School Events at Kalyan

Recycle Week 'Make Best out of waste' - 2020

21st October : PPT BY THE STUDENTS.

The day began with the quiz on Recycling in the assembly.

Later Samaira Suchak from grade IX explained the meaning of Recycling, when was recycling first used and History of recycling. Riona Ramchandani from Grade VIII steps to increase the rate of recycling, the ratio in which other countries recycle and also what will be the consequences if we don’t recycle. Arya Maitra from Grade VII explained 3 R,s - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle by playing 2 videos on How recycling has become need of an hour.

Vansh Shanklesha, Shardul, Hamza and Srujan from lower grades explained the importance of recycling.

22nd October: Activity day

The day started with assembly

On second day students of all grades were allotted Recycling activity.

Grade 1 and 2 explained the importance of recycling by doing Colouring Activity. Students drew beautiful and colourful pictures of Dust bins, 3 R's- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Grade 3 students made stuff by using newspapers and bottle caps.
Grade 4 students made stuff by using paper cups and paper plates.
Grade 5 students made stuff by using plastic bottles and old cans.
Grade 6 students made stuff by using old bangles and old boxes.
Grade 7 students made stuff by using old socks, coconut shells and other shells.
Grade 8 students made stuff by using old clothes, towels etc.
Grade 9 students made stuff by using old soap boxes or plastic spoons.
Grade 10 students made stuff by using old Cds or silver foil container.

23rd October: Feedback day

Day started with assembly by Grade 1 students following the theme "RECYCLING" in which Sinhayana read the news, Sonam did anchoring, Tejasvi explained advantages of recycling and Tanishka shared a motivational message on recycling.

From Grade 2 - Anchoring was done by Baani. Deshna explained what is recycle waste management, Jia explained importance of recycling, Kash explained what can be done with leftover food waste and Krutika expressed her views on how does recycling help the environment.

From Grade 3 - News was read by Jannat. Achoring was done by Atharva, Druhee explained advantages of recycling and Avinash shared a motivational message on recycling.

From Grade 4 - Anchoring was done by Shlok. Anshika explained what is recycle waste management, Havyn explained importance of recycling, Yana explained what can be done with leftover food waste and Geet expressed her views on how does recycling help the environment.

From Grade 5 - Anchoring was done by Veda. Sanvi explained what is recycle waste management, Spruha explained importance of recycling, Yash explained what can be done with leftover food waste and Aditya expressed her views on how does recycling help the environment.

From Grade 6 - News was read by Naman. Achoring was done by Sankarshana, Rajveer explained advantages of recycling and Saachi shared a motivational message on recycling.

Feedback was taken by all the students by Google form.

Dental health webinar - 2020

On 25th August 2020, Podar International School (CIE) Kalyan conducted a webinar on dental health. The event started at 2 PM. Ms. Renuka Alfonso welcomed and introduced the resource person Dr.Niraj Bhatt. He explained the importance of oral hygiene, the common problems faced by people as well as some solutions and precautions. It was indeed an informative webinar for all the students from Gr.1 to Gr.10 who had joined along with their parents. Towards the end of the session there was also an interactive Q&A session. The event ended at 3 PM with a vote of thanks by the head girl MsVanshikaShetty. Overall it was a very useful session.

Goal Management Webinar - 2020

In order to make students understand the importance of Goal setting and positive ways to achieve it Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan conducted a Goal Management Webinar for students of Grade 5 to Grade 10. The webinar began with introductory speech by Miss. Sadaf Rizvi and some motivating quotes by the Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi. The webinar moved ahead when Miss. Sadaf Rivzi introduced Colonel Anutosh Sharma one of the speakers for the day. Mr. Anustosh started the program by explaining about what is a goal and how should someone set up a goal in his/her life. He made everyone understand that when your intentions while making a goal are right and you are working hard for it; then all the positive attitude and things around you will help you to achieve that goal. He also gave information about 5 basic rules a person should follow while making a goal and also explained their importance. He asked everyone to color visualize your goal in your mind this will help you to get motivation towards it. He made everyone understand that a person is 10% outside, and 90% of himself inside; just like an Iceberg. He explained everyone that first a thing comes to someone’s sub- conscious mind, then in his/her thoughts, then in his/her words and then finally in his/her actions. So, in order to get your thoughts, clear a person should sit calmly and think about it. It takes 21 days for a human being to start a habit and 90 days to include that habit into one’s personality. So, one should always try to create a positive and happy vibe around it self by his/her thoughts and action and will also help to achieve the goal.

