Handwriting Competition - 2023

L.O. To be able to inculcate the habit of writing clearly.

L.O. To be able to inculcate the habit of Sportsmanship spirit.

L.O. To be able to help students understand the importance of good handwriting.

Handwriting competition was held on 21st April, 2023 Friday, to inculcate the habit of writing clearly, neatly, creatively and in a given time frame. Students were made to sit in their respective classes and the content as per their grade, was projected on white board. Students wrote the content on an A4 size paper that they had brought, the writing was time bound which also helped students to improvise the writing speed. All the students from grade 2- grade 10 participated enthusiastically and competed for the certificate. At the end, the incharge teachers collected the papers to judge and allot the certificates accordingly.

Trip to Imagica - 2022
Trip to Birds Park - 2022
Navratri Celebration - 2022
Janmashtami Celebration - 2022
The program started with the introduction & importance of Janmashtami by Ms.Sashi. It was followed by Fashion show by Students to Grade 1 to 5. Students were dressed as Radha & Krishna, reminding all of us the beauty of the festival & the spiritual energy. The students did a ramp walk in pairs, pictures were clicked & videos were recorded to make it memorable. The next program was specifically arranged for Grade 6 to 10 who celebrated Dahi-Handi enthusiastically whereas the lower grade students were enjoying the break & fall , encouraging and cheering the participants & taking the utmost advantage of the celebration held . It started with girls aligning themselves in human pyramid to break the earthen pot filled with curd that was hung above. It was followed by boys doing the same thing. It was a way to promote team work & achieve a common goal by the collective efforts.
Investiture Ceremony 2022-2023
Independence Day Celebration - 2022

76th Independence Day Celebration (Amrit Mahotsav) at Podar International School, Kalyan CIE 2022-23.

Venue: Stilt Area(School Premises)

LO - 1. To be able to value freedom
2. To celebrate the day with patriotism

15th of August is a gala day for every Indian.

76th Independence Day was celebrated at Podar International School, Kalyan with great pride and enthusiasm. The celebration begin with warm welcome by Ms Stuti & Mst Vedant of Grade 4 CIE.
Principal Sir CIE Mr Sanjay Nandi along with Principal of ICSE, Principal of CBSE &GM Sir, Darshani Ma’am hoisted the flag followed by National Anthem.
Our Student Council members hosted parade.There was March Past by all the houses of CIE, Students showed their patriotism towards our country.
After the parade there was cultural song presented by students. They showed their gratitude and respect by presenting a melodious patriotic song which brought a big smile on everyone’s face.
Furthermore, Our students of CIE presented a melodious song on patriotism, followed by beautiful dance by Tiny tots looked fabulous in their white attire. Patriotic Dance filled joy in the mind and body of the audiences. After the Dance it was time to hear some patriotic words, by our Head Boy& Head Girl Mst Shrishailya & Ms Jiya who presented patriotic Speech to enhance the love of patriotism in our mind & body. .It was time for laurels for our students who excelled received the certificate for the participation in various competitions, Mst Shrishailya bagged certificate and medal for spell bee& vocabulary, followed by our toppers of IGCSE for their extraordinary performance in their academics for 2021-22.The last section of the event was really wonderful where felicitation of teachers who completed five years was done by all the principals who spoke good words of loyalty to motivate the teachers.
Last but not the least the celebration was joyful. Ms Stuti of Grade 4 CIE thanked everyone and the event ended on a positive note.

International Yoga Day Celebration - 2022
Children's Day Celebration - 2021

Students of Podar International School (C.A.I.E) Kalyan, celebrated Children’s Day with great vigor and enthusiasm on 22nd November 2021.Teachers gave various performances for the students in order to exhibit their love and affection for them. Various activities and events were organized and performed by teachers.

In the beginning a small introduction was given be Madhavi miss regarding the importance of children’s day and why it is celebrated. Next Sashi miss narrated a very beautiful poem in Hindi. It was a motivational poem where the message was conveyed to all the students that they should not be afraid of any situation. In difficult times also they not lose their faith on themselves. Later on, Renuka miss asked few Riddles to all the students. Students were really eager to answer it. The program was then followed with the price distribution ceremony where the students were felicitated with certificates and medals for Spell Bee, Olympiad exams etc. Yet another programme, which made the children, sit up and enjoy, was the beautifully choreographed dance show by the teachers. This programme was the heart of the entire celebration. Everyone enjoyed it a lot.

Finally, the programme ended with a small speech by Principal sir. He thanked all the parents, PTA members, teachers, all supporting staff and dear students for their presence and support. All the students were asked to fill the feedback form and rate the programme. The students were overwhelmed and enjoyed the day.

75th Independence Day Celebration - 2021

75th Independence Day Celebration at Podar International School, Kalyan CIE 2021-22

Venue: Google Meet

LO – 1. To be able to value freedom
2. To celebrate the day with patriotism

15th of August is a gala day for every Indian.

75th Independence Day was celebrated at Podar International School, Kalyan with great pride and enthusiasm. The celebration begin with warm welcome by Ms Shaurya for students, parents and staff online on Google Meet at 9.30am Principal Sir CIE Mr Sanjay Nandi hoisted the flag along with CBSE and ICSE Principals followed by National Anthem.

Our Student Council members hosted parade and showed their patriotism towards our country.

After the parade our tiny tots from Grade 2 &3 showed their gratitude and respect by presenting a melodious patriotic song which brought a big smile on everyone’s face.

Furthermore, Tanushree from Grade 10 gave a Hindi Speech which enriched us how the freedom fighters shed their blood for the nation, Grade 5 Students presented Patriotic Dance students looked fabulous in their white attire. Patriotic Dance filled joy in the mind and body of the audiences. After the Dance it was time to hear some patriotic words, by Ms Sanvi from Grade 6 who Presented Speech in English. It was time for laurels for our Grade 8 Sumedha and Ms Jiya from Grade 9 who bagged certificate for elocution challenge from category 6-8 Principal Sir Mr. Sanjay Nandi addressed the students, parents and teachers with his motivational speech. Chandan Sir also shared a few words of wisdom on this auspicious day. The last section of the event was really wonderful where our Grade 1& 2 students dressed up in their traditional patriotic costume for fancy dress presented themselves with their innocence and good words for our nation, which was jaw dropping.

Last but not the least the celebration was joyful. Our Head Boy and Head Girl thanked everyone and the event ended on a positive note.

Webinar on Mental Health Awareness - 2021


The Mental Health Webinar started at 12.35pm.The session was taken by our Alumni Ms Yashika Ramchandani, our ex student, who has graduated from Podar International School CIE. Ms Yashika has initiated towards helping people combat their mental health issues.

Ms Yashika discussed about mental health issues, It is okay to be not okay, how to recognise the problems pertaining to mental state of mind. Degradation of mental health issues by casual usage of terms, Insensitivity towards self and others. Depriortizing health, Lack of acceptance from self and others.

Ms Yashika discussed how to recognise a growing mental health issue, who is to blame, What does it feel like, How long will I take to recover, How to take clinical diagnosis, professional help and what it comprises of, self help techniques, How can your school help, offering help. Ms Yashika discussed all the above points Some students from grade 7 to 10 had some queries, related to mental state of mind.

International Mother Earth Day Online Celebration - 2021

Students of Podar International School (Cambridge International), Kalyan, celebrated International Mother Earth Day with great vigour and enthusiasm. The activity started off with a short video on planting trees and its importance. Students of Gr.1 to Gr.5 artistically sowed coriander and mustard seeds in old reusable containers and pots. The aim of using old containers and pots was to inculcate the habit of reuse, reduce and recycle.

Children enjoyed digging the mud with their hands and sowing the seeds. They also gave special names to their respective small garden beds, created by their tiny hands. Feeling of nurturing and caring creeped into their minds when the teachers told them to take care and water the seeds daily and wait to watch the seeds grow into plants. It was amazing to see the kids working so efficiently with great interest.

Students of Gr.6 to Gr.10 had a different activity. The activity started with a video on planting trees and protecting them. The students were asked questions based on the video to spread the awareness of planting more trees and to make them understand that they are indispensable.

The students then took turns to read a text on International Mother Earth Day with information of its origin and its importance. The students were then given a worksheet based on the text to be answered. The teacher then discussed the answers of the worksheet and wound up the activity.

Over all it was an eye opening activity which encouraged the students to plant more trees and protect the environment and save mankind from facing disaster in the long run.
Virtual Annual Day Celebration 2020-2021

Podar International School (Cambridge International), Kalyan conducted a Virtual Annual Day 2020-2021 on 30th January, 2021 with great zeal and enthusiasm. The program commenced with an introductory speech by Ms. Samaira Suchak from Grade 9.It was followed by a delightful video by girls of Grade 9. The program followed with the inspiring speech by the Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi. There was an annual report presentation followed by the speech which highlighted school's achievements and the different workshops and webinars conducted throughout the year.

Later, the cultural programme followed with spectacular singing and live dance performances by the students of Grade 1 to Grade 8. Along with the dance and singing performances, there was a unique skit presented by the students which showcase the hardships and huddles the students and teachers faced during the year 2020 and how well everyone learn to adapt the new online teaching and learning process. The skit also shared an instant from Swami Vivekananda's life in which his honesty was signified. It also set out the importance of Honesty in the each of our lives. The skit came to an end with a positive note of support that teachers and students have shared during this period and how well they have adapted to the virtual schooling. Later, at the end of the cultural program a Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Samaira and the program came to an end.

Diwali Celebration 'Grade 6 to 10' - 2020
Recycle Week 'Make Best out of waste' - 2020

21st October : PPT BY THE STUDENTS.

The day began with the quiz on Recycling in the assembly.

Later Samaira Suchak from grade IX explained the meaning of Recycling, when was recycling first used and History of recycling. Riona Ramchandani from Grade VIII steps to increase the rate of recycling, the ratio in which other countries recycle and also what will be the consequences if we don’t recycle. Arya Maitra from Grade VII explained 3 R,s - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle by playing 2 videos on How recycling has become need of an hour.

