ISSO SOF Olympiad Achievers - 2024
"Exhilarated for our incredible students' achievements in the ISSO Olympiad exams! Their hard work, determination, and brilliance have earned them well-deserved recognition. We couldn't be prouder of their outstanding performance. Here are some glimpses of the exceptional talents and dedicational students with Three Gold Medals of Excellence and One Gold Medal of Distinction.
IE Assembly 'Ink and Imagination' - 2024
" Celebrating Talent and Teamwork! Our incredible students of Podar International School, kankavli stole the show at the IE assembly with the Theme Ink and Imagination under the guidance of our Principal madam Mrs.Rani Maaria Xavier.Join us in reliving the magical moments and applauding their outstanding performance!
World Heritage Day - 2024
On this World Heritage Day, let's reflect on the importance of cultural exchange and understanding for a more connected world.
PTA Members Selection 2024-2025
"Drumroll, Please! Exciting News!" Podar International School, Kankavli is galvanized to announce that the selection of our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) member, this year too was through a fair and transparent lottery system! In the presence of our Respected Principal ma’am Mrs. Rani Maaria Xavier. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Let's come together and make a positive impact on our school community!
Ram Navami Celebration - 2024
"Double the celebrations, double the joy! Today, we Podar International School,Kankavli came together to commemorate the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami. Where our students presented with melodious song and filled our hearts with the spirit of unity, love, and blessings as we embrace these beautiful moments together! We shared the warmth of birthday wishes for all celebrating on this auspicious day. Our respected Principal Ma’am Mrs. Rani Maari Xavier blessed them with birthday greetings. Here are some glimpses.
NCO Achievement - 2024
Exemplary moment: We the Podar international school,Kankavli are rejoiced to announce one more joyful moment of our students who have bagged 3 medals of Distinction, 6 Gold Medals of Excellence. "Celebrating the exemplary achievements of our students in National Cyber Olympiad whose joy of learning and knowledge has gone beyond the classroom." Here are some glimpses.
Jumpstart Activity 'Ink and Imagination - Crafting Tales through Comics' - 2024

Podar International School, Kankavli is excited to announce its latest Jumpstart Activity, themed "Ink and Imagination - Crafting Tales through Comics." This innovative initiative aims to ignite the creative spark in students and immerse them in the captivating world of storytelling through comics. Podar International School has always been dedicated to providing a holistic and immersive learning experience for its students.

The Jumpstart Event is designed to introduce a new theme or topic in a unique and engaging manner. One of the key objectives of the Jumpstart Event is to provide a common platform for all students to begin their exploration of the theme.

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up - Pablo Picasso

Welcome back to school 2024-2025

New Academic Year - Welcome Back to School

School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.

Podar International School, Kankavli reopened for grade l to X on 4th April 2024.

The young Podarites of Podar International School, Kankavli were warmly welcomed on the first day of School reopening after Break Session Vacations by teachers under the guidance of our respected Principal, Mrs. Rani Maria Xavier Madam.

A special assembly was conducted by the teachers which included the thought, word of the day, News headlines, a welcome song. New Principal madam and new teachers introduced themselves in the Assembly.

The students were really happy to be welcomed in this innovative manner. The students were also given Welcome cards by the class teachers.

The Respected Principal Ma’am in her speech heartily welcomed the students and motivated them to get started with new hopes and aspirations in the new academic year with full energy and enthusiasm.

Orientation Program 2024-2025
Podar International School, Kankavli organized Parent Orientation Program for Academic year 2024-25. Parent orientation sheds light on the focus of the school on holistic development, encompassing academic, social, emotional, and physical growth. Parents gain insights into how the school nurtures these aspects and are encouraged to play an active role in supporting their child's overall well-being. A huge thank you to all the parents who joined us as we kickstart this academic journey together. Here's to a year filled with collaboration, support, and endless possibilities for our students!
Term II Open House 2023-2024
"Working together, we can ensure the child's academic success and personal growth". Every parent nurture the dream of the all-round development of his child. Open House plays a crucial role in the achievement of this goal. To give feedback to the parents about the progress of their ward in the academic session 2023-24, the final Open House was organized by PIS Kankavli on 28th March 2024 for grades I to IX. The teachers briefed the parents about their ward’s performance in Assessments and during class. They also shared areas of improvement. Parents enquired about the new session and they were eager to send their ward to school. Overall, the Open House helped in achieving the desired goal. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Parivartan Drive - 2024

