Education creates awareness, eliminate the darkness of ignorance and make individuals to face the challenges of life.

In one of its Charters, UNICEF observes, “The day will come when nations will be judged not only by their economic and capital cities and public buildings but by the protection that is offered to the growing minds and bodies of the children.” This observation signify the importance of the place and the process where the young minds are taught, shaped, conditioned and moulded according to the needs, aspirations and objectives of the mankind, society and the nation. So the school from where the young mind starts the process of learning and experiencing becomes very important.

Podar International School, Gaya believes in the idea of providing qualitative, value based and activity based education is the need of time. We at Podar provide the education that enables the children to be an independent thinkers, effective communicators and positive world-citizen and are able to face the challenges of 21st century.

In Podar international School, Gaya we provide a child friendly, a conducive and congenial atmosphere. Teachers are easily approachable and work as mentors of students. We believe that the individual differences are important.

All the children have capacities, potential and skills. The education imparted in PIS Gaya promotes and nourish as wide range of capacities and skills in our children as possible.

PIS, Gaya is completely committed to provide quality education and raise the level of the students. All our classrooms techno savvy and teachers are well trained with modern technology of teaching and learning.

We are committed to fulfill the aspirations and educational needs of students the parents.

With Best Wishes
Anil Kumar Sharma
Principal, Podar International School, Gaya