Annual Sports Day Celebration 2023-2024
“A champion is someone who gets up when he can't.” Podar International School, Gandhidham celebrating Annual Sports Meet-2023-24.
Annual Day Celebration 2023-2024
Celebrating the annual day is a testament to our hardwork and dedication.
Culminating Event 'Young Entrepreneurs' - 2023
"A culminating event in the school aims to showcase what students learned and if they can apply their new knowledge and/or a newly learned skill." The students of Podar International School, Gandhidham celebrated culminating event on 2.9.23 on the theme " Young Entrepreneurs"
Investiture Ceremony 2023-2024
"Leadership is not a synonym for ultimate authority over a team. It is a perpetual capacity to influence and inspire the team to bring an abstract vision to concrete reality." Podar International School, Gandhidham conducted the investiture ceremony (2023-24) on 8.7.2023.
Annual Day Celebration 'Nritya Tarang' 2022-2023
Fire Mock Drill Session - 2022
To create awareness among the students about disaster management
Culminating Event 'Kavishala' - 2022
"THEME: ‘KALEIDOSCOPE - Gazing at the Magical Prism of Poetry!’ Culminating event - ‘Kavishala – A Showcase of the Indian World of Poetry’, organized by the students and staff members of the school. 
Annual Sports Meet 2022-2023
Annual Sports Meet-2022-23 celebration at Podar International School, Gandhidham with parents, students and teachers
Navratri Celebration - 2022
"Garba Night" - Navratri celebration at Podar International School, Gandhidham with patents, students and teachers.
Activities at PIS Gandhidham - 2021
Music Day Celebration - 2021
Investiture Ceremony 2021-2022
International Yoga Day Celebration - 2021
Rakhi making competition - 2020
International Yoga Day - 2020
Drawing Competition - 2020
Diwali Competition - 2019
Visit to Fire and Police station for tying rakhi - 2019
Independence Day Celebration - 2019
Investiture Ceremony 2019-2020
Fancy Dress Competition - 2019
Rakhi Making Competition - 2019
Slogan writing competition - 2019
Best out of Waste - 2019
Father's Day Celebration - 2019
Plantation Activity - 2019
Labor's Day Celebration - 2019
House Competition 'The Rainforest Walk’ – Exploring the Layers, Flora & Fauna in Rainforest' - 2019
Drawing Competition - 2019
Culminating Event - ‘INTO THE WILD’ – A Theatrical Depiction of life in the Rainforests' - 2019
Special Assembly 'Endangered Species' - 2019
Express Yourself - Grade 7 - Are the tribes of the rainforest losing their identity & livelihoods because of excessive intrusion? Is civilization the culprit?' - 2019
Express Yourself - Grades 5 & 6 - Develop & Showcase – Puppet Show – ‘A Day in the Rainforest’ - 2019
Express Yourself - Grades 3 & 4 - Creative Writing - ‘An Autobiography of an Endangered Rainforest Animal' - 2019
Express Yourself - Grades 1 & 2 - Art & Craft Activity - ‘Make Your Rainforest Gear’ - 2019
Handwriting Competition 'Certificate of Excellence' - 2019
Foundation Day Celebration & Welcoming New Podarites 2019-2020
PIS Gandhidham celebrated our school's Foundation Day. Also, they welcomed their new Podarites with zeal, in which all our existing podarites from grades 2 - 7, performed various activities to entertain everyone.
Jumpstart Activity 'Mystical Rain forests' - 2019
Students of Grade 1 to 7 participated in the Jumpstart Activity of session's 1st theme "Mystical Rainforest" in which the students performed various activities like "Match the Rainforest animals with the Info card", "Forest Sensory Bin", 'What I Feel about Forests!", "Minute to Win It!", etc.
Parivartan Drive - 2019
PIS Gandhidham organised Parivartan Drive on the theme "THINK GLOBAL EAT LOCAL" for grades 3 to 6. In this, Students marched with placards along with school band. Also, Students of grade 5 and 6 performed a skit and song to create awareness among the crowd about 'Healthy Food Habits. We received an overwhelming response and motivation for the students by every one present there.
Certificate of Excellence - 2019

We awarded the students with certificates in various categories of grade I to VI :

House Competition 'Foodies Forum' - 2019

The house competition "FOODIES FORUM" was conducted under the theme "FARM TO FORK" in which our four house members participated. In this, they used fireless cooking method for preparing different food items as per the topics provided to them.


Ventus House was declared the winner of the competition.