The 'Parivartan Drive' initiative, spearheaded by the students of Podar International School Kankavli , aimed to foster a community-wide awareness campaign centered around the theme 'Be the Change to Bring The Change’. Students from our school dedicated their efforts to propagate messages of Self-love, Kindness, Acceptance, and Seeking Support. They endeavored to communicate the idea that prioritizing self-care is not synonymous with selfishness; rather, it is essential for fostering a healthier community where individuals are empowered to care for themselves and others.

The students engaged in a variety of activities as part of the Parivartan Drive:

  1. Walkathon: Participants marched through the streets adorned with posters, placards, slogans, poems, and quotes, effectively spreading awareness about the core values of Self-love, Kindness, Acceptance, and Seeking Support.
  2. Street Play: A captivating Street Play titled ‘The Ripples of Kindness’ was enacted, illustrating how simple acts of kindness have the power to uplift individuals, transform moods, and turn a bad day into a good one.
  3. Song Performances: Enthusiastic students from Grades VII and VIII showcased mesmerizing Song performances that captivated the attention of the public, further reinforcing the messages of the campaign.

Honorable Principal, Ms. Swati Kanase, commended the students for their enthusiastic participation in the drive and for their dynamic performances, which effectively highlighted the significance of Self-love, Kindness, Acceptance, and Seeking Support within our community. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Marathi Rajbhasha Diwas Celebration - 2024
Podar International School, Kankavli, resonated with the essence of Maharashtra's culture as students celebrated Marathi Rajbhasha Din with fervor. The air filled with the melodious tunes of Marathi songs, echoing the pride and heritage of our mother tongue!
National Science Day Celebration - 2024

28th February is celebrated as the National Science Day to commemorate the discovery of 'Raman Effect' by the genius Indian scientist, Sir C.V. Raman.This day aims to spread awareness about the contribution of C.V. Raman, an Indian physicist, discovered the Raman Effect on 28th February 1928. This effect refers to the inelastic scattering of photons by matter, which results in the exchange of energy and change in the direction of light. This was a significant discovery for which Raman received a Noble Prize in Physics in 1930.National Science Day honors both this discovery and the brilliant discoverer.

Science Day is celebrated by spreading the importance and improvement of science in our daily lives. We at Podar International School Kankavli held science Exhibition i.e display the projects or models done by the students, by keeping the following goals in mind:

  1. To recognize and appreciate all scientific activities, efforts, and achievements done by the students.
  2. To promote and nourish interest in Science and Technology.
  3. To encourage students to learn more about science.

For this auspicious event the our honorable principal Ms. Swati Kanase and chief guest Mr. Vijay Paithane (Assistant Professor, ARACS College, Vaibhavwadi) addressed the all the student of the school by sharing the history behind the celebration of national science day and motivated to become next generation genius scientist. All students enjoyed the science exhibition with enthusiasm. The winners of science exhibitions were announced in the assembly and appreciated by giving certificates by Hon. Principal Ms. Swati Kanase. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Jumpstart Activity 'Grade 1' - 2024
The Jumpstart Event is an activity carried out at the start of the Thematic Unit to immerse the students in the theme without directly telling them what it is all about. The Jumpstart Event activity is designed to capture the students interest and imagination to generate curiosity about the upcoming Thematic Unit. As part of the jumpstart activity , the students of Grade I have done a mini passport to document the countries they will be exploring during the sessions. The main objective of this activity is to get the students engaged in the core theme of the thematic unit.
Second Girls Welfare Committee Meeting - 2024

Podar International School, Kankavli conducted a meeting by the Girls Welfare Committee of the school. The session focused mainly on below points -