Vansh Shanklesha, Shardul, Hamza and Srujan from lower grades explained the importance of recycling.

22nd October: Activity day

The day started with assembly

On second day students of all grades were allotted Recycling activity.

Grade 1 and 2 explained the importance of recycling by doing Colouring Activity. Students drew beautiful and colourful pictures of Dust bins, 3 R's- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Grade 3 students made stuff by using newspapers and bottle caps.
Grade 4 students made stuff by using paper cups and paper plates.
Grade 5 students made stuff by using plastic bottles and old cans.
Grade 6 students made stuff by using old bangles and old boxes.
Grade 7 students made stuff by using old socks, coconut shells and other shells.
Grade 8 students made stuff by using old clothes, towels etc.
Grade 9 students made stuff by using old soap boxes or plastic spoons.
Grade 10 students made stuff by using old Cds or silver foil container.

23rd October: Feedback day

Day started with assembly by Grade 1 students following the theme "RECYCLING" in which Sinhayana read the news, Sonam did anchoring, Tejasvi explained advantages of recycling and Tanishka shared a motivational message on recycling.

From Grade 2 - Anchoring was done by Baani. Deshna explained what is recycle waste management, Jia explained importance of recycling, Kash explained what can be done with leftover food waste and Krutika expressed her views on how does recycling help the environment.

From Grade 3 - News was read by Jannat. Achoring was done by Atharva, Druhee explained advantages of recycling and Avinash shared a motivational message on recycling.

From Grade 4 - Anchoring was done by Shlok. Anshika explained what is recycle waste management, Havyn explained importance of recycling, Yana explained what can be done with leftover food waste and Geet expressed her views on how does recycling help the environment.

From Grade 5 - Anchoring was done by Veda. Sanvi explained what is recycle waste management, Spruha explained importance of recycling, Yash explained what can be done with leftover food waste and Aditya expressed her views on how does recycling help the environment.

From Grade 6 - News was read by Naman. Achoring was done by Sankarshana, Rajveer explained advantages of recycling and Saachi shared a motivational message on recycling.

Feedback was taken by all the students by Google form.

Dental health webinar - 2020

On 25th August 2020, Podar International School (CIE) Kalyan conducted a webinar on dental health. The event started at 2 PM. Ms. Renuka Alfonso welcomed and introduced the resource person Dr.Niraj Bhatt. He explained the importance of oral hygiene, the common problems faced by people as well as some solutions and precautions. It was indeed an informative webinar for all the students from Gr.1 to Gr.10 who had joined along with their parents. Towards the end of the session there was also an interactive Q&A session. The event ended at 3 PM with a vote of thanks by the head girl MsVanshikaShetty. Overall it was a very useful session.

Goal Management Webinar - 2020

In order to make students understand the importance of Goal setting and positive ways to achieve it Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan conducted a Goal Management Webinar for students of Grade 5 to Grade 10. The webinar began with introductory speech by Miss. Sadaf Rizvi and some motivating quotes by the Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi. The webinar moved ahead when Miss. Sadaf Rivzi introduced Colonel Anutosh Sharma one of the speakers for the day. Mr. Anustosh started the program by explaining about what is a goal and how should someone set up a goal in his/her life. He made everyone understand that when your intentions while making a goal are right and you are working hard for it; then all the positive attitude and things around you will help you to achieve that goal. He also gave information about 5 basic rules a person should follow while making a goal and also explained their importance. He asked everyone to color visualize your goal in your mind this will help you to get motivation towards it. He made everyone understand that a person is 10% outside, and 90% of himself inside; just like an Iceberg. He explained everyone that first a thing comes to someone’s sub- conscious mind, then in his/her thoughts, then in his/her words and then finally in his/her actions. So, in order to get your thoughts, clear a person should sit calmly and think about it. It takes 21 days for a human being to start a habit and 90 days to include that habit into one’s personality. So, one should always try to create a positive and happy vibe around it self by his/her thoughts and action and will also help to achieve the goal.

Later, the webinar was continued by C. A Poonam Jethwani the second speaker for the day. She made everyone understand that even meditation can be an interesting activity if a person does what he/she loves to do. She explained that when a person meditates, thoughts in their mind decreases and it helps to relax the mind which leads to focusing on the goals without any distraction. She took practical meditation activities like dancing on different songs, laughing on funny Mr. bean videos and at last meditating to relax everyone’s mind. The webinar drew positive energy in everyone and it ended with closing words by the Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi and a vote of thanks by the head girl Ms. Vanshika Shetty.

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2020

The Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 5th September, 2020. The celebration began with an introductory speech by and a melodious prayer by the students of Grade 10. The program lead off with Mst.Diven Hinduja explaining that why Teacher’s Day with the help of a PowerPoint presentation and an inspiring Abdul Kalam’s video. Further a gratitude tour for teachers was presented by the students of grade 10 and grade 8 with a small message about every teacher of Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan. Then, an ex- student 2015-16 passed out Mst. Aditya Khairari shared his views and experiences with everyone. Later, a sweet sounding Thank You song was presented by students of Grade 10. The program followed with the next alumna Miss. Sonal Moonka year 2017-18 passed out speech gave away a token of gratitude to teachers and concluded her with a beautiful quote on the role that teachers play in a student’s life. Then, Grade 8 students presented their art of dance and spread a cheerful vibe around. The felicitation of teachers by HarperCollins Publishers India was announced by Miss. Neha Balani. She also announced the felicitation of the Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi for receiving Global Teacher Award 2020. Lastly a harmonious song was presented by an alumna Miss. Viddhi Poddar passed out in year 2016-17. At last a thank you speech was given by Miss. Hashmita Wadhwani a student of Grade 10. And lastly the program was concluded with Principal’s Mr. Sanjay Nandi’s inspiring speech.

Eye Care Webinar - 2020

During the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic the digital screens have become a lifeline to student’s academic, teachers professional and everyone’s personal life. With virtual school, multiplayer games, and social media the time spend in front of the screen have increased. And gradually with that the effects of screen time on eyes also have increased. So, in order to bring about an awareness about screen timings and eye care Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan organized a webinar “Eye Care With Screen Share Webinar”. It was conducted on 21st August, 2020 by Dr. Siddharth Sheth who is has experience of over 10 years in diagnosis and management of eye problems. The webinar began with Dr. Sheth sharing the common eye problems that children face due to excessive screen time. Some of them that the doctor explained were refractive errors in children(glasses), eye allergy, squint (crossed eye), amblyopia (lazy eye), white reflex in the eyes (Leucocorea) etc. Along with the causes of these problems he also explained the effects and suggested the prescribed treatments for all the respective problems. Then, Dr. Sheth gave information about ROP (Retinopathy Of Prematurity) and its effects. He also shared the information about the necessary time period within which a baby’s should by checked by ophthalmologist. Later, information was shared about different alarming signs through which teachers, parents and relatives can find out whether the child is facing any vision problem. Dr. Sheth also gave knowledge about the balanced that need to be maintained during and post lockdown. The information included the that why excess screen time is harmful for eyes? , how are the eyes affected, rules to be followed for the screen time, etc. the short term, medium term and long-term screen time effects were also presented. He also suggested the precautions that one can take with the screens while studying or working. At last, Dr. suggested everyone to avoid continuous screen time, take breaks while using screen, blink while staring at the screen, avoid extracurricular activities on school days, etc. Dr. Sheth concluded the session by advising everyone to take care of their eye health and in case of any problem visit an eye specialist without any hesitation and delay. The webinar was quite informative and helped everyone to understand the importance of eye care.
Cyber Safety Webinar - 2020

Internet has become an integral part of today’s generation. It has provided a wide array of learning opportunities but there are risks too. The increasing use of the internet and social media has made cyber-safety very important. Keeping in mind, Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan organised a virtual Student-Led Webinar on Cyber safety on 15th August, 2020. The webinar began with an introductory speech on importance of internet in today’s scenario by Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi.

The program moved forward with Head boy Mst. Vaansh Bhatia providing the learning objectives of the webinar along with the contents of the webinar. Then Mst. Shrishailya Rao explained what are digital footprints and how are the formed. He also gave information about the kinds of digital footprints as well as their positive and negative impacts. Some videos were also shown in order give a clear image of digital footprint and its effects to the audience. Further Ms. Aarya Maitra informed about the precautions to be taken while sharing something on any internet platform. The meaning of Cyber Bullying and its effects were also explained by her. Along with that she also gave information about the law sections laid by Indian Government against cyber bullying. Followed by it Mst. Yugansh Valecha explained about different types of cyber bullying. Then, Ms. Samaira Suchak made everyone understand the five steps to be done to stop the spread of cyber bullying around the social media. All these things were explained with the help of a video played on the screen. Later Mst. Raakin Majeed shared with everyone the positive and negative impacts of different social media. Lastly, the Head Girl Ms. Vanshika Shetty continued with the negative impacts of social media. She also shared information on Social Media safety tips with the help of a video and concluded the program by asking everyone to be aware and use internet carefully. The webinar was quite informative and focused on how to avoid hatred and spread love over the internet.

74th Independence Day Celebration - 2020

1. To be able to realise the value of freedom
2. To celebrate the day with patriotism15th of August is a gala day for every Indian.

74th Independence Day was celebrated at Podar International School, Kalyan with great pride and enthusiasm. Principal Sir CIE Mr Sanjay Nandi hoisted the flag along with CBSE and ICSE Principals The celebration for students,parents and staff began online on Google Meet at 9.00am,The celebration began watching the video of flag hoisting by all the 3 board Principals of Indian National Flag followed by National Anthem.

