At Podar, we use a Theme Based Approach of teaching and learning that connects multiple areas of the curriculum together to integrate it within a theme.

Our Thematic Learning Program involves

  1. Inculcating activities and lessons into the daily routine that allows students to gain meaningful, interactive & hands-on experiences related to real-life challenges.

  2. Correlating academic topics to real-world experiences to help students learn and apply their knowledge in a much more realistic & individualistic manner.

  3. Instructing students on every single branch of knowledge together under one subject which allows the students to intertwine different learning methodologies.

Our Thematic Learning Program results in

  1. Children understand their unique strengths, explore multiple ways of learning and apply the acquired skills.

  2. Students receive ample opportunities to enhance their social, cognitive, emotional and physical development and strengthen their personal skills, life skills, academic skills, and critical thinking.