samarth Exotica Plant Nursery’ on Saturday, 5 Nov 2022. The students got the opportunity to see lots plants of various species. They were enthralled with the beauty of nature and also enthusiastic to explore the same. This visit helped them to build up their knowledge about plants and enhance their aesthetic sense.

National Unity Day - 2022

National Unity Day, also known as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas is celebrated every year on 31st October to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. A Special Assembly was held on 31 October 2022 at Podar International School, #Ratnagiri by the students of Terra House. A skit was presented by the students to showcase unity in diversity in India where people of many religions, races, cultures and traditions live together. The assembly was addressed by the Principal Sir emphasizing the thought about Unity. This day was celebrated to make people aware of the ideas of staying together and uplifting society.

Diwali Competitions - 2022

Diwali is a festival of lights and lanterns are an integral part of decoration. The students from Grade V to VII of Podar International School, #Ratnagiri participated in the Lantern Making Competition. The students from Grade I to IV participated in the colouring competition. Diwali celebration would remain incomplete without rangoli. The students from Grade VIII to X participated in the Rangoli Competition. The students were delighted to participate in all these competitions.

World Students Day - 2022

“You were born with wings. Don't crawl. Learn to use them to fly and fly.”

Every year World Students’ Day is celebrated on October 15 across the globe to acknowledge the efforts of former President of India and eminent aerospace scientist Dr APJ Abdul Kalam towards student welfare and education. Dr. Kalam is fondly remembered as "People's President", and he was known for his dedication towards promoting education.

The students of Aqua House from Podar International School, #Ratnagiri presented a special assembly on 15 October 2022. His thoughts and conversations with students were recalled. No doubt, he has inspired millions of youth through his works, achievements, books, lectures, etc. He was a simple personality that will always be remembered.

Express Yourself 'Kaleidoscope' - 2022

Blood Donation Drive - 2022

The Blood Donation Camp was organized at Podar International School, #Ratnagiri on Saturday, 9 October 2022. The parents who visited the school to attend the Open House, volunteered for donation of blood. Blood donation is considered superior of all donations because it can save someone's life. Most of the lives are lost due to blood loss during surgeries, accidents, or cases where regular blood transfusion is required. These lives can be saved if an adequate amount of blood is available.

Field Visit 'Post Office' - 2022

10 October 2022 is celebrated as World Post Office Day. On this occasion the students from Grade II of Podar International School, #Ratnagiri visited the Head Post Office, Ratnagiri. The Head master of the Post Office Mr. Ram Kulkarni has given valuable information about the post office and different counters such as post ticket, railway booking, saving account, insurance, letter sorting and delivery. The students were curious to know more and asked their queries to the Head Post Master. It was a good learning experience for the students.

Dussehra Celebration - 2022

“India is known as a land of festivals and celebration, Dussehra is one of them which is unique in its perception and significance.”

The students of Ignis House from Podar International School, #Ratnagiri held a special assembly on Dussehra on 4 October 2022. Keeping the festive spirit alive, the students performed the skit and conveyed the message of victory of Lord Rama over Ravana and reinforced the message that good always triumphs over evil.

The celebration is a part of our philosophy. Children learnt values of honesty, respect, humility and obedience, which are the core of our Indian epic, Ramayana. All the students enthusiastically participated and enjoyed the celebration.

Thus the celebration not only enriched their learning but also made it memorable celebration.

Jumpstart Activity 'IE-THEME: Kaleidoscope' - 2022

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”
- Robert Frost

To develop the student’s appreciation for poems and to facilitate their reading and comprehension skills and also to enhance their analytical abilities while interpreting the poems, Podar International School, #Ratnagiri introduced the third theme of the year with Jumpstart event, ‘KALEIDOSCOPE: Gazing at the Magical Prism of Poetry.’

During this event the students were engaged with activities such as ‘Give me a Rhyme’, ‘Picture Poem’, ‘Add an Action Word’, ‘Rhyming Hunt! – Braid a Poem’.

The focus of this theme is for students to explore the literary form of ‘poetry’ through the various activities over the period of 4-5 weeks, where the students will be exposed to a variety of poems that will lead to a learning experience and a deeper understanding of the genre of poetry.

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