Tribute to martyrs killed in terrorist attack - 2019
4th Mock Fire Drill - 2019
Thematic Learning 'Our Solar System' - 2019
Parents Orientation - 2019
4th PTA Meet - 2019
Express Yourself 'Grade 1 to 6' - 2019
Students got opportunity to express their ideas and creativity through various activities like ‘Superhero Veggies Platter’, Fruity & Veggie Rhymes and ‘Should Healthy Eating be made Mandatory?’ under the theme "FARM TO FORK"
3D Showcase Competition - 2019
PIS, Gandhidham participated in the 3D showcase competition held at PIS, Ahmedabad on 25.01.19. In this competition, one student from Grade V & one student from Grade VI had participated. Grade V prepared the model named "Fun World" on the theme of 'Holiday Resort' and Grade VI prepared the model named "Alien Atica" on the theme of 'Alien Habitat'. PIS Gandhidham secured the First position for the model prepared by Grade VI.
70th Republic Day Celebration - 2019
70th REPUBLIC DAY was celebrated in school in which we showcased Parade, Patriotic Song, Dance, Speech and Skit. Students performed all the activities enthusiastically with the feeling of patriotism.
CT 3 Open House for Grade 1 to 6 2018-2019
Inter school Kabaddi Match 'Boys & Girls' - 2019
Inter school kabaddi match was held on 24/01/2019 in PIS, Gandhidham. Students of grade 5 & 6 (boys & girls) participated. PIS, Boys Team won the title against ST.Thomas, Boys team (26 - 19). PIS, Girls Team lost the tittle against ST.Thomas, Girls Team (18 - 25).
Special Assembly 'Harvest Festivals of India' - 2019
A Special Assembly was conducted on "Harvest Festivals Of India". In this, the students of Grade 5 & 6 showcased 4 festivals (Holi, Baisakhi, Nuakhai & Onam) through their dance performances.
Volunteer program for primary and secondary grades for term 2 - 2019
Students from primary and secondary grades participated in volunteer program held on 19 Jan 2019. They donated various items to help needy children which were as follows. Primary grades (I to IV) - Stationary Items Secondary grades (V & VI) - Books
Jump Start Activity “Farm to fork” - 2019
Students from grade I to VI had participated in jump start activity in which they performed various activities like Feed The Caterpillar, What's on The Menu?, Complete The Process To Get The Product and Food Idioms
Kite Festival - 2019
PIS Gandhidham celebrated kite festival in their school campus in which students from grade 1 to 6 along with their parents flew the kites and enjoyed the feeling of their biggest festival UTTARAYAN.
2nd Annual Sports Meet 2018-2019
PIS Gandhidham 2nd Annual Sports Meet was celebrated on 22nd Dec '18 in which the students of Grade I to 6 participated in various activities like March Past, Drills, Pyramids and Track Events. The Overall Champion House was Ventus House.
3rd PTA Meet 2018-2019
Thematic Learning 'Fun with Plants' for Grade 1 - 2018
PIS Gandhidham conducted jump start activity as a part of thematic learning "FUN WITH PLANTS" in which students were taken on a filed trip to a plant nursery to carefully observe their surroundings and spot as many plants as they can find and draw the same in art sheet given in concept quest.
The Actors Hand Book 'Bringing History to the Stage' - 2018
Theme - Times gone by. In this event students from grade 3 to 6 got opportunity to showcase their talent through various activities like Skit, Monologues etc.
Special Assembly 'Navy Day' - 2018
A special assembly was conducted on the occasion of NAVY DAY by the students of grade 5 & 6. In this, Students performed a skit based on the importance of INDIAN NAVAL FORCE and motivated the others students towards the spirit of our INDIAN NAVY.
House Competition 'Memorabilia Project - Times Gone By for Grade 5 & 6' - 2018
Express Yourself 'Times gone by' - 2018
Diwali Celebration - 2018
There was Diwali celebration on 02.11.2018 for grade I to VI in which students performed various activities like Diya Decoration,Coconut Decoration,Thali Decoration,Rangoli Making and Toran making. All the above activities were based on the concept of "BEST FROM WASTE"
Podar Volunteer Programme 'Street play on Swachh bharat abhiyan' by grade 5 & 6 - 2018-19
Street play was done by students of grade 5 & 6 on 30.10.18 as a part of Volunteer program. It helped in creating awareness regarding importance of cleanliness among the people of society.
CT 2 Open House - 2018
Inter House Elocution Competition - 2018
Students of grade 3 to 6 had participated in "INTER HOUSE ELOCUTION COMPETITION" in which they presented their views on topics like Animal & Their Food Habits, Unity In Diversity, Natural Resources and Space Expedition. Winners were selected house wise from each grade and were awarded with achievement certificate.
Investiture Ceremony 2018-2019
PIS celebrated Investiture Ceremony. In this, badges were given to the elected members of students' council which was followed by Oath Taking ceremony.
Garba Celebration - 2018
