School Events at Kankavli

Annual Day Celebration 2022-2023

"What Makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, buta different way of looking at the world and learning" Podar International School Kankavli Conducted its 1st Annual Function " Nritya Tarang "–Celebration of Indian Dance Forms, on 28th of January 2023. The Annual Day was Esteemed by Mr. Nitesh Rane sir - A Member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for the Kankavli Vidhansabha constituency. The Theme showcased a journey of two artists who were exploring the classical and folk dances of India. They unravel the different dances of different states to depict their costumes, musical instruments used to perform particular dances. The students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. It was a privileged moment to have Mr. Suresh Shivalkar Sir -Podar Education Trust Chief Administrative Officer, Col. S. P. Kulkarni Sir-The General Manager of Kolhapur Hub, Mr. Yogesh Mhatre Sir- General Manager of Nagpur Hub, Mr. A. K. Singh Sir - Principal of PIS Satara, Mr. G. B. Patil Sir -Principal of PIS Sangli, Mrs. Swati Patel Ma’am - Principal of PIS Panelim Goa, Mr. Rakesh Chavan Sir - Principal of PIS Ratnagiri, Mr. Bipin Mahajan Sir - Sr.HR Manager, Mr. Avinash Kanase Sir - Assistant Registrar at Bharati Vidyapeeth / Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University as our dignitaries for the Annual function.

School Annual Report was read by our Respected Principal Mrs. Swati Kanase Ma’am.

The happiness on the faces of the audience proved the success of the show. Here are a few glimpses.

Thematic Culminating 'Seasons & Clothes' - 2023

Podar International School Kankavli celebrated Thematic Culminating Event ‘Clothes’ on the theme “Fashion Fiesta”. The program began with Welcoming and honoring Today’s guest of Honour - Principal. Ms. Swati Kanase with a shawl as a token of love from her beloved students. During this event students performed mind blowing fashion show depicting the attire of different states. Students sang a song with great enthusiasm. A game was played by the parents of ‘Getting into the planets’. Parents graciously enjoyed the program. A Flea Market was organized. Here are some glimpses of it.

Museum on Wheels At Podar - 2023

Podar International School Kankavli had arranged CSMVS (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya) Museum on Wheels exhibition for our students on historic, artistic, scientific and social themes. Exhibition showcased object replicas from the museum’s vast collection, information about them, digital interactive, hands-on activities such as coin making, design printing on cloth. Principal Swati Kanase Maam felicitated the Education Facilitators with a token of momentum. A detailed orientation was taken by the Facilitators and thereafter a visit to the museum was taken. Students very enthusiastically got involved into the journey of Museum of Wheels and gained information about historic themes. Here are a few glimpses.

House Competition 'Theme – Pleat by Pleat: Traversing the World of Sustainable Fabrics' - 2023

Podar International School Kankavli had conducted a House Competition for The theme – ‘Pleat by Pleat: Traversing the World of Sustainable Fabrics. The module aimed to encourage and support Indian artisitians and Indian handlooms. It also aimed to make students aware about the impacts of fashion and how it is causing harm to the environment. The module encouraged students to think – reuse, rewear and upcycle the waste material and make best out of it. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Jumpstart Activity 'Thematic - Solar System'

The Jumpstart event is an activity carried out at Podar International School Kankavli for grade 2 under the Thematic Unit – Solar System. Students have an experience to draw from as they are progressing through the unit. For the Jumpstart activity in this unit, the students will watch a video based on Outer Space. As part of the concept quest students decorated posters based on the theme of the Solar System and wrote down questions that they have on the topic. After decorating and coloring the posters, the students asked one question they have about space and the solar system or one thing they want to learn during the course of the module. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Assembly 'Pleat by Pleat' - 2023

Traversing the World of Sustainable Fabrics’ Assembly: Heroes who are Reviving India’s Heritage Textiles. Podar International School #Kankavli was welcomed to the Podar Network Channel on 4th Feb 2023. We are learning a lot of Fabrics so keeping in mind the theme we had invited a few people who had tried to revive many of our forgotten weaves. Ms. Suriya Hassan Bose who is single-handedly responsible for the revival of many forgotten weaves. She is also popularly known as Suriya Aapa. Along with the guest the students approached with few questions. And the whole school was made aware of the importance of fabric.

Jumpstart Activity 'Pleat by Pleat' - 2023

Podar International School #Kankavli conducted Jumpstart activity 'Pleat by Pleat' : Traversing the World of Sustainable Fabrics on 3rd January 2023. To surprise the students evoked their imagination and engaged them in the upcoming theme from the start. Students of all classes participated in IE lessons and the activities helped them to draw different works related to fabrics that they see around and quilts of school. Here are some glimpses of it.

Mock Fire Drill - 2022

Podar International School Kankavli conducted a demo session of Fire Mock Drill. On this occasion all the students, teaching and non teaching Staff evacuated the school building in 1 minute 44 seconds after they heard the fire alarm. In the session students were shown a demo on emergency in the school and possible action to be taken. Under the guidance of respected Principal Swati Kanase ma'am, AO Sir, the disaster management Committee executed this mock drill very effectively. Here are some Glimpses.

Podar Volunteer Program 'Cleanliness Drive' - 2022

Under the Podar Volunteer Program 2022-23, Grade VIII Students of Podar International School Kankavli participated in Cleanliness Drive. Honorable Principal Ms. Swati Kanase addressed all the Volunteers & appreciated their active participation. Mr. Vinod Sawant, Health Inspector, Nagarpanchayat guided the students for the whole program by inspiring them saying that if the garbage is thrown in open it seems to be larger in quantity but once we fill it in bottle or container it gets compressed, so we have to reduce the garbage by collecting it. The students cleaned the area by following all the safety measures. Here are some glimpses of it.

Thematic unit Jumpstart 'Weather and Clothes' - 2022

The Jump Start Event is an activity which is carried out at the start of the Thematic unit to immerse the students in the theme without sharing with them what it is all about. The Jump Start Event activity is designed to hook the students to capture their imagination and generate curiosity about the upcoming Thematic unit. As a part of the Jump Start activity for this unit, students were encouraged to participate in a whole class activity where they expressed how different types of seasons make them feel by showing smiley or sad faces. The main objective of this activity was to get the students engaged in the core theme of the unit. Here are some glimpses of it.

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