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Fun with Jumbo - 2022
Publication : Pudhari
Annual day virtual celebration at Podar Jumbo Kids Kankavli 2020-2021

Publication : Pudhari / Prahaar

Annual day at Podar Jumbo Kids is an integral part that contributes to children’s learning and development of children.“Kartavya –Mera, Aapka, Hum Sabka”, a theme chosen to give our children an understanding of the life skill of ‘responsibility’.

At Podar Jumbo kids we believe that Annual Days are not only about dance and music but ensure overall development of the child where the child learns about the different topics via themes and connects to it, to know the world around them and motivates them to be a responsible individual.

Through this unique theme children learned how to respect the Covid warriors and all the safety measures that ensure our safety. Children learned about the valuable contribution of the Covid Warriors –Policemen, Doctors, Nurse, Sanitation workers, Farmers, Soldiers, Teachers and Parents, who have been working even during this pandemic to ensure we are safe, recover from illness and are equipped with all essentials required in our daily lives.

The Virtual Annual concert aimed to develop personal- social-emotional skills, understanding the world around, maintaining health and self-care and team work in children.