Furthermore, Principal Sir Mr.Sanjay Nandi addressed the students,parents and teachers with his motivational speech. The students of grade 7, 8.presented a musical patriotic song to which the whole school joined and the song reverberated in the surroundings. The song was followed by a speech in English by Mst. Jayaditya which enlightened the audience with facts of struggle taken by our freedom fighters.. A unique dance was presented by the students of Grade 7,8,9. with their graceful dance moves was jaw-dropping.

Patriotic Speech in Hindi by Mst. Satyadi of Grade 3 was worth listening and could relate to the struggle taken by our national heroes.

The patriotic celebration ended with vote of thanks by Head Boy and Head Girl Mst. Vaansh and Ms. Vanshika. Last but not the least the celebration was joyful for everyone.

Investiture Ceremony 2020-2021

The momentous day of Investiture Ceremony 2020-21 was celebrated with great enthusiasm by Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan. The program began with an introduction speech on the ceremony by Miss. Madhumita Dey for about two to three minutes. Then, a student from Grade 4 Ms. Shalaka Peshane motivated everyone by singing a prayer song “Itni Mann Ki Shakti” for about four minutes. A dance performance by Grade 2 students on “Chanda Chamke” spreaded a joyful vibe around. Then the Head Girl Ms. Vanshika Shetty and the Head Boy Mst. Vaansh Bhatia explained the whole students council election procedure with the help of a power point presentation displayed on the screen. The program followed with the speech by principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi, wherein he motivated and tired to inculcate a sense of responsibility in the newly elected Students Council Members. The Oath taking ceremony was initially led by Mr. Sarvesh Mistry and was followed by the Council Members, Virtual Supervisors and Best Buddies. Later, a Vote of Thanks was given by the Secondary Coordinator Miss. Arti Koli. The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem.

It was a short and sweet virtual program conducted with lots of zeal and zest.

Inter Board Football Tournament - 2019

Inter Board Football Tournament organised by student's council in all 3 curriculum at PIS Kalyan on 19th October 2019.

Score of League matchers are CIE vs ICSE (1-21), CBSE vs ICSE (0-2) and then CIE vsCBSE (1-1). Then final payed between CIE ICSE (2-1).

Master Jinnet H awards Goal Keeper of the Tournament. Master Omkar awarded Highest scorer of the Tournament CIE won the Title Champion of the Tournament, where as ICSE received 1st Runner up and CBSE 2nd Runner up rolling trophy.

Student's council has been appreciable by Principals.

Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2019

Podar International School (Cambridge International), Kalyan celebrated Hindi Divas on Sept 13, 2019 in school Library. Students performed Song, Dance, Skit based on freedom fighter and every body liked it. Mile Sur Mera Tumhara sang by all students and enjoyed moments happily. Students of grade 1 also had danced and grace the occasion. HOD Mrs. Madhuri Mishra explained the importance of Hindi language with its length & breath. It was a great learning and eventful day for all of us.

The program whereas follows:-

· Hindi song by grade 4 students.

· Dance by grade 1 students.

· Skit by grade 7 students.(Mono act of some of the freedom fighters).

· Anchoring of skit by grade 9 student (Tanya)

· Song by grade 5 students (Mile Sur Mera Tumhara)

It was a great learning and eventful day for all of us.

Independence Day Celebration - 2019

Podar International School (Cambridge International),Kalyan, celebrated 73rd Independence Day with unprecedented patriotic fervour on Aug 15, 2019.All the three boards- Cambridge International, CBSE and ICSE assembled in the stilt area. The program begun with the hoisting of the national flag by the Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi. The national anthem echoed in the entire campus.

After the National Antuem, a speech was given by a student on freedom which included the explanation of Article 370 and 35A.It was inspiring speech. Following the speech an energitic dance was performed by the students. A speech was given by a Grade 3 student Ms. Agamya Gajare from CAIE paying tribute to nation's freedom fighter. It was a sensational speech. A patriotic group song was performed by students. After that, a group dance was performed by the students of Grade 8.A mesmerizing song was sung by students of Grade 7.

After the song, there was certificates distribution for Spell Bee national and international level and Rising star by the Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi along with other dignitaries. The felicitation of Teachers was also done. Teachers were awarded with British Council course completion certificates and loyalty certificates for completing 5 years in the institution. There was a feeling of triumph amongst the students as well as the teachers. The vote of thanks was given by the Head Boy, Mst. Krish Panvelkar. The program concluded with the National song. Overall it was a day filled with the feeling of Patriotism.

Visit to Bank - 2018
Independence Day Celebration - 2018

Podar International School (CAIE), Kalyan, celebrated Independence Day with unprecedented patriotic fervour on Aug 15, 2018. All the three boards- CIE, CBSE and ICSE assembled in the stilt area. The program was begun with the hoisting of the flag by the principal. The national anthem echoed in the entire campus.

After the National Anthem, there was certificates distribution for NFLAT and Spell Bee by the Prin. Mr. Sanjay Nandi. The prestigious International School Award by British Council was announced. There was a feeling of triumph amongst the students as well as the teachers. Then the program continued with a Hindi speech by Ms. Tanushree Deshmukh of Grade 7. A patriotic group song was performed by students of Grade 7th, 8th and 9th followed by an engaging dance drama on the life of Bhagat Singh and his Friends. The vote of thanks was given by the Head Girl, Ms. Shreelakshmi Sharma . The program concluded with the National song.

Overall it was a day filled with the feeling of Patriotism.

IGCSE Students Felicitation with Cambridge Certificates - 2018

Date – Sat, 23rd June 2018

Venue – Library – Podar International School (CIE) Kalyan

It was a beautiful Saturday morning of 23rd June 2018 as we felicitated our students of Grade X – IGCSE 2017-18 with Cambridge Certificate at Podar International School CIE Kalyan and bid farewell to the lively, wonderful, charming and vivid learners for a bright future awaiting them. The students were felicitated with Cambridge certificates and they shared their experiences about the school, teachers and their IGCSE Curriculum. From the eight IGCSE subjects to attempt in exams, the top scorers were –
1.Binish Patel with 7A* and 1A
2.Sonal Moonka with 5A*
3.Kashish Lokwani with 3A* and 3A
4.Nishant Dandawate with 3A* and 2A
5.Purva Kulkarni with 2A* and 2A
6.Ishika Manglani with 1A* and 5A
7.Nishtha Sharma 1A* and 3A
8.Vinesh Wadhwa with 1A*

The Principal Mr Sanjay Nandi concluded the event with his noble words wishing the students happy adventures, fantastic new friendships, amazing experiences and the journey of a life time, hoping that they are taking with them a wealth of knowledge they will always treasure, some fantastic learning experiences, lifetime friendships and some lovely souvenirs.

ISA Activity - 2017
Library Day Celebration - 2017

Date: 11th August

Podar International school, CIE (Kalyan) Celebrated Library Day on 11th August 2017.

The programme was started with the offering of floral tributes to the portrait of Godess Sarswati and Dr. S.R. Ranganathan and lighting of lamp by Principal Mr Sanjay Nandi and cordinator’s Ms Arti and Ms Manjula.

The formal welcome address was given by Supriya , Librarian, Grade 7 student Ms. Vaishanavi and Anirudh highlighted some of the important contributions of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan who has been regarded as Father of Library Science in India and mentioned his contribution for the development of Indian Librarianship and library movement in the country.

On this occasion all Grade 1st to 10th students and teachers were present in the library. Activities such as storytelling and reading competition, Bookmark making competition, making picture from story summary writing for primary section and also included presentation on “importance of reading” by secondary section were conducted as part of the event from last week. Dr. Rukmini Madam also highlighted about Reading. Daily exercise is good for fitness like that daily reading is good exercise for mind. She also motivated children to read books and daily attend library. She called library as resource centre and treasure.

Principal Mr Sanjay Nandi appreciated the programme with importance of Libarry Science in our daily life and the efforts put in by all students and teachers.

At the end of the programme, the Vote of Thanks was offered by Supriya Assistant Librarian.

Workshop on Money Smart - 2017
Elections CIE 2017-2018
Multilingual Week - 2017

Day 1

Podar International School celebrated the first day of Multilingual Week on 25th April. Multilingual week is celebrated every year in Podar International School Kalyan CIE. This week is full of fun, excitement and competition.The students start the preparation one week prior for their respective houses. The respective houses are Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The judges were Mr.Sanjay Nandi,Ms. Arti,and Ms. Manjula. The anchors for the day were Mst. Christopher & Mst. Nishant.

Not only the students prepare for their houses but the house teachers also work hard for their houses to make the respective house win. Each and every house got 2 freedom fighters as the topic. The topic for Earth house - Tipu Sultan and Mangal Pandey, Air house- Veer Savarkar and Bhagat Singh, Fire house - Shivaji Maharaj and Subhash Chandra Bose last & Water house - Rani LaxmiBai and SardarVallabhBhai Patel.

For first day it was PPT and Singing based on the Freedom Fighters.The PPT was very well presented by all the houses and Singing was melodiously sung too.

Everyone loved the Performance of all the houses. Overall the program was entertaining, and Spectacular.

Day 2

Podar International School celebrated second day of Multilingual Week. The topic was Freedom Fighters on which each of the houses had to present the drama. The judges were Mr.Sanjay Nandi,Ms. Arti,and Ms. Manjula.

The anchors for the day were Ms. Kashish & Ms. Ishika. The first drama was presented by Fire house and the topic was on the life history of ShivajiMaharaj and his part on his childhood the drama was very entertaining. The second performance was by Air house on the famous personality Bhagat Singh. They showed us what kind of person Bhagat Singh was and how his death sentence. It was very well presented by air house. The atmosphere became patriotic.

The third performance was presented by Earth house on Mangal Pandey.It showed how an Indian soldier known for helping to spark Indian rebellion of 1857 this is a also known as the first i war for Indian independence .It was an excellent performance . The last performance was presented by water house on Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel the first Deputy Prime Minister of India. It was a musical drama displayed on his struggle for independence of India .The drama was phenomenal.

Overall the performance of all houses were remarkable and students got chance to learn about the life history of famous personalities.