  1. To highlight the importance of health and hygiene.
  2. Awareness building among girl students about self-protection.
  3. Protection of the girl students.
  4. Solving girl students' related issues and complaints.
  5. Improving interpersonal skills.
  6. To create awareness about the problems of women.
Second Boys Welfare Committee Meeting - 2024
Podar International School Kankavli conducted a Boys Welfare Committee Meeting by the Grade V to VIII students present along with in charge teachers. The students were made aware of their duties towards the school as a member of the Welfare Committee and also Interacted with the students about the school discipline and classroom rules and wished them for the future and their progress.
Fire Mock Drill - 2024
Podar International School,Kankavli has conducted A fire drill in a school. The mock drill was carried out in the school to prepare students and teachers for any such eventuality under the fire risk reduction programme. The purpose to organize the mock drill was to check the readiness of the school to face any such fire emergency and also to make the students and staff aware about the Fire Fighting Rescue Operation.A drill was successfully executed under the guidance of the Honorable Principal Ms. Swati Kanase and Admin officer Mr. Akshay Pendhari.
Art Exhibition 'Art in Focus' - 2024

Celebrating creativity across all grades at Podar International School ,Kankavli Our vibrant art exhibition, themed 'Art in Focus,' brought together students from grades 1 to 8, each showcasing their unique interpretations of the 7 elements of art. From bold strokes to intricate details, every piece reflected the passion and dedication of our budding artists.All aspects of art were represented in the celebration, visual arts through beautiful creations and performing arts through live musical and instrumental performances.

Among the highlights were captivating group projects that truly stole the show, captivating the attention of parents and visitors alike. Collaborative efforts sparked creativity, fostering teamwork and friendship along the way. Step into our colorful world and witness the magic of student-led artistry that graced our halls during the exhibition.Chief Guest Mr. Pravin Chindarkar and Principal Ms. Swati Kanase appreciated the art work of students.

Workshop On Bullying - 2024
Podar International School Kankavli organised the workshop on Bullying- Understanding, Prevention and Responding for the students of grade VI and VII. Ms. Muskan conducted the workshop under the guidance of our principal Ms. Swati Kanase. The aim of this workshop was to create awareness among the students and develop a positive learning environment in the school where students feel safe, valued, and respected. All students were involved in the workshop and they shared their thoughts and experiences. All the doubts raised by students were addressed by the counselor Ms. Muskan Sandi. Here are a few glimpses of it.
SOF-NSO Achievers 2023-2024
The SOF Olympiad awards are prestigious honors bestowed upon exceptional individuals who excel in academic competitions. Podar International School Kankavli believes that every child has the potential to excel.Twenty Six students of our school have received the Gold Medal and four students Certificate of Excellence in SOF International Science Olympiad which was held during the academic year 2023-24. Principal Ms. Swati Kanase felicitated all the achievers in the morning assembly. Here are a few glimpses of the celebration.
Field Visit - 2024
As a part of IE -Theme : Significant People, The Students of grade III to V had visited An old age home and secondary students (Grade VIII) visited an NGO. They learnt how many people are orphaned but still leading a happy life with many people's support. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Culminating Event 'Nature Trails' - 2024
Under the thematic unit, Podar International School Kankavli conducted the Culminating event –NATURE TRAILS culminated with the event Jungle Beats organized by the students and teacher of Grade- I within the school premises. This event focused on all that the students have been learning about during the unit through musical performances, dances and exhibitions. Students did a Jungle Parade with Plants & Animals costumes. Students enjoyed dance performances. They have explored themselves by doing different activities. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Book Fair - 2024
Podar International School Kankavli has organized the "Book Fair" for the students of Jr. KG , Sr. KG , Grade I and II. Daffodil Lane Books event was a success as it was an opportunity for parents to inculcate an early habit of reading in children. It is important to create engaging and entertaining story books so that children enjoy and benefit from the value that books bring to our lives. The idea behind this book fair was to encourage children to develop early reading habits. Here are some glimpses from the event.
Culminating Event 'What we wear' - 2024

The THEMATIC UNIT: Podar International school Kankavli conducted WHAT WE WEAR will culminate in the event ‘Fashion Fiesta’ organized by the students of grade 2 and staff members of the school, within the school premises. This event focused on the different types of clothes the students have been learning about during the unit. There was a Fashion Parade , students Performances like song ,dance and speech ,and a Classroom Exhibition. All students participated in the parade by walking/dancing to parade music. The students wore costumes based on the different kinds of clothes that they have been learning about. students walked around the school compound, with parents standing in different locations to watch the parade. Respected Principal Swati Kanase and coordinator Avantika along with parents enjoyed the program. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Pariksha Pe Charcha - 2024

“Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024” is an initiative undertaken by the CBSE, is an annual event hosted by the Hon’ble PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, on the agenda of academic and examination-related queries. The event was telecasted live nationwide, as well as on YouTube. Podar International School Kankavli made necessary arrangements in the classrooms to enable the students of Classes VI to IX along with their teachers, watch the live telecast of “Pariksha Pe Charcha” on 29 January 2024, from 11:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.