Later, the webinar was continued by C. A Poonam Jethwani the second speaker for the day. She made everyone understand that even meditation can be an interesting activity if a person does what he/she loves to do. She explained that when a person meditates, thoughts in their mind decreases and it helps to relax the mind which leads to focusing on the goals without any distraction. She took practical meditation activities like dancing on different songs, laughing on funny Mr. bean videos and at last meditating to relax everyone’s mind. The webinar drew positive energy in everyone and it ended with closing words by the Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi and a vote of thanks by the head girl Ms. Vanshika Shetty.

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2020

The Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 5th September, 2020. The celebration began with an introductory speech by and a melodious prayer by the students of Grade 10. The program lead off with Mst.Diven Hinduja explaining that why Teacher’s Day with the help of a PowerPoint presentation and an inspiring Abdul Kalam’s video. Further a gratitude tour for teachers was presented by the students of grade 10 and grade 8 with a small message about every teacher of Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan. Then, an ex- student 2015-16 passed out Mst. Aditya Khairari shared his views and experiences with everyone. Later, a sweet sounding Thank You song was presented by students of Grade 10. The program followed with the next alumna Miss. Sonal Moonka year 2017-18 passed out speech gave away a token of gratitude to teachers and concluded her with a beautiful quote on the role that teachers play in a student’s life. Then, Grade 8 students presented their art of dance and spread a cheerful vibe around. The felicitation of teachers by HarperCollins Publishers India was announced by Miss. Neha Balani. She also announced the felicitation of the Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi for receiving Global Teacher Award 2020. Lastly a harmonious song was presented by an alumna Miss. Viddhi Poddar passed out in year 2016-17. At last a thank you speech was given by Miss. Hashmita Wadhwani a student of Grade 10. And lastly the program was concluded with Principal’s Mr. Sanjay Nandi’s inspiring speech.

Eye Care Webinar - 2020

During the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic the digital screens have become a lifeline to student’s academic, teachers professional and everyone’s personal life. With virtual school, multiplayer games, and social media the time spend in front of the screen have increased. And gradually with that the effects of screen time on eyes also have increased. So, in order to bring about an awareness about screen timings and eye care Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan organized a webinar “Eye Care With Screen Share Webinar”. It was conducted on 21st August, 2020 by Dr. Siddharth Sheth who is has experience of over 10 years in diagnosis and management of eye problems. The webinar began with Dr. Sheth sharing the common eye problems that children face due to excessive screen time. Some of them that the doctor explained were refractive errors in children(glasses), eye allergy, squint (crossed eye), amblyopia (lazy eye), white reflex in the eyes (Leucocorea) etc. Along with the causes of these problems he also explained the effects and suggested the prescribed treatments for all the respective problems. Then, Dr. Sheth gave information about ROP (Retinopathy Of Prematurity) and its effects. He also shared the information about the necessary time period within which a baby’s should by checked by ophthalmologist. Later, information was shared about different alarming signs through which teachers, parents and relatives can find out whether the child is facing any vision problem. Dr. Sheth also gave knowledge about the balanced that need to be maintained during and post lockdown. The information included the that why excess screen time is harmful for eyes? , how are the eyes affected, rules to be followed for the screen time, etc. the short term, medium term and long-term screen time effects were also presented. He also suggested the precautions that one can take with the screens while studying or working. At last, Dr. suggested everyone to avoid continuous screen time, take breaks while using screen, blink while staring at the screen, avoid extracurricular activities on school days, etc. Dr. Sheth concluded the session by advising everyone to take care of their eye health and in case of any problem visit an eye specialist without any hesitation and delay. The webinar was quite informative and helped everyone to understand the importance of eye care.
Cyber Safety Webinar - 2020

Internet has become an integral part of today’s generation. It has provided a wide array of learning opportunities but there are risks too. The increasing use of the internet and social media has made cyber-safety very important. Keeping in mind, Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan organised a virtual Student-Led Webinar on Cyber safety on 15th August, 2020. The webinar began with an introductory speech on importance of internet in today’s scenario by Principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi.