Day 3

Podar International School celebrated the last day of Multilingual Week. The topic was Freedom Fighters on which each of the houses had to present the dance. The judges were Mr. Sanjay Nandi, Ms. Arti, and Ms. Manjula. All the students were excited as all the houses were performing a dance on their respective freedom fighters. The anchors for the day were Ms. Binish & Ms. Megha .

Air House performed on the song of Bhagat Singh followed by Earth House who performed on Mangal Pandey song. Both the house performed very well. Water house performance was spectacular. They performed on Jhansi ki Rani. Last performance was of Fire House on Shivaji Maharaj. All the students cheered for all the houses.

Later on the questions were asked by the anchors to all the houses. Each house answered. At last Mr. Sanjay Nandi announced the result. The winner for the Multilingual Week was Water House.

Overall the program was very good. All the students as well as the teachers enjoyed a lot.

Math-e-Magix - 2017
Annual Day Celebration 2016-2017
Education Excursion - 2017
WISE 2017

WISE which is an abbreviation for Wondrous Intellectual Scientific Expedition and is a Science exhibition was conducted by Podar International School (CIE) , Kalyan on 24th Jan 2017.

Students from Grade 1 to 9 were presented total 116 different projects & working model by group or individually. Dr. (Mrs.) Vandana Lulla, Director of Podar International Schools, was the chief guest for the occasion. Mr. Prashant Kamble , Ms. Sunita Sandhu and Ms. Meena Pawar and Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi , PIS Kalyan(CIE) , Kalyan graced the occasion.

Objective -- To create awareness and curiosity among students for science subject. WISE offers students an opportunity to develop a feeling of confidence and competence and foster a spirit of scientific inquiry. Students do important research and discover previously known facts. As students participate in a formal competition, they also practice public speaking and learn how to explain and defend their work in front of a panel of judges.

Mrs. Vandana Lulla said that the initiative taken by Mr. Sanjay Nandi PIS (CIE) , Kalyan in holding a science exhibition was commendable as it gives the young minds a chance to explore, thinking out of the box and definitely expand their learning horizons. All the judges were reported in the same line.

Prize Distribution - 2016
Sports Day 2016-2017
Teacher's Day Celebration - 2016

On 31st August 2016 there was a grand celebration of Teacher’s Day, a day where we pay homage to the, “Greatteachers of India and Bangladesh,” as Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan had put it. The celebration was filled with laughter and fun as everybody rejoiced and enjoyed themselves. Everybody looked quite charming on day.

The function started off with something entertaining right off the bat with a felicitation. Teachers were asked to guess their colleague based on the description shown. Upon the right answer, the teacher and their parents were felicitated requested to come to the stage via the glamorous red carpet where they were offered presents from our beloved principal Mr Sanjay Nandi, with Shole, coconut, red rose & many more gifts.

The next event was a speech given by Grade IX Students. The first speech outlined the history of teacher’s day in hopes of inspiring students with the great achievements of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The second speech given by another student of Grade IX fuelled this motivation and was given in hopes that the students of Podar International School(CIE), Kalyan will be able to say “thank you” to a teacher, and truly mean it. Continued by a wonderful poem on teacher`s day by grade 7 student.

The fun didn’t end at the felicitation for there were games for the teachers as well as their parents. Parents were asked to guess the singer/actor/film of the song playing. It was entertaining and some parents joined in the singing as well! The second game (which was for the teachers) asked the class teachers to guess their students. The teachers were only given a picture of their students’ eyes and I must say, they were good at this. Lastly the teachers played a round of ‘Fire in the Mountain’. The game was packed with entertainment and it brought a smile to the faces around.Teachers broke out in a dance which released a fit of giggles from the younger students! The winners were rewarded with a prize each.

Now the event after that was absolutely remarkable. It was a dance performance from a little girl called from Grade 1. She was little, but had a bountiful amount of talent and style to her. Astounding!

The next event was the dance performance by the students of Grade V, VI and VII. Their grace and talent rewarded them with a huge round of applause from the students. They handled the props beautifully and their positioning added beauty to the act.

Even the PTA members gave a vote of thanks to the teachers. The members who substituted for teachers for the day too, were given a token of appreciation.

The event ended with some awards handed out to a Spelling Bee winner and with some inspiring words from the PTA members all of whom had lovely words to say about our teachers.

The event was full of smiles. The teachers enjoyed the games and their red carpet moment. The students loved seeing their teachers smile (and perhaps helping their class teachers in the guessing game!). The game, ‘Fire in the mountain’ released a bout of shrieks and laughter from everyone present. Festivity filled the air. Overall, it was a great event that entertained the age spectrum in the audience present. Goal of the day- to make people smile was achieved. Happiness can be obtained by making others happy. “The beauty of education is that you will always learn something,”.

At last Principal (Mr Sanjay Nandi) has given the vote of thanks where all the parents of Teacher’s were blessing to all for the wonderful thoughts & felicitation program.

Visit to National Defense Academy - 2016

On 4th September, 2016 students of Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan visited National Defence Academy, Pune. Students reached the academy at 10 am and they were accompanied by their Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi and one of the army official.

It was an eagerly awaited visit to the National Defence Academy (NDA).It is situated at Khadakwasla and spread across a huge 3000 acres. We gathered at a pick up point at TRISHAKTI GATE at 10 am. As we entered the land of ‘Seva paramo dharmah’ which means ‘Service before Self’, our excitement knew no bounds. The National Defence Academy is the First tri-service academy (Navy, AirForce, Army) in the world and amongst the top rated ones. Here, the cadets of the 3 armed forces are trained before they resume their pre-commissioning training in their respective service academies.

First we visited to HORSE Stable. Then we proceeded to the AFTT (Air Force Training Team) area which aims to train basics of military aviation through ground and flying training. We had to get down from our bus to go inside a hangar where we saw many aircrafts like SUPER DIMONA. One of the aircrafts had a ground training instructor standing next to it, who was proudly and relentlessly explaining to the visitors, the specifications and use of the particular aircraft. It was a twin seater, single engine powered aircraft to give pre-basic stage flying experience to cadets aiming to become Air Force Pilots. After that, we hopped into our bus again, to visit the Habibullah Hall and ‘Sudan Block’. In the Habibullah Hall, we watched a documentary about NDA, profoundly explaining its importance and its ideals. For the 20-odd minutes we were awestruck. What we watched, not only enabled us to take a glance at life of a cadet through the graduation but also towards humans, stretching their own as well as fellow’s physical and psychological limits. At last we arrived at ‘Sudan Block’, the main administrative building of NDA where all academic classes take place. It is a brilliant piece of architecture inspired from the Rajputana style, and is situated right at the heart of the NDA campus.

It was already afternoon, and our tour inside the NDA was almost over. Within no time we travelled back to the city with lingering thoughts of how challenging it would be for a cadet to transform himself from a mere aspirant into a fighter, dedicated to devote his life for the nation’s cause. We believe that we are fortunate enough to experience the place which teaches that sacrifice for your motherland is your prime objective. We consider ourselves lucky because when we are carrying out our day to day business, progressing in our own path and sleeping peacefully at night, there is someone who is guarding our borders, watching our skies and waters, and sacrificing his life. Hats off to the fighters and a Proud Salute!

Inauguration of E-Magazine 'The Harvest' 4th Edition - 2016

“What you plant now,
You will harvest later”.

On this prestigious and vital day, Podar CIE inaugurated the e-version of their E-Magazine, “The Harvest” 4th edition.

Magazine is an account of events, programmes and activities that a school conducts in its premises and most importantly where students participate.

It was an honour to have with us Dr. Pratap Raj, principal of CBSE to inaugurate the magazine in presence of coordinators, teachers and PTA members and Principal CIE Mr Sanjay Nandi.

Indeed it was a joyous moment where participation of students in various events was displayed. This showcased the active participation and involvement of our students in both curricular and co-curricular activities. Principal extended his gratitude to PTA Members & teachers to encourage more participation every time.

Multilingual Week - 2016

Day 1:
On 20th July, 16 multilingual first activity was performed on 6th floor hall. Students performed various dance forms on different songs according to their respected houses. All houses had different themes and students gave their best performance. Judging was done by the school authorities. Based on their performances students got the scores for their houses. Finally the session ended with vote of thanks by our teacher ms. Jyoti.

Day 2:
On 21st July 2016 the second part of the multilingual session was conducted. On that day students were suppose to perform drama and singing. House wise each and every student performs on drama as well as singing. They were given scripts for drama and songs were based on that drama. Student gave their best. On that occasion teachers, coordinators attended the session with our respected principal sir. The session ended up with the vote of thanks by Ms. Jyoti.

Day 3:
On 25th July, 16 the final session of multilingual week was conducted. Food display was their by the students of respective houses. Every student was suppose to make atleast 1 dish as per the session given.

Students had enjoyed a lot and came our out off the way to participate, performance and to test best food and all students were participated: the best part of the event said by Mr Sanjay Nandi , Principal, Podar International School, CIE, Kalyan.

Club Activity: Save Mother Earth 2016

The activity started at 9.40 am by planting of plants by the students of Grade 1 , 2 and 3. The activity was inaugurated by the CIE Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi. The students participated enthusiastically. This activity was done from 9.40 am to 10.30 am. Thereafter the students went for Sash making in their respective classrooms.

Simultaneously the students of grades 4 to 10 took part in the poster making competition in their classrooms. Innovative and theme appropriate posters were made by all the students. The students painted and coloured the posters beautifully. This activity was done from 9.40 am to 11.00 am.

At 11.00 am , the students from grade 4 to 10 assembled in the stilt area for a street walk. The street walk started at 11.15 am . The students carried the poster that they had made earlier in the day and carried it along with them . They displayed the posters in front of the crowd and shouted slogans favouring mother Earth. The walk concluded around 11.45 am in school.

All the teachers came in green attire and took part in the street walk.

Through this activity the message of saving Earth was very well put forward.