PM Modi said competition and challenges act as inspirations in life, but competition must be healthy. "Focus on doing your best, don't compete with your peers. Use your peers' success as a source of inspiration,"
"It is important to have a healthy body to make sure your mind is healthy too,"
"Teachers should not take their work as mere job, they should take it as means to empower lives of students,"
"The relationship between students and teachers should be built from the first day, so that the day of the exam is not stressful,"
"Teachers should treat all their students equally,"
Children should set small goals during preparation and gradually improve performance. "This way you will be completely ready for the exams," he said.
He said that one must be capable of bearing all kinds of pressures. "One must become capable of bearing any kind of pressure. They should believe that pressure keeps on building and one has to prepare oneself (to tackle it)," the Prime Minister said.
"We should not stretch ourselves beyond a point. We should do it in increments, slowly," he said. "Parents must ensure that issues are addressed through a proper conversation with students rather than reducing their morale and confidence through comparisons,".
The Prime Minister advised parents against treating their child's report card as their own visiting card.

Second Annual Day Celebration 'Navrasa' 2023-2024

Podar International School, Kankavli has conducted the Second Annual Day 2023-24 with great enthusiasm and zeal.

The theme for the second annual day- Navrasa which depicts nine emotions in the life of a human being. Navrasa means nine, Rasa means emotional state or emotions. As per Ayurveda, the nine emotions are Shringara (love/beauty), Hasya (laughter), Karuna (sorrow), Raudra (anger), Veera (heroism/courage), Bhayanaka (terror/fear), Bibhatsya (disgust), Adbutha (surprise/wonder) and Shantha (peace or tranquillity).

All students have participated with their excellent performances and skit presentation as per their emotion (Rasa). Chief Guest for the event- Hon'ble Shri. Kishor Tawade (Collector & DM of Sindhudurg District) , Respected Principal, Ms. Swati Kanase , Respected General Manager, Mr. S.P. Kulkarni Sir, (Kolhapur Hub) and other dignitaries became witnesses of this wonderful annual day. Our parents and grandparents have enjoyed and appreciated remarkable and successful events.

Heartfelt Gratitude to our Respected Principal, Ms. Swati Kanase and parents for providing us continuous support and valuable guidance.

Republic Day Celebration - 2024
Podar International School Kankavli celebrated 75th Republic Day with great zeal and patriotism. Republic Day celebrated on January 26th, this day is steeped in symbolism, aligning the celebration with historical milestones and principles that define India's identity. The Programme was graced by the presence of Hon'ble Chief Guest Mr. Mangesh Desai , the respected Principal Ms. Swati Kanase and the other dignitaries. unfurled the flag. The celebration was colorful and graceful with the thoughtful speeches, patriotic song and Skit by the students. Respected Principal Ms. Swati Kanase addressed the gathering with their motivating speeches and best wishes. Happy Republic Day to all.
CBSE Training Program - 2024
Podar International School Kankavli organized the one day training program in association with the CBSE on the topic Financial Literacy and Digital tools. The resource person Ms. Neeta Shukla welcomed by the principal Ms. Swati Kanase with warm wishes. The main objective of this training is to create awareness about financial literacy and how to handle digital tools and protect from online frauds. Also she discussed some useful financial plans which were helpful in future. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Rising day - 2024
On the occasion of Rising day, Grade 8th students of Podar International School, Kankavli were taken on an awareness trip to Kankavli Police station on 06/01/2024. An effort was made in order to raise awareness regarding how the police station operates. The students were sensitised regarding the law abidance, different weapons and arms used, working of CCTV control room and the methods of reporting crimes. The police officer of Police station Kankavli addressed the students and gave essential information regarding their working schedule. The students also visited a yard wherein seized cars are being kept. A demo on working of rifle and pistol without loads was being demonstrated. Our curious young minds interacted with the police officers and asked several queries. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Magic Show - 2024
Podar International School, #Kankavli Conducted "Magic Show " on 5th January 2024. This magic show was presented by world famous magician Mr. Jitendra Raghuveer. The students from class 1st to 9th std witnessed the show with great curiosity and were amazed to see all the superb magic tricks. The magician grasp everyone's attention by his charm and charisma. He had ideas that really made it seem like student witnessing something incredible things. It was lively and fun filled magic show thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Here are few glimpses of it.
Special Assembly on Significant People - 2024
Podar International School #Kankavli conducted the special assembly on the theme Significant People under the Integrated English. Where in there was a Talk show of Podar Network students. An interview was taken of Ms Greta Thunberg , a Swedish environmental activist known for challenging world leaders to take immediate action for climate change mitigation. The students were confident to ask questions to Ms Greta Thunberg and could get more information about her lifestyle and contribution. The students of Grade V and VII actively participated in the assembly. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Jumpstart Activity 'Significant People' - 2024