Garba celebration was celebrated on 17.10.2018 at 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm in which students performed garba wearing traditional dress along with their parents
3rd Mock Fire Drill - 2018
Jumpstart 'Theme - Times Gone by' - 2018
Students from grade 1 to 6 had participated in jump start event where they performed various activities like Sequencing, Venn Diagram, find your pair and what would i like to modify
Inter house Garba & Dandiya decoration - 2018
On the festival of Navratri students from grade 1 to 6 has participated in inter house Garba & Dandiya decoration competition. Students of grade 1 & 2 decorated Dandiya's Boys of grade 3 to 6 decorated Dandiya's and girls of grade 3 to 6 decorated Garba's. All students brought decorative materials on their own.
Joy of giving exhibition - 2018
Students of grade 1 to 6 made various items like tic tac toe, envelope, paper clips, book marks, cd photo frame, pen stand, Popsicle coaster, Popsicle canvas etc and sold the same in exhibition and raised money for charity.
Thematic learning 'Jump start event for grade 1 - Lets Celebrate' - 2018
Class party was conducted on 08.10.2018 for grade 1 students under Thematic learning (LET'S CELEBRATE) in which students dressed up in festive clothing and decorated their class room, played games and danced. This was followed by concept quest in which they made drawing of their favorite festival.
2nd Academic review meet for Grade 1 to 6 - 2018
Review of 1st meet was discussed and bench mark for another month was set.
Symphonics workshop for parents of grade 1 to 5 - 2018
There was a "Symphonic Workshop " for parents of Grade 1 to 5 in which they got knowledge regarding the basic concepts, resources used while teaching, various appreciation techniques. Parents also participated in activities related to phonics.
Inter house group song competition - 2018
Students of grade 1 to 4 has participated in inter house group song competition where Ganesh Vandana was the theme for grade 1 & 2 and Folk song was theme for grade 3 & 4 . Certificated were awarded to the winners as per their house.
Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2018
Hindi Divas was celebrated on 14.9.2018 by the students of all grades. In this, students presented vocabulary game,skit,slogans and various other activities to encourage Hindi. Also they were involved in craft activity in which they prepared paper bags, cloth bags & decorated them.
1st Girls & Boys welfare committee meet - 2018
1st Girls & Boys welfare committee meeting was conducted on 11/9/2018 with the members of the committee. In the meeting, we discussed majorly the importance of "HEALTHY FOOD HABITS, PERSONAL HYGIENE and SAFETY" for students.
Solo dance competition for grade 5 & 6 - 2018
Students of grade 5 & 6 participated in Solo Dance Competition based on the Theme "Ganesh Stuti". All the participants were awarded with Appreciation Certificate for their performance.
Teacher's Day Celebration - 2018
House competition 'The Ocean Commotion Quiz' for Grade 5 & 6 - 2018
Academic review meet for grade 1 to 6 - 2018
Fancy Dress Competition 'Theme - Janmashtami' - 2018
Volunteer Program 'Donating Food by Grade III & IV' - 2018
Special Assembly 'World Water Week' - 2018
Rakhi making competition - 2018
Express Yourself 'Marine Marvels' - 2018
Volunteer Program 'Plantation Activity' - 2018
Independence Day Celebration - 2018
Volunteer Program 'Letter to Soldiers' - 2018
1st Open House - 2018
2nd Mock Fire Drill - 2018
Jumpstart Activity ‘Marine Marvels' - 2018
Hear our Voice Project - 2018
International Day of Yoga - 2018
Podar Live 'The Podarites Broadcasting Network' - 2018
House Competition - 2018
World Press Freedom Day - 2018
Safety Awareness Program - 2018
Mock Fire Drill - 2018
Express yourself 'Theme - Broadcast it' - 2018
Foundation Day Celebration - 2018
Welcoming New Podarites for Session 2018-2019
Jumpstart Activity 'Broadcast it' - 2018
Parent Orientation for 2018-2019 session
Holi Celebration - 2018
Annual Sports Meet 2017-2018
Assembly 'Sarojini Naidu's Birthday Celebration' - 2018
69th Republic Day Celebration - 2018
Saraswati Puja - 2018
Kite Festival - 2018
Mock Fire Drill - 2018
Jump start activity 'Word Weaver' - 2018
Express Yourself - 2017
Joy of Giving - 2017
Money Mela - 2017
Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2017
Jump Start Event 'Theme : Let's go Green' - 2017
Investiture Ceremony 2017-2018
Independence Day Celebration - 2017
Make my Coin - 2017
Need and Want - 2017
Dressed as professionals - 2017
Rakhi Making Competition - 2017
Classification of Animals - 2017
Jump Start Activity 'Money in Focus' - 2017
Transport Committee Meeting - 2017
Celebrating Kabir - 2017
The Time Tunnel - 2017
Field Trip - 2017
House Competition - 2017
World Heritage Day - 2017
Express Yourself - 2016
Jump Start 'Footprints from the past' - 2017
School Inauguration - 2017
Saraswati Puja - 2017
Parent Orientation 2017-2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