Investiture Ceremony & Graduation Day Celebration - 2016

The Podar International school (CIE) Kalyan celebrated Investiture Ceremony and Graduation Day on Saturday, 16 th July 2016 wherein the newly elected the newly elected student leaders took charge of their offices. The function was held at Podar International School, Kalyan. The Program began sharp at 9:00am with welcoming of guest which was followed by introduction of the Event. We were privileged to have Ms.Vijaya Jadhav(Deputy Collector under Dharavi re-development Project, CSE Principal, Headmistress Podar Jumbo kids, Kalyan) as the Chief Guest of this ceremony. The host, Mr. Sanjay Nandi (Principal Podar CIE ,Kalyan) welcomed all the Guests with a Bouquet as a token of respect and gratitude. Then Ms. Vijaya Jadhav lighted the lamp followed by Mr. Nandi and Mrs.Darshini Yadav.

A good number of parents attended the program. The function was anchored by the Talented Podarites. The programme was commence with a beautiful welcome dance by the students. Grade VIII students were felicitated by the guest and principal for their checkpoint exam . Prachit Phanse and Rasika Navgire were chosen as the rising stars for this academic year. Some spectacular cultural programs of singing and dancing were performed by the students which started with a beautiful song by Grade 10 students by using musical instruments, followed by an Dance by Grade & 3 children. Then some yoga asanas were performed by Grade 6 students. Another cultural dance was presented by Grade 4 & 5 students.

Selective students from all grades sang a song creating a atmosphere of joy and celebration at the end of cultural program session. The dance was very well choreographed and co-ordinated. The tiny tots looked very pretty and adorable in their colourful attire. There was an active participation from all students. Admist the loud beats of the drums, the new council marched in with discipline. They stood upright with their heads held high and their hearts in humility as each picked up their precious flags. The school Head Girl, Head Boy, the Sports Captains and the House.

Thereafter, the guests Ms.Vijaya Jadhav, Principal Sanjay Nandi (CIE), Captains discipline in charges and lastly monitors and best buddies from each grade Co- ordinators Arti Kohli and Manjula Khened pinned up the sashes and offered badges to each council member. Miss Vijaya shook hands with the elected student council. Finally, an oath by Mr. Chandan Kumar Soni and the student council was lined. Later, Grade 8 students were appreciated for their performance in their checkpoint exam and certificates were distributed to them followed by spellbee and Olympiad felicitation. It was now time for graduate day of IGSCE. The batch of 2015-16 looked amazing in their black robes, along with their graduation certificates. Everyone in the hall was very delighted. And to celebrate this moment, cake cutting ceremony took place. Miss Vijaya Jadhav enlighted everyone with her words of wisdom and experience. She even quoted one famous line from Harivansh Rai Bachchan –“koshish karne walo ki kabhi haar nah hoti………….” Even, CIE, principal addressed students and adviced them to keepup the good work. The ceremony was concluded by Mrs Arti Koli, Coordinator , who delivered the expression of gratitude and vote of thanks.

French Day & World Youth Skills Day celebration - 2016

On 8 th July 2016 Podar Kalyan CIE celebrated French day and World youth skills day. The programme was organised with the general motto of making students familiar and aware about the French culture, food, music, people and many things. This day also gave our students to showcase their talent in different activities. France is known for its beauty, sense of liberty that reflects in every aspect whether it is the language or acceptance of people from different corners of the world. The programme commenced with a power point presentation which stated the importance of this celebration. Every students of Podar CIE was part of this programme. All of them participated enthusiastically. Presentation was followed by a fashion show where grade 1,2 and 3 came all dressed up to showcase the different outfits along with known places and monuments that France is known for, they all looked beautiful wearing those crowns and sashes. After that all students and teachers stood up for national anthem of France. It was a different experience but we all sensed the same patriotic feeling. Students of grade 4 and 5 sang a French song, ‘Aisha’. Later a video and presentation was presented to make students know more about France, table manners, creativity, food, culture etc. entire programme was organised with the help of our French teacher Ms Neha and Ms Priya, also students of grade 9 and 10 anchored the programme and explained the power point presentation. Students of grade 6, 7 and 8 performed a dance along with stunts in between which involved skating and hula hoop.

Principal Mr Sanjay Nandi explain the objectives of spreading awareness and helping students know more about France Day & youth Skill Day celebrations.

Habitat Workshop - 2016

Habitat for Humanity India is a Non-Governmental Organization, affiliated to Habitat for Humanity International works towards housing and sanitation, having served more than 54,000 families across 17 states of India. For over 30 years, Habitat and its partners have been working with low-income, marginalized families to build homes, provide housing-related services and spread awareness on the needs of proper housing and sanitation.

Habitat India through its disaster response programs has helped rebuild the lives of more than 20,000 disaster affected families in India through emergency shelter kits, repair of damaged houses and construction of new home.

A workshop was conducted on habitat from humanity by Podar International School, CIE, Kalyan for the students from grade 1 to grade 10.The resource person gave a presentation about the organisation and the activity.

The resource person discussed the following points in the workshop:
1. What is habitat for humanity, India
2. Peoples associated with the organisation.
3. People can bring the change by donating one rupee.
4. Total population in India which does not have proper shelter to live.
5. Problem of defecation which is done in open
6. Effect on children’s health due to improper defecation provision
7. How we can bring the change

After the presentation they showed a video and asked a few question to students and then gave them small token of appreciation.

The session ended with a request to the audiences to collect the funds for shelter and proper defecation for thousands of people by the resource person.The forms fund collection was distributed to students.

Orientation Program - 2016
Father's Day Celebration - 2016

Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan had organised Father’s Day on 18th June 2016. Father’s day is a celebration honouring fathers and theirfatherhood. Father is a first ideal for every son and first hero for every daughter. We commenced the programme with a short video highlighting the significance offathers in children’s’ life. This gathering was organised in order to capture the moments children long to spend with their fathers. These beautiful moments were captured when students were called grade wise with their greeting cards that they had prepared, and children were asked to give away those cards to their fatherswishing and greeting them on this auspicious day.

We were glad to witness such an amazing moment as we witnessed smiles on the faces of children and fathers also we saw few children in tears as they were missing their fathers on this day. Later on we had planned some activities like rope skipping, balancing books on head, balloon walk and at the end musical chair. These activities were planned with the motive of encouraging fathers to participate and to help them to bring back their childhood memories. As a result, we did get to see that enthusiasm in fathers as they were trying hard to bring smile on the face of their child every time they won any task. It was really great to see how children wanted their fathers to participate in each and every task, children encouraged and enjoyed every moment of the day. Not only children but also fathers seemed to be playing and enjoying just like their children. Overall it was an exceptional outcome that we got; it was more than what we had expected. To quote what one of the parent( Fabian Almeida) of grade II child said, “great show, thanks for making it memorable”, we as teachers were overjoyed to hear that.

Mr. Sanjay Nandi, the Principal of PIS CIE Kalyan thanked all the fathers for their presence and being with their children. Bringing both children and fathers together was like a moment that everyone wishes to hold onto.

Overall the programme ended beautifully.

World Day Celebration - 2016
Welcome Back Assembly - 2016
Group Pictures - 2016
International Mother Earth Day Celebration - 2016

Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan organized an International Mother Day on 22nd April 2016. It’s wide spread objective was to diversify the environmental movement worldwide and to mobilize it as the most effective vehicle to build a healthy, sustainable environment, address climate change, and protect the Earth for future generations.

The Programme started with school assembly which was organized by the students of grade 9th. The students expressed their views on the history and importance of this day and the need of saving trees. During the second half of the day, photography exhibition on pawn wildlife was arranged for students of all grades which were arranged by Mr. Bhanage. Students were very fascinated by the colorful photos and they enjoyed it lot. Then there was a small video shown on wildlife in each class.

Principal, Mr.Sanjay Nandi has supported for the proper execution of this programme.

International Jazz Day Celebration - 2016

On 29th April 2016 International Jazz Day was celebrated in Podar Int School (CIE), Kalyan on 6th floor. Mst Arnav of grade 3 welcomed all the students and teachers for this event, He invited grade 8 ,9,10 students to come and present a ppt for the same.Students introduced the meaning of the day and explained the importance of Jazz day and how it is celebrated in different countries like Malaysia, China, Mumbai, USA and France.

Students explained why it is celebrated in different countries.They also explained about the logo for Jazz Day. Everyone was jazzified by the performance of grade 7 student Naman Jain, Next performance was by the nightingale of our school Ms Vidhi of grade 10 who sang a beautiful song.

Overall It was a cool programme.

International Health Day Celebration - 2016
Class Photos - 2016
Workshop : Money Smart School - 2016
WISE Prizes - 2016
WISE 2015-16 of Grades II,IV,VII
SOF & Macmillan organised NO & other competitive exam's medalist & certificate winners - 2016
Education trip to Vishnubaaug Environment Theme park - 2016

Podar International School (CIE) Kalyan arranged an education trip on 18th Feb 2016 to Vishnubaaug Environment theme park at Badlapur. Students and teachers headed to the spot in 3 buses. Students were excited.

They reached the spot after 1 hour journey. It was surrounded by greenery and near to Ulhas river. They had breakfast there. Then Dr. Solanki gave small informative speech.

Students were divided in small groups to perform various activities. Volunteers gave information about different types of trees and their medical use. Students had adventurous activities like Valley Crossing, Burma Bridge, Commando Net. Small rainforest trek was also there. Small kids enjoyed swimming in tiny pool and they played under the waterfall. They enjoyed rain dance also.

School arranged on the spot drawing activity. Student drew pictures of Ulhas river surrounded by mountains.

Students had lunch around 12.30 PM. Every students group was accompanied by Podar teachers to look after them. Students enjoyed all the activities. It was rare experience for them than routine life.

Finally it was time to say goodbye to an adventurous and joyful educational trip.