Podar International School #Kankavli conducted Jumpstart Activity for grades I to VIII to introduce the theme "Significant People – Characters and Events that Changed the World." The goal was to captivate students' interest, ignite curiosity, and to explore influential historical figures. The Jumpstart Activity included "I want to Be Next … , I Am Good At…, My Dream Ambition in Life and MY STAR QUALITIES” for grades I to VIII. The Jumpstart Activity successfully engaged students of all grades, nurture personal connections with the concept of "Significant People." It encouraged students to see the relevance of historical figures in their lives. The interactive and reflective activities created unity and excitement, ensure an enriching learning experience for all grade levels throughout the upcoming thematic unit. Lets see Jumpstart, a journey of discovery and curiosity.Here are a few glimpses of it.

Christmas Celebration - 2023
Podar International School #Kankavli celebrated Christmas with zeal and enthusiasm.We are delighted to share a brief overview of the wonderful Christmas celebration that took place at our school. During the event, the students were treated to a memorable Christmas experience. They received gifts from santa, a skit was performed that beautifully narrated the story of Jesus and the significance of the Christmas season. The atmosphere was filled with joy as the children engaged in lively dance and music performances, bringing a smile to everyone present. Wishing all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.
Children's Day Celebration - 2023

Children's are called the flowers from heaven and dearest to God. So, let's take an oath to make this earth a happy and better place for the kids. Happy Children's Day. May the innocence that they hold, stays forever in their pure heart and bring the best out for each and every one of them. Podar International School #Kankavli celebrated children's day with great excitement and enthusiasm in the school campus to enrich them to convey the message that they are the most deserving gifts of the world to be happy to make other happy. To boost their spirit and pure joy different programmes were organised in which all the teachers performed to make them blissful . Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged by man. Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility. We cannot fashion our children after our desires, we must have them and love them as God has given them to us.

