Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

A famous saying by Nelson Mandela. We at Podar also believe in the same & side by side do honestly believe that Education is one of the major tools which can enlighten lives of individuals.

With a mission of spreading light to every life & to bring positive change in the world, Podar group has reached to almost every state of India. Now we are here at Thane too.

I do strongly believe in a saying by Martin Luther King, Jr that “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively & to think critically. So that such individuals are made who have intelligence as well as character”. For that to happen every school needs a curriculum which teaches life skills along with concepts. At Podar, we have well designed curriculum which teaches both ; life skills as well as concepts. With a well balanced learning of concepts & life skills, a first class mind of the student develops , which enables him to function effectively even in the midst of diametrically opposite thoughts.

Our class rooms are well set with modern technology & teachers are well trained. Campus is safe & secure with CCTV’s all around the campus & in the school buses. Theme based extracurricular activities are also a part of curriculum which are providing better opportunities to students for them to become better orators , artists & quiz masters . Simultaneously an excellent platform is provided ,for them to prove themselves in sports also.

You all are welcome to Podar International School, Thane to have a look at all, which is happening here as Website alone won’t be enough to justify the happenings in real.

Mrs Soniya Khatri
Podar International School