Education trip to Patel mart - 2016


Involvement in a real world experience makes learning more meaningful and memorable. With this objective Podar International School Kalyan CIE had organised a Math educational field trip for Grade 1 to grade 3 on 15th Feb. 2016 to Patel R mart, Nr Godrej Hill, Khadakpada, Kalyan west. Field trips are rich in educational possibilities as students learn from actual hands-on experiences, rather than by simply reading or hearing about something.

The overall objective of the field trip was as follow:

  • Real-world experience: It allows students to have a real-world experience.
  • Increase in quality of education: To achieve specific learning objectives for each grade
  • Improvement of the social relations: Increases student-student and student-teacher social interaction.


In the morning with a great excitement and enthusiasm all the students of grade 1 to grade 3 boarded in the buses at 9:30 am. The bus arrived the venue and the kids had been instructed about the shop and were distributed to various sections in the mart.

Students started learning the prices of different product, calculating the price so that it can fit in their budget. Students were able to work out the addition and subtraction of the prices to buy the product.

At the end all student queued on the billing counter to make their bills for the items they had taken. The visit ended with the token of love (a toy car) from the departmental store to the students. The student was back to school with hand on experience of using money, making bill and other process of transacting money.

WISE - 2016


Podar international school,CIE, Kalyan, had organised WISE on 12th February 2016 in stilt area and terrace of school building.The objective of the event was to create scientific temper among students.It also offered a platform for students to develop feeling of confidence and defend their work in front of panel of judge.Als,endeavour to promote scientific attitude among young budding students.The chief guest for the event were Sister B.K Megha (BED) Post-Graduate from Amravati University and Post-Graduate Diploma in values and spiritual education, Mr.Siddesh (PG in Microbiology),Prof. Ankit Mishra (Associate faculty and corporate training Sports Achiever),Mr. Astad Dalal (Engineering in BEIT, working with IBM), Mr. Nikhil Mishra (Deputy Manager for Hindustan Times), Mr. Sanjay Nandi. (Principal, Podar International School CIE Kalyan). “I could feel that India’s future is going to be surely bright” said Sister B. K. Megha.

The programme was inaugurated by the chief guest by cutting the ribbon and felicitation of Chief Guest took place by handing over the saplings. All the students from Grade 1 to Grade 9 came up with innovative ideas, depicting on their respective science projects. The topics taken by the students were Land Assassination, Solar System, Volcano Eruption, Robotic Snake, Turbine and many more.Parents were invited to attend the event. The eminent judge not only judged our students but also had an interactive session with each participant. The judges applauded the students for their novel ideas which would help the world to become a much better place to live in. Mr. SANJAY NANDI, Principal, thanked all the participating teams for making the event successful.The event was indeed an eye opener for all.

Math-e-Magix Prize distribution - 2016
Republic Day Celebration - 2016

It was Tuesday, 26th January, 2016, Republic day celebration at Podar International School (CIE) Kalyan. The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. Manish Puranik, an Architect, Pro Adviso Trustee of Shivaji Trail and President of Vishvakarma Subha. The programme was held at Podar School Basket Ball Court and stilt area.

The programme began at 7:30am. Many Eminent and Experienced Guests honoured the function which included
a) Mrs Priya Rajwade ( Principal Podar ICSE and CBSE, Kalyan)
b) Mr. Sanjay Nandi (Principal Podar CIE, Kalyan)

The programme began with welcoming of chief guests and all the guests with a bouquet as a token of love and respect by Head Boy and Head Girl followed by a disciplined march past. Then the programme was commenced with a welcome address to the ground filled with festive spirit, frolicsome atmosphere and students brimming with enthusiasm and energy. Following that Flag Hoisting took place which was followed by National Anthem and continued to a patriotic Song of Vijay Vishwa Tiranga Pyaara...

The celebration was anchored by the Talented Podarites. Students from CIE, ICSE, and CBSE offered a colourful spray of their talents by dancing to the tunes of various patriotic songs, and gave speeches in English and Hindi. Children very energetically presented hindi nationalism songs and also presented a skit. The dances were very well choreographed and co-ordinated. The tiny tots looked very pretty and adorable in their colourful attire. There was an active participation from all students. All the performances bagged lot of appreciation.

The cultural celebration ended with ladoo distribution to the students and distribution of saplings with a beautiful message of growing more trees and making world a greener place.

The Programme ended with a vote of Thanks by ISCE Principal.

Math-e-Magix 2016

The Math-e-Magix was held in Podar International school CIE- Kalyan on 14 January.

The 6th floor venue and 1st and 2nd std. classrooms . the event was conduct to promote creativity, mathematical content, presentation, and explaining skills. This event was representing around 70 projects.

There were two rounds, 1st round was conducted on 8/01/2016 and 2nd round was on 14/01/2016.

The judges were invited for judging the projects who were Mrs.Tasnim Bhetasiwala, Mr. Nitin Gupta, Mrs. Poonam Gupta, Mr. Mukesh Gurnani, Mrs. Vaishali Patil, Mr. Gurunath Dardawale . The program started with introduction of the judges, followed by the inspection and judgement Criteria . All the participants were allotted with the group no. and a batches. The program was graced with Principal sir Mr Sanjay Nandi and Coordinators. The projects were judged by the PTA member and Principal Mr.Sanjay Nandi.

The Exhibits were creative and attractive and some were marvellous. The exhibits included number tricks, logic of numbers, card games, math puzzles, wheel of fortune,3D models, Problem solving etc.

Lastly, students has shared their experience that maths is so interesting after getting into it.

Vote of thanks was given by the Program incharge, and respected principal sir.

Overall the program was excellent and Successfully done by the effort of students and teachers.

Christmas Celebration - 2015

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair, we too, at School celebrated Christmas on 23rd dec 2015 as a happy time for our children.

The Celebration begins with wonderful video projecting a very nice Christmas story and history presented by grade 9 and grade 7 students, which was followed by a beautiful planned skit performed by grade 4 and grade 6 which had a carol presented by grade 5 and grade 6.

At last the most beautiful event of the day that was the fancy dress completion for grade 1-9 participated and enjoyed a lot. All the students and their parents were in festive mood and enjoyed each and every moment with fun and frolic. Festivity was in the air with children were dressed up as Santa Claus and fairies. To encourage creativity and talent among them, participation certificates were awarded to all.

After enjoying fancy dress, we had a melodious song from frozen by grade 3 student. Followed by dance performed from various grades. At the end of the program Santa clause arrived , distributed sweets and filled the entire crowd with joy and danced with everyone with great enthusiasm.

The precious gifts of hope, peace, joy and love were the gifts, God handed us with the birth of Jesus Christ. In turn, we must do similar for those less beholden than ourselves.

Annual Day Celebration - 2015

Annual Programme – Ankur 2015-16 Event Report
Theme - “Celebration of Life”

“The More You Praise and Celebrate Your Life,
The More There Is In Life To Celebrate”

It was Saturday, 19th December, 2015, a day of celebration for Podar International School (CIE) Kalyan, as it was all set to celebrate its 6th Annual Day. Mr. Sanjay Nandi, Principal, presided over the function. The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. RK Singh, Head of Media Relations and Public Awareness Section, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. The function was held at Savitribai Phule Natyagrah, Dombivili East.

The programme began at 11:00am. Many Eminent and Experienced Guestshonoured the function which included Mrs Jyoti Gala (Head of Podar Sports Academy) and Mrs Darshini Yadav (Headmistress Podar Jumbo Kids, Kalyan) A beautiful Rangoli at the entrance and a displined march past with band welcomed the chief guests. The host, Mr. Sanjay Nandi felicitated all the guests with a bouquet as a token of love and respect. Then Mr. Nandi and all other guests lighted the lamp. A galaxy of intellectual parents attended the program and witnessed the auditorium filled with festive spirit, frolicsome atmosphere and students brimming with enthusiasm and energy.

The students welcomed the gathering through a beautiful welcome dance which was followed by Introduction of Chief Guest - Mr RK Singhby Secondary Coordinator Mrs Manjula Khaned. His speech proved to be very informative for the parents as well as the students. He ended saying that an institution that believes in love, compassion and service will surely rise to the needs of the times and will seek name and fame for the good works that it renders to the society.His speech was followed by inauguration of Podar’s e-magazine “Harvest” by him.

The Principal addressed the Gathering by presenting the school annual report tracing the progress, major events and achievements of the school. This was followed by the Prize distribution ceremony. The delegates gave the prizes for Student of the Year from primary and secondary section. Following the famous quote, “Reward and Feedback is the breakfast of champions”, the guests felicitated the students and teachers with certificates which proved to be very encouraging for them to continue the good performance. The principal acknowledged the parents for their support and cooperation and wished for the same in future.

This year the theme of the Annual Day was, “Celebration of Life”. The function was anchored by the Talented Podarites. Students offered a colourful spray of their talents by dancing to the tunes of various songs which included a French Song, Hip Hop, Love and Celebration, Cartoon Song, Free style, Contemporary, Puppet Dance and a dance with a message on Healthy Eating. The pictures and videos on LED screen in the background added to the glitter of the show. They made the maximum use of the show depicting the variety of life with some exceptionally spectacular cultural programs. The dances were very well choreographed and co-ordinated. The tiny tots looked very pretty and adorable in their colourful attire. There was an active participation from all students. The highlight of the show was Tagore’s Dance Drama – Chandalika which was based on the elimination of untouchability and caste discrimination from the society. The narrations of the scenes in English and Hindi added lot of meaningto the drama. The touching performance by the students bagged lot of appreciation. The management of students performing in various dances was very well organised.

The Programme ended with a vote of Thanks by the Principal which was followed by National Anthem.

