It is indeed my privilege to be the principal of PIS Wagholi. The network of Podar International schools has spread across five states grooming thousands of students to become ideal future citizens.

Simplify your wants, nullify your greeds
Amplify your work, rectify your mistakes
Certify your conduct, magnify your minds
Glorify your future

This is exactly what we at Podar International School are trying to inculcate in our students. Children are exposed to modern technology as well as encouraged into becoming good human beings through value education. We provide them the right ambience and loads of opportunities so that the children blossom into fully moulded individuals with commitment and are empowered to face and tackle the new challenges of life.

Every child matters
Let every bud bloom

I strongly believe that Every Child is Unique. Our attitude determines our altitude. Each child entrusted in our care has multiple hidden sparks and the role of a school is to ensure that every moment spent in school is a valuable learning opportunity. We at PIS, Wagholi hope to practice teaching as a mission, learning as a passion and excellence as a tradition. Students’ minds will be allowed to stumble upon and be surprised at everything that happens in today’s life. This type of exposure will make them creative, inventive and discoverers.

In the magical process of education, the child, the teachers and the parents form a trilogy. The teachers are kept abreast with the new methodologies in teaching and learning by regular continuous professional development organized by Podar Education Network. It will always be our earnest endeavour to involve our parents in all the happenings in our school.

It will be a truly enjoyable experience for all of us to be a part of a school that places as much emphasis on the journey as well as on the destination. Each one of us will be challenged to exceed our expectations and thereby become really future ready. So we pledge to lift our students’ hearts up high so that their lives will be shining like stars in the sky.

Looking forward to working together towards this common goal……..

Mr. Munish Sharma
M.Sc. (Botany) M.Ed.
Podar International School. Wagholi.