Podar Innovation Center - About Us

Since its inception in the year 1927, the Podar Group has taken giant strides to extend their reach not only in the cities but also to the interiors of our motherland, with the ideology that quality education is the right of every child.

As the Podar fraternity spread across geographical boundaries, it became indispensable to ensure that the quality of education is maintained and enhanced further.

Thus in the year 2008, the Podar Innovation Center (PIC) came into being with five veterans - not only skilled academicians but also exceptionally creative, energetic and zealous people who wanted to bring about a change that mattered.

Today, PIC encompasses a team of more than 80 such academicians, educationists and experts who work to facilitate teaching and learning at various levels of the Podar educational system, starting at the primary and ascending up to the senior secondary school.

The advantage of having a centralized and a standardized system is that irrespective of where a school is located, the Podar standard of education is maintained. Right from selecting textbooks, building syllabus, making of the yearly planners, developing lesson plans using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and other teaching aids, formulating worksheets, designing question papers and internal assessments, developing guidelines for activities, projects and lab work, the PIC team ensures that only the best goes to our students.

This team aims to provide high quality academic and non-academic support to all the Podar Education Network Schools based on the curriculum guidelines from the various boards including Indian boards like the Central Board for Secondary Education and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, the Maharashtra State Board and an international board like the Cambridge Assessment of International Examination.

Podar Innovation Center - About Us