Farewell Party to Grade X students - 2015

Podar International School had organised farewell party for first batch of 10th standard students on 26th November 2015 at 6th floor Hall. It was an Incredible, Fantastic and Rocking afternoon hosted by grade 9th std. students,for 10th std students.They wished them for there bright future.All the teachers,parents along with principal and co-ordinaters invited for the farewell party. All the boyz in the party were looking dashing and girls were looking pretty cool.Decoration was also good in the party. Students facilitated by our school principal Mr.Sanjay Nandi and co-ordinator Ms.Aarti Koli and Ms.Manjula Khened. 9th std students made farewell party special for grade 10 students were shared happy memories by presentation, quiz, dance, shared experiences and teachers also share their experiences. In Principal’s Speech, Mr Nandi share his experiences and took reflections of our vision & mission.Parents & students were happily share their goals to achieve it and wanted to continue learning with same zile. Programme ended with Group Photo & followed by Lunch. Altogether the party was Amazing. All the students enjoyed the party.They all were looking happy and there parents also were looking happy. We wish all the grade 10 students All the best for their bright future.

Medals and Certificate Distribution - 2015
Annual Sports Day - 2015

We witnessed the ground filled with festive spirit, frolicsome atmosphere and students brimming with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The students assembled house wise on the school ground at 7.30am. The chief guest Mr. Nilesh Shinde (Captian for Pro Kabaddi League 2014-15), Mr. Sameer Wagle- General Manager for Podar, Mr. Sudhir Singh-Regional Transport Manager, Mrs. Priya Rajwade- Principal Podar ICSE and CBSE, Kalyan, Mrs. Darshini Yadav-Headmistress Podar Jumbo Kids, Kalyan and host Mr.Sanjay Nandi-Principal Podar CIE, Kalyan were welcomed by students. The programme started with school song followed by welcome dance by Grade II students. Flag hoisting was done by the chief guest followed by National Anthem. The torch lightning ceremony was conducted by the chief guest and our students Sports head boy Christopher Firtz. There was oath taking ceremony pledging to have sportsman spirit and fair play. The march past was a treat for the eyes with great synchronisation and team work. The march past was lead by our Head Boy- Sagar Dawde, Head Girl-Sunudhi Gupta and our International Petanque players Anshu Jagyasi, Siddesh Tayde and Vidhi Podar. Our Principal Mr.Sanjay Nandi then declared the Sports Meet Open with the release of Mascot. We started with Potato Race for Grade I and Grade II along with Grade IX students who were displaying their strength along with their technique and skill in Shot put. Next event was Book Balancing race for Grade III and Grade IV. Grade V participated in Lemon and Spoon race. We were enlightened with a few encouraging and motivating words by the Chief Guest Mr. Nilesh Shinde. The interesting event which followed was the Basket Ball Match between Air House and Fire House in which the Air House emerged winners. The parents were also included in the Sports Day event such as Sack Race and Skipping Race. Certificates and medals were awarded to all the winners and runner ups along with the felicitation of the International Petanque players. After all the events were done the tallying of the scores showed Air House as the overall winners who were felicitated with the House Trophy. The event ended with the wonderful cultural dance by Grade VI which depicted the importance of eating healthy food. The event terminated with the vote of thanks by our Principal Mr. Nandi.

Raas Garba - 2015
Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2015

The significance of Language through ‘Hindi Divas’

It’s yet another opportunity for Podar International, CIE Kalyan to mark the importance of Language.

30th October, 2015: Podar International, CIE is believed to provide importance to every event in the school so as to rekindle the moment of respect in the hearts of every student. The celebration of ‘Hindi Divas’ definitely assures the path for the same. The event has been celebrated in the library with an absolute participation by the students and the teachers. The overall in-charge for the event, Mrs. Madhuri Singh has compiled the program with various remarkable songs and a small inspirational skit that has created a landmark today. Needless to say about the efforts of the teachers, the students’ efforts have enriched the event which has provided a message of unity, respect and the importance of everything in the world.

‘Hindi Divas’ is actually celebrated on 14th September every year. However the celebration today in Podar International, CIE has enabled everyone to realize the importance of Hindi Language which is declared as the main Language in our country. In fact everyone including the teachers and the students has learned the significance of celebrating this day. A small session of quiz has been an added advantage for the students to recollect the reason to celebrate ‘Hindi Divas.’ Furthermore, the song sung by the teachers Mrs. Madhuri Singh and Mrs. Madhuri Mishra with the accompaniment of the students was also a privilege to bring the motto of the event into limelight. The success of the event proves that Language gains its importance every moment and Hindi will remain as the important language. The presence of our Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi has graced the occasion and a effective speech. As a mark of respect this day should be celebrated with complete dignity.

Petanque camp for Junior World Championship - 2015
Dashara Bus Pooja. PIS- Kalyan & PJK-Ulhasnagar - 2015

Vijayadashmi is also know as Dussehra .The occasion commemorates the victory of good over evil. Therefore, it is considered very auspicious,communities ritually worship tools of all kinds,so we have done poojan of our buses. All staff gathered at morning for Poojan of buses like every year we do at our school.

Spelling Master - 2015

9th October, 2015

Venue: 6th Flr. Hall.

Spell Bee competition was held on 9th October 2015. Children from Grade 1 to Grade 9 participated in the competition. It was divided into two parts. The first part was held on 5th October 2015. In this children were expected to write the spellings of the dictated words . From each house 2 children were selected. This round was held in the respective class rooms. The second round was held on 9th October 2015 . There were several rounds conducted as per the grade like filling the missing letters, Jumble Tumble, Guess the word, Picture puzzle, choose the correct synonym, Say the antonym, Buzzer round etc. All the students participated enthusiastically. The final competition was won by Water house.

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2015

The Teacher’s Day at Podar International School, CIE, Kalyan was celebrated on 3rdSeptember, 2015. Even though it was celebrated two days before the original teacher’s day we still had the same amount of fun that we would have had on the 5th. It was a very exciting day for the students as well as parents because they got to teach children. It was a very enlightening experience for them as they got to know the scope of sharing knowledge, trouble and the fun that teachers had while teaching children of a class. They were very happy too.

The programme began at morning 7am with conduction of prayer in assembly.

All the teachers were welcomed by showering the flowers. All the students who were going to perform on that day for the teachers were all fully geared up.There was a Presentation on the importance of Teacher’s Day & why do we celebrate it. There was a puzzle game wherein each teacher has to identify the name of the child from the particular grade with the help of the clue given in the chit. It was followed by Dance of the students from Grade IX. It was a day of delight for the teachers to see the talents of their students. All the teachers were felicitated by a flower & gift by the PTA members.

The highlight was the dance presented by class IV student wherein the teachers were supposed to follow the dance steps of the students. Later on the Parents share their experience of being one day teacher. After all that, everyone was tired so our happy gathering for Teacher’s day came to a happy ending. The Principal, Mr. Sanjay Nandi gave vote of thanks and salute all the teachers for their great dead. Then a surprised Lunch arranged by PTA for all teachers.

Dahi Handi & Janmastami celebration - 2015

Date: - 4th Sep 2015

Venue: - Podar International School (CIE) Kalyan

Podar International School organized Dahi Handi for its students on 4th Sep 2015. The significance of this festival is to have good will and remove bad will. It also signifies unity and faith. Dahi Handi festival is a popular ceremony, celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and glee. Dahi Handi is an enactment of Lord Krishna's efforts to steal butter from Matka (earthen pot) suspended from the ceiling.

Janmashtami festival was celebrated by the teachers and students of this school with all zeal, enthusiasm and right spirit. All teachers had arranged all the requisite items one day before the celebration. On the day of celebration Dahi Handi was tied in the school playground at a height of 10 feet and 12 feet for girls and boys respectively. Teachers prepared a sweet dish of Poha (flattered rice) and coconut just before the commencement of celebration that was to be distributed as Prasad.

The festival started with the welcoming of the Principal and co-ordinator. Then a story was said to the students by a teacher followed by Krishna song. A fashion show was also organised by the students of Grade 1 & Grade 2 who dressed up as Radha- Krishna. After fashion show Dahi handi celebration has started. Safety of students were of utmost priority, keeping this in mind mattresses were laid down under the DahiHandi where students formed a Pyramid for breaking the Handi. The students have danced on Janmashtami songs and enjoyed.

Later, a team of girls and boys were asked to break the Handi. The first attempt was made by the girls’ team and they have succeeded. Wherever, the boys made two attempts and they have also succeeded.

After this, all teachers and students danced on the Janmashtami songs with full joy and enthusiasm and became wet in the showers of water .Students were happy after the dance. Prasad was distributed among the students and teachers.

Orientation by Head Boy & Head Girl for council members - 2015

The first meeting of the student council for the academic year 2015-16 was held on 25th August. All the members of the student council had gathered together in the school library; head boy, head girl, sports head, house captains and vice captains, activity and discipline heads, class best buddies and monitors, and with two responsible teachers, Mr Chandan Kumar Soni and Mrs Prerana Sharma, along with the Principal of our school, Mr Sanjay Nandi. Everyone was assembled to have a discussion about the duties and rights that all the student council members gained when we were felicitated with our rightful posts and badges. The head boy and head girl gave a presentation on the same, letting us know what our responsibilities towards our fellow students are and how we all should fulfill them with honor. Students were given responsibilities to take care of; such as making sure that all the other students are coming to school in proper uniform, everyone maintains discipline at all times during school hours, and that none of the school rules would be violated. We were told one very important thing; before pointing out others' mistakes, we must first make sure that we aren't making any either. This meeting, and also the ones that will be held in the future, will be a chance for the members of the student council to bring forward the problems that all the students may come across. It will be a better chance for everyone to solve those difficulties once we know what needs to be worked on.

Gargie Patil, Grade 9, Students Council Member.

Petanque Ground / Pitch Inauguration - 2015

Pioneers of creating PETANQUE court in Thane District.

1st September 2015 PIS Kalyan CIE Inaugurated PETANQUE court by Principal Mr Sanjay Nandi with guest Mr. G.D. Bhatta (Vice President of Maharashtra state volleyball association, Secretary of Thane District volleyball association).