2nd Annual Sports Day Celebration 2023-2024
Podar International School #Kankavli celebrated 2nd Annual Sports day 2023. Chief guest Mr. Bayaji Mahadeo Buran (Kankavli Taluka Sport Officer) and guest of honour Mr. Eknath Dhanvate (Taekwondo National Referee / Coach) graced the occasion along with principal Ms. Swati Kanase. Students performed various drills with different props and Grade I to IX participated in various races. Parents applauded the event and it was complete carnival in the school. Heart felt thanks to all the stars of show our beloved students for their zeel and enthusiasm. Various displays from Marchpast to relay was an eye appealing display. Thank you parents for your cooperation to make this event successful.
Navratri Celebration - 2023
Podar Volunteer Program 'Plantation Drive' - 2023
The students of grade III of Podar International School , Kankavli organized the Plantation Drive under the Podar Volunteer program. Students planted the different types of plants near the Moore Dongari place under the guidance of our principal Ms. Swati Kanase. The students enjoyed this activity and thanked all parents for supporting the plantation drive.
Podar Volunteer Program 'Donation Drive' - 2023
Podar International School , Kankavli conducted a special donation drive aimed to encourage students to give back to their communities. So our principal Ms. Swati Kanase Mam gave the inspiration to the students for organizing the donation drive under the podar volunteer program. It instills in students the idea that they can make the world a better place by caring for them, having social-emotional skills developed within them. Students of Grade 9 had participated in the Podar Volunteer program by visiting Oros Civil Hospital. As a token of care and love towards the patient, they have offered fruits and biscuits to the patients.
Cyber Security Workshop - 2023
Podar International School ,Kankavli conducted the Cyber Security Workshop for the students of Grade VI to VIII. The outcome of this workshop was to create awareness about cyber attacks, online frauds and how to protect social accounts like facebook, whatsapp etc from the hackers. For this workshop Mr. Suyog Sawant (Professor, SSPM Engineering College, Kankavli) was invited as the speaker and welcomed by our Principal Ms. Swati Kanase.
Girls Welfare Committee - 2023
As a part of adolescence awareness, Podar International School, Kankavli organized a workshop on “Kali fultana" on 18th October, 2023. The workshop was delivered by Dr. Ashwini Navare. Girl students of Grade 6th to 9th were present for the workshop. Countless conversations sparkled related to adolescence, healthy food habits, replenishing the lost nutrients and nourishing the body. Special emphasis was put on the causes of period cramps, fatigue, acne and PCOD. Different ways to support hormones, stress and food to prevent and manage the symptoms were being told.
Awareness on Mental Health - 2023
Podar International school, Kankavli has successfully raised awareness of Mental Health Month through our engaging and insightful School Fair, fostering understanding and support for parents and children alike. Together, we're breaking barriers and embracing wellness.
Educational Smart Tour - 2023
"The best education you will ever get is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences." Podar International School ,Kankavli organized an 1 day educational trip for the students of Grade 1 to Grade 9 to Mamacha Gaon at Hirlok. The main goal of conducting a trip for students is to reinforce experiential and contextual learning. Educational trips not only enriches our understanding of history and environment but also reinforces the importance of teamwork and adaptability. We gain practical knowledge that extends beyond the classroom, which will stay with us for a lifetime. Educational tour is an opportunity to interact, absorb and grasp theory practically. Students enjoyed the tour.
Culminating Event 'Look where we live' - 2023
A good neighbour is a priceless treasure that makes the journey of life much more enjoyable. Neighbours are the people who make you feel like you belong, even when you're far from home.

Podar International School Kankavli conducted ‘The Culminating Event’ under the theme ‘Look Where We Live’ with great zeal and enthusiasm. This event focused on all that the students have been learning about during the course of the Thematic Unit as they come dressed in colorful clothes and stand at the different neighborhoods set up in the class and talk about all the different places and people in their neighborhoods. The Culminating Event was inaugurated by the Principal Ms.Swati Kanase. She appreciated students for their dedication, enthusiasm and marvelous performances. Students of Grade-I presented the songs and dance which they were practicing in the Music session of the Thematic Unit. The students dressed up in colorful clothes as they represented the different neighborhoods set up in the classroom.

