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School Events

Children's Day Celebration - 2019

Podar International School, Gaya celebrated Children’s Day with great enthusiasm. Students of different grades performed various activities/games like Musical Chairs , Mono Acting , Passing the ball, Painting , etc to make their day memorable. A tournament was also conducted between the students of senior grades and teachers which they enjoyed a lot.

Express Yourself 'Design a way' - 2019

Podar International School, Gaya conducted Express Yourself activity under the I.E theme – ‘Design A Way’ in which students of different grades have performed activities like - ‘The Human Knot Game’ , ‘Smashing Alternatives’, ‘Is Technology Killing Creativity? , ‘Problem Solvers’. Students have enjoyed the activities and learnt a lot of things during the session.

Rangoli Making Competition - 2019

Second Open House - 2019

Inter House Debate and Elocution Competition - 2019

End of Space Troopers

Podar International School, Gaya CELEBRATED THE THEME END OF SPACE TROOPERS.It was a great celebration since all the students and staff members participated activity in all sections.All students including their parents enjoyed the games, stalls and the information related to space.Overall the theme end got tremendous success under the guidance of our principal sir and it become a memorable moment for all

House Competition 'Space Troopers' - 2019

PIS Gaya conducted House Competition under the I.E Theme - Space Troopers. Students participated in the competition with great enthusiasm and interest. Through this competition they have expressed their views about the universe.

Jumpstart Activity 'Space Troopers' - 2019

Independence Day Celebration - 2019

Investiture Ceremony 2019-2020