It's 1st court of that kind. Now it's open to the students for practice.

Congratulation Students!

CIE Principal's Meet - 2015
Visit to Parle Factory and Shiva Temple (Ambernath) - 2015

The school students were divided into two groups. The first group left at 7:30 am and second group left at 9:30 am. We reached by 8:30 am.

The authorities of parle factory welcomed us and showed us a video based on foundation of parle factory, manufacturing of parle biscuits and other products like snacks and chocolates. The students enjoyed the video along with the biscuits given by the parle authorities as a part of compliment.

We had a gallery walk and then we visited the manufacturing unit and the packaging unit.

Once we left the parle factory, we make a move toward the Shiva temple at Ambernath.

The Shiv Mandir of Ambernath is also called the Ambreshwar Shiva Temple. Built in 1060 AD, It is situated 2 km away from Ambernath (East) railway station in Maharashtra, India. It is said that Shilahara king Chhittaraja constructed it, his son Mummuni rebuilt it. The temple is on the bank of Vadavan (Waldhuni) river. The temple is Hemadpanthi-styled, beautifully carved on stones.

Overall it was a good experience for Student. They enjoyed a lot. Learning was done by seeing.

Visit to IDBI Bank - 2015

Date: 11/08/15

Students of Podar International School of grade VI-X visited IDBI Kalyan,Tilak Chowk branch. Students were divided into groups.

Group1-Grade VI,VII and X and
Group 2-Grade VIII and X

Group 1 Students started from school at 8:00am and reached bank at 8.30am. The second group followed the first group.

The moment the children reached the bank they were introduced to the bank cash counters and ATM card,Debit card and Credit card.

The students were shown how to identify the fake notes and some tips were given to them.

The Asst.Manager Mr.Gopalkrishnan was accompanied by the bank staff Ms.Arti Sharma for the explanation of Cheque and types of cheque.

They were also introduced with the deposit and withdraw slips and also transaction of the money.

They were shown the lockers and our children were excited to visit the same.

<>Students were clarified with all the doubts and queries.Students were accompanied by the respective class teachers.


The journey was fruitful and they enjoyed the trip.

Library Day - 2015
Inauguration of Honesty Shop - 2015

No legacy is as rich as honesty

We all have heard about the saying that honesty is the best policy. In order to inculcate the value of honesty in our kid’s Podar International School CIE Kalyan started the honesty shop in school. It was started on 10th July 2015 .The inauguration of the shop was done by Dr. Aniruddha Pal as a guest along with our Principal Mr Sanjay Nandi. The shop displayed all the stationary items such as pencil, eraser, sharpner, pen, scale etc.The amount of the items were reasonable. The student who wants to purchase any of the items would come during the break time and take the item he/she needs and honestly put the money in the piggy bank kept on the table. The main objective of opening the shop is to inculcate value of honesty and to encourage them for being honest.

Podar International School, Shimoga started that in last year and later one other Podar schools taken up the concept and started practicing in their schools.

Family Day - 2015

DATE:- 24/7/2015

A family day was organised by our school on 24th july,2015 in stilt area .Parents were invited for celebration .The podar jumbo kids headmistress “ Ms. Darshini Jhadav ” Was invited as guest and judge .there were different games which were conducted by teachers.

The program started by welcoming the guest .the students who made greeting cards gave it to their parents and had photo session with principal and co-ordinator.

The games were such as:-









G7 TO G10


Many winners were named felicitated and the last all had danced together with parents, students, principal and teachers.

This was amazing and memorable part of the day. Overall, it was great day which gives us feeling of importance of the family.

Elocution Competition - 2015
Tour de France - 2015

The French day program was held on 10/7/2015 in school premises. Students came in colourful dress. Program was attended by the principal Mr.Sanjay Nandi, Coordinator Ms.Arti Koli and PJK Headmistress Ms.Darshini Yadav andall the CIE teachers and students.

The main objective of the program was to make students aware about the country France its language and its monuments. The program started at 11am and got end by 12pm.The cultural program started with fashion show by students of grade1and grade 2 continued with dance on French song. Grade 3 and Grade 4had a ramp walk displaying French monuments. French song was sung by students of grade 7

At last Principal MR.SANJAY NANDI honored the students with French vacation course certificates. Everyone enjoyed the program. The program was quite informative for the students.

Investiture Ceremony & Parent's Orientation - 2015

‘Anyone can steer a ship but it takes a leader to chart the course.’

Investiture Ceremony and Parent’s Orientation Program 2015-16
Saturday, 4th July, 2015

The Podar International school (CIE), Kalyan celebrated Investiture Ceremony and Parent Orientation Program on Saturday, 4th July 2015 wherein the newly elected the newly elected student leaders took charge of their offices. The function was held at Aatre Hall, Kalyan.

The Program began at 9:00am with tree plantation by the guests at the school premises. Many Eminent and Experienced Guests and Resource people honoured the function. Investiture ceremony is one of the most important events of any school. It is here that we encourage young leaders, entrust faith and hope in our newly appointed school council.

  • Chief Guest Mrs Ruchira Ghosh, Regional Director CIE, South Asia.
  • Guest of honor Dr Mrs VandanaLulla, Director of PodarInternational Schools, Cambridge International Examinations.
  • Ms RashmiChowdhary, Principal of Podar CIE, Nerul.
  • Mrs ArunaMundiyath, Principal of Podar CIE, Thane.
  • Mr. Daniel Thompson (Resourse person from UK for Podar Group, specialized in English Language Training).
  • Mr. Sydney Sutton (Resource Person for English for Podar Group).
  • Mrs PriyaRajwade (Principal Podar ICSE Kalyan).
  • Ms Darshini Yadav (Headmistress Podar Jumbo kids Kalyan).
  • Ms Kalpana Chetri (Headmistress Podar Jumbo Kids Ulhasnagar).

The host, Mr. Sanjay Nandi Principal Podar CIE Kalyan welcomed all the guests with a traditional approach of presenting a shawl and a coconut as a token of respect. Then Mr. Nandi and all other guests lighted the lamp. A good number of parents attended the program.

The ceremony began with a National Anthem. The function was anchored by the Talented Podarites. A hindi prayer song was sung by the students to commence the ceremony. Introduction of guest of honour Mrs Vandana Lulla was done by Ms Manjula Khenad. Vandana Mam’s interactive speech, orientation and presentation proved to be very informative for the parents as well as the students. She focused on bringing an urge in the parents to make their children techno savy, adapt to the ever changing environment, learn English and not Hinglish and follow the phrase of “Learning from womb to tomb”. Then the Chief Guest Ms Ruchira Ghosh was introduced by co-ordinator Mrs Arti Koli. Ms Ruchira mam gave a short speech to the parents where she focused on CIE learners and the role of parents in teaching their children.

Certificate Distribution was organised to felicitate and encourage students who excelled in academics, sports, extra – curricular activities and foreign languages. Following the famous quote, “Reward and Feedback is the breakfast of champions”, the guests felicitated the students and their parents one by one with certificates which proved to be very encouraging for them to continue the good performance.

Felicitation was done for –
1.Three Checkpoint Examination March 2015 toppers
2.Rising Stars – Primary and Secondary.
3.Sports Scholarships to national level winners and participants.
4.French Vacation Course Certificates.
5.Winner of IRCTC Debate Competition.

Some exceptionally spectacular cultural programs of singing and dancing were performed by the students which started with a beautiful Ballet Dance by Grade 5 & 6 students, followed by an international level Hip Hop Dance by Grade 8 & 9 children. Then after a 10 minute pause, another cultural dance by Grade 3 & 4 students was presented, followed by a wonderful dance by grade 1 and 2 students. The dance was very well choreographed and co-ordinated. The tiny tots looked very pretty and adorable in their colourful attire. There was an active participation from all students. The cultural Program session finished with a beautiful English song by talented Podar Junior Idols.

As rightly said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader”, the Investiture Ceremony began with a well organised and disciplined march past by the students, continuing to distribution of batches and sachets by the guests and principal to House captains, vice captains. Activity in charges, sports in charges, discipline in charges and lastly monitors and best buddies from each grade by emphasizing on the significance of taking up collective responsibly to generate progress and take the school to greater heights. The ceremony ended at 1:00pm with an oath by Mr. Chandan Kumar Soni and the student council to live up to the expectations and work in sync with the mission of the school and a vote of thanks by Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi.

Investiture Ceremony sets the right tone for an academic year during which the young leaders not only learn to guide other students but also create models in leadership for others to emulate.

Brainwork - 2015

Date : 26 . 06 . 15
Venue : 6th Floor Hall

Teacher Incharges : Ms.Arundhuti Bose / Ms. Piyalee Bhattacharya

Brainwork competition was conducted to make the students thinking individuals. As a run up to the final competition , Brainstorming session was conducted in each class , from Grade 1 to Grade 10 . The topics on which Brainstorming was done were
Grade 1 & 2 : Spot the differences
Grade 3 & 4 : Talk about a festival – give its importance , how it can help us
Grade 5 & 6 : Given the beginning of a story – create a story of your own
Grade 7 & 8 : Speaking on Food Web
Grade 9 & 10 : Observing the famous paintings

After this the students were given a syllabus on which they could prepare . For the final competition there were four rounds . The first round was the Clue round in which 4 clues were given to guess the answer . The second round was the Right Guess in which four options were given and the participants had to choose the correct option . The third round was the Brainstorming or Twisted question round in which thought provoking questions were given . The fourth and final round was the Buzzer round in which the team which presses the Buzzer first gets to answer the question . The teams were divided according to the houses : Water , Air , Fire and Earth . Each house had 10 participants which were divided into two groups . All the students were prepared well and participated enthusiastically in the competition .

The winners were :
1. Earth
2. Water
3. Air
4. Fire

The compeering and the vote of thanks was proposed by Purva .S . Kamble of Grade 8.

Principal Sir Mr. Sanjay Nandi declared the result.

Student Council Election - 2015