International Year of Millets - 2023
Swachhata Hi Seva campaign - 2023
Students and Staff of Podar International School Kankavli actively participated in the Nationwide Swachhata Hi Seva campaign by undertaking Shramdaan activities with the aim of generating a 'Jan Andolan'.Under this Campaign Podar International school Kankavli students and staff participated in the cleanliness drive by cleaning surrounding outside the school.
Culminating Event 'In my town' - 2023
Students Of Podar International School Kankavli of grade 2 celebrated the culminating event IN MY TOWN by welcoming respected Principal Swati Kanase Ma'am , parents and all relatives. Students performed dances in town and there was a fashion show .We also honored the few community helpers around us.Students spoke about the community helpers that they acted and dressed up like them. Respected Principal Swati Kanase Ma’am addressed the students with her valuable thoughts. The program ended with a vote of thanks.
World Mental Health Day - 2023
Podar International School, Kankavli has celebrated World Mental Health Day with great zeal.All staff joined the school in green colour signifying today's event.An workshop was arranged for teachers on the occasion by Ms. Afreen Shah and warmly welcomed by our principal Ms. Swati Kanase mam.The aim of this workshop is teachers as facilitators , should reflect on this important topic to provide a supporting environment to our students. The program concluded with interesting mindfulness games.
Podar Volunteer Program 2023 'Cleanliness Drive' - 2023
"Cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity, and precision" Podar International School, Kankavli has organized Cleanliness Drive under the podar volunteer program on 13th oct 2023. Cleanliness drive included Cleaning of patkidevi mandir to Pathvardhan chowk where Students of Grades V to IX took active participation and experienced how a clean surrounding can make them feel happier.The students of grade V act the street play to create the awareness about the cleanliness among the people.Through this activity they learnt the importance of cleanliness of their surroundings and they also learnt the spirit of teamwork and leadership. Our principal Ms. Swati Kanase mam addressed all the students by sharing the importance of cleanliness in our life.
Parents Teacher Meeting - 2023
"The PTA works with parents and faculty to organize and facilitate events both during and after school hours that serve to enrich our children's educational experiences and build a stronger community." Moving ahead with the same thought, Podar International School Kankavli conducted a third PTA meeting on 14th oct 2023, and had fruitful discussions keeping learners in mind.
Onam Celebration - 2023
Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, was celebrated at Podar International School Kankavli by the staff and students.The festival of Onam is dedicated to the King Mahabali who sacrificed himself along with his kingdom in order to stand true to his words. The day was marked by the special speech by Grade 1-9 children.Children brought petals of different colour flowers from home and were engaged in making a colourful flower Rangoli – ‘Pookalam’. The flower Rangoli was a collaborative activity of all the students of the school. The huge colourful flower carpet adorned the portico of the school campus, symbolizing peace and serenity in the world, economic well-being and resource sharing, love and brotherhood, high ethics and morals, and human justice and conservation of nature.
Rakshabandhan Celebration - 2023
"Raksha Bandhan festival brings feeling of oneness and unity among the family members". "Raksha” signifies protection, while “Bandhan” represents the bond between siblings. On this auspicious day, sisters pray for the well-being, prosperity and flourishing life of their brothers. In return, brothers make a promise to protect and support their sisters in all circumstances throughout their lives. Raksha Bandhan represents the mutual love, care and responsibility that siblings have for each other. Podar International School Kankavli students of Grade 7 conducted a special assembly on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
Counselling Session - 2023
Podar International school Kankavli organized the training session for the teachers on " Inclusive Classroom". The strategies were discussed with the teachers to create the modern inclusive classroom by the Hub incharge Mr. Akash Gaikwad.
PTA Meeting - 2023

Podar International School Kankavli conducted the second PTA meeting of the term I for the academic year 2023-24. Our Respected Principal Ms. Swati Kanase welcomed all the PTA members by offering a bouquet of flowers as a token of love. The following points were discussed in the meeting as follows,

1. IE: Biz Kid bazar
2. Half yearly Exam
3. District Games achievement and upcoming games.
4. Preparation of students for the Homi Bhabha Exam and SOF exam.
5. About the Ganesh festival holidays and so on.

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2023

Podar International school Kankavli celebrated the Teachers Day on 5th of September with great enthusiasm. The whole program was organised by the students of classes VIII and IX . The teachers and students gathered in the assembly area in order to celebrate the Teachers’ Day. The stage was beautifully decorated with flowers, banners, and festoons. A warm welcome was done with flowers, gifts, and cards was a pleasant surprise for all the teachers. The program started at 8:30 a.m. with a prayer song.

The Principal of the school Ms. Swati Kanase mam presided over the function. She offered a garland on the photograph of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan to pay him homage. Then the Principal congratulated the teachers and acknowledged their sincere efforts they put in every day. She gave a valuable speech on Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and explained the importance of Teachers’ Day by sharing a moral story.Some students also expressed their gratitude towards the teachers by giving short speeches. The students of grade IX did the teachers role and conducted the classes in grade I to VIII. Students performed cultural activities like dance, songs, poems, dramas, etc. on this special occasion.The students also arranged some fun games for the teachers to entertain them. All the teachers enjoyed and appreciated the program and the principal mam congratulated all the students and participants for their active participation and flawless presentation.Principal mam motivated everyone by his motivational words. To admire the immense contribution of the teacher a token of gift followed by a delicious lunch was given to the teachers .