Podar Education Network, as the pioneer in the field of education, offers the best CBSE board school in Gandhidham, that instructs its students in the English language. Being the most advanced schools in Gandhidham, we not only tend to academic excellence but the holistic development of your child. Thus, Podar CBSE School in Gandhidham is considered one of the best English medium schools in Gandhidham, Maharashtra.

Podar CBSE school in Gandhidham is considered one of the best schools in the region for students pursuing globally-acclaimed education in 11th and 12th classes. It offers an end-to-end schooling system enhanced with a globalized curriculum, sports and extracurricular development, and step-by-step guidance to enable students to pave their paths to a bright and successful future.

The detailed fee structure for Podar CBSE school in Gandhidham is available on our website.

As one of the best CBSE schools in Gandhidham, our infrastructure has been designed to incorporate the principles of ergonomics at all levels. With spacious and comfortable classrooms, innovative well-equipped labs, a full-equipped medical center, state-of-the-art libraries, expansive playgrounds and extra-curricular activity rooms, Podar CBSE school in Gandhidham offers some of the best modern facilities at the disposal of students.

Here is a list of the documents you will require for admission to the Podar CBSE school in Gandhidham:
  • Student’s Birth Certificate.
  • Student’s Aadhaar Card.
  • School Leaving Certificate (can be submitted later if currently not available) (Std 2 onwards).
  • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
  • Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
  • Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
  • Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
  • Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
  • Passport size photograph of the student.
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable).
Head over to our Admissions page on our Podar Gandhidham CBSE school website to have a detailed view of the online and offline admission process.

To know more about the transfer process and transfer certificates for our best CBSE school in Gandhidham, you can visit our Podar International School website.

Podar International CBSE school in Gandhidham offers safe and secure transportation to and fro for their students. The entire school premises is fitted with CCTV cameras and trained attendants, so as to maximize the security of our students, who are regularly monitored, and safely picked up and dropped off by our bus transport facility.

The age limit for children seeking admission to Nursery in Podar CBSE school in Gandhidham is set at 2 years, completed latest by 31st December 2023. The detailed eligibility criteria in terms of the age norms have been specified on the Podar CBSE board school in Gandhidham Admission Page.

Podar International Schools across India are renowned not only for their excellent academic teaching but also for the holistic development of their students. Offering a vast range of traditional & new age sports and a variety of extracurricular activities for children to hone their skills, here are the extracurricular activities that our CBSE school in Gandhidham offers its students:
  • Theatre
  • Indian and Western Dance
  • Classical and International Music
  • Public Speaking and Debating
  • Computer Animation

There are two easy ways you can seek admission for your child at Podar CBSE school in Gandhidham - Online & Offline visit.
Online Admission Process:
  1. Complete the online application form.
  2. The following documents are to be uploaded while filling the online application form:
    • Student’s Birth Certificate.
    • Student’s Aadhaar Card.
    • School Leaving Certificate (can be submitted later if currently not available) (Std 2 onwards).
    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Passport size photograph of the student.
    • Caste Certificate (if applicable).
  3. After submitting the online application form, if there are seats available in the standard that you have applied in, an email with a payment link for the first term fees will be sent to you. Parents are requested to make the necessary payment online.
Offline Admission Process:
  1. Complete the application form either online or collect the form from the school.
  2. Please submit the completed application form along with following documents at the School Office:
    • Photocopy of Student’s Birth Certificate.
    • Photocopy of Student’s Aadhaar Card.
    • School Leaving Certificate (can be submitted later if currently not available) (Std 2 onwards).
    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Photocopy of Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Photocopy of Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
    • 3 Passport size photographs of the student.
    • Caste Certificate (if applicable).
  3. Please submit a Cheque with the first term fees to the School Office. All payments at the School are to be made by Cheque. Please mention the name of your ward, and contact number on the rear side of the Cheque. Fees once paid will be strictly non-refundable.
To learn more details about the admission process and confirmation, please visit the Admissions page on the Podar Gandhidham CBSE School website.