The program moved forward with Head boy Mst. Vaansh Bhatia providing the learning objectives of the webinar along with the contents of the webinar. Then Mst. Shrishailya Rao explained what are digital footprints and how are the formed. He also gave information about the kinds of digital footprints as well as their positive and negative impacts. Some videos were also shown in order give a clear image of digital footprint and its effects to the audience. Further Ms. Aarya Maitra informed about the precautions to be taken while sharing something on any internet platform. The meaning of Cyber Bullying and its effects were also explained by her. Along with that she also gave information about the law sections laid by Indian Government against cyber bullying. Followed by it Mst. Yugansh Valecha explained about different types of cyber bullying. Then, Ms. Samaira Suchak made everyone understand the five steps to be done to stop the spread of cyber bullying around the social media. All these things were explained with the help of a video played on the screen. Later Mst. Raakin Majeed shared with everyone the positive and negative impacts of different social media. Lastly, the Head Girl Ms. Vanshika Shetty continued with the negative impacts of social media. She also shared information on Social Media safety tips with the help of a video and concluded the program by asking everyone to be aware and use internet carefully. The webinar was quite informative and focused on how to avoid hatred and spread love over the internet.

74th Independence Day Celebration - 2020

1. To be able to realise the value of freedom
2. To celebrate the day with patriotism15th of August is a gala day for every Indian.

74th Independence Day was celebrated at Podar International School, Kalyan with great pride and enthusiasm. Principal Sir CIE Mr Sanjay Nandi hoisted the flag along with CBSE and ICSE Principals The celebration for students,parents and staff began online on Google Meet at 9.00am,The celebration began watching the video of flag hoisting by all the 3 board Principals of Indian National Flag followed by National Anthem.

Furthermore, Principal Sir Mr.Sanjay Nandi addressed the students,parents and teachers with his motivational speech. The students of grade 7, 8.presented a musical patriotic song to which the whole school joined and the song reverberated in the surroundings. The song was followed by a speech in English by Mst. Jayaditya which enlightened the audience with facts of struggle taken by our freedom fighters.. A unique dance was presented by the students of Grade 7,8,9. with their graceful dance moves was jaw-dropping.

Patriotic Speech in Hindi by Mst. Satyadi of Grade 3 was worth listening and could relate to the struggle taken by our national heroes.

The patriotic celebration ended with vote of thanks by Head Boy and Head Girl Mst. Vaansh and Ms. Vanshika. Last but not the least the celebration was joyful for everyone.

Investiture Ceremony 2020-2021

The momentous day of Investiture Ceremony 2020-21 was celebrated with great enthusiasm by Podar International School (CIE), Kalyan. The program began with an introduction speech on the ceremony by Miss. Madhumita Dey for about two to three minutes. Then, a student from Grade 4 Ms. Shalaka Peshane motivated everyone by singing a prayer song “Itni Mann Ki Shakti” for about four minutes. A dance performance by Grade 2 students on “Chanda Chamke” spreaded a joyful vibe around. Then the Head Girl Ms. Vanshika Shetty and the Head Boy Mst. Vaansh Bhatia explained the whole students council election procedure with the help of a power point presentation displayed on the screen. The program followed with the speech by principal Mr. Sanjay Nandi, wherein he motivated and tired to inculcate a sense of responsibility in the newly elected Students Council Members. The Oath taking ceremony was initially led by Mr. Sarvesh Mistry and was followed by the Council Members, Virtual Supervisors and Best Buddies. Later, a Vote of Thanks was given by the Secondary Coordinator Miss. Arti Koli. The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem.

It was a short and sweet virtual program conducted with lots of zeal and zest.

Inter Board Football Tournament - 2019

Inter Board Football Tournament organised by student's council in all 3 curriculum at PIS Kalyan on 19th October 2019.

Score of League matchers are CIE vs ICSE (1-21), CBSE vs ICSE (0-2) and then CIE vsCBSE (1-1). Then final payed between CIE ICSE (2-1).

Master Jinnet H awards Goal Keeper of the Tournament. Master Omkar awarded Highest scorer of the Tournament CIE won the Title Champion of the Tournament, where as ICSE received 1st Runner up and CBSE 2nd Runner up rolling trophy.

Student's council has been appreciable by Principals.

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