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration - 2023

Krishna Janamashtami was celebrated at Podar International School Kankavli with great pomp and festivity. The day started with seeking the blessings of Lord Krishna. To celebrate the extraordinary bond between children and the Almighty, School took the opportunity to both jubilate and learn with the young minds. The students from Grade I to IV were dressed up as lord Krishna and Radha, complete with flutes, peacock feathers and matkas. Students of grade IV presented dance performances on this auspicious occasion.The most significant event of the programme was “Dahi Handi”, organized for both boys and girls.Respected Principal Ms. Swati Kanase Ma'am illuminated all the students on this auspicious day and gave them the message to always look ahead instead of reminiscing about the past. The celebration was truly entertaining and educating for all the spectators.

"Perform your obligatory duty, because action is indeed better than inaction."

Biz Kids Bazaar - 2023

Podar International School Kankavli showcased a wonderful theme-based Carnival on 9th September, Saturday. The Chief Guest Retd Forest officer Mr. Ranjitsingh Rane and Principal Ms.Swati Kanase inaugurated the event. The themes were based on different art forms of India. It was beautifully presented by the children showcasing various art form displays.

The first floor had a musical presentation by talented students of Grade IX. Apart from this children presented dances also about different localities.

Our talented students have put their creative and entrepreneurial skills to work and offered a wide array of products for sale. An assortment of items such as unique paintings, exquisite wall hangings, eco-friendly paper bags, delightful bookmarks, and charming ornaments, among other fascinating creations were for sale in the different stalls.

In addition to the student stalls, they also planned various food stalls and engaging game corners to make the event even more enjoyable. A great deal to our budding entrepreneurs. Students enjoyed selling, buying and bargaining. Parents by visiting all the stalls, not only motivated them but also provided them with valuable real-world information.Visitors enjoyed shopping, playing games, Theatre and art work and made today's talk of the town about our Bazaar.

On the whole, the event was a grand success with the support and continuous guidance of our Principal Ms.Swati kanase mam, the dedication and hard work of all our teachers and children and the support of parents. Our Principal appreciated all the teachers and students for the wonderful display and thanked parents for their continuous support.

Hindi diwas celebration - 2023
The staff and students of PIS Kankavli, celebrated Hindi Diwas on 14th September, 2023 in the school as a mark of acknowledgement of HINDI as the National Language. Students mesmerized the audience with their song and dance performance .Entire assembly was conducted in Hindi language, where the students shared importance of the day, Suvachan (good thought), few amazing facts and some beautiful heart-warming poems with the school. Our school principal Ms. Swati Kanase mam and Hindi teachers wished all students.
PTM Meeting - 2023

“No school can work well for children if parents and teachers do not act in partnership on behalf of the children's best interests”

We had a productive Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) at our school for grade I and II. The PTM provided an opportunity for parents and teachers to come together and discuss the progress and development of their children. Parents were able to discuss their child's academic performance, behavior, and overall well-being with the respective subject teachers. During these interactions, valuable feedback was shared by both parents and teachers, allowing for a better understanding of the student's strengths and areas that need improvement. The teachers provided insights into the child's learning style, study habits, and suggested ways to support their progress at home.

Field Visit - 2023

Podar is abiding to preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century. They should have communicative, disciplinary, tech-savvy, and entrepreneurship skills. Podar International School, Kankavli organised field trips under the theme 'Young Entrepreneur' for grades 5 to 9. Our students visited 'Royal Cashew Factory' Varvade ,Kankavli . Students observed and understood the process of cashew preparation from farmers to reach up to the marketplace, grading systems of cashew according to their quality, boiler system, store room, raw material separation process etc. They also conducted an interview with the Managing Director of the cashew factory. This field trip was organised under the guidance of Respected Principal Ms. Swati Kanase to discover young entrepreneurs. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Math Lab Activity (Grade II) - 2023
Podar International School Kankavli has conducted the math lab activity for grade II students on addition and subtraction of numbers by using magic tokens. The students enjoyed the activity with peers and teachers. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Empowering Engagement for Unlocking student Passion - 2023

Podar International School Kankavli has conducted the workshop for grade VIII students on empowering Eengagement for unlocking student passion for extracurricular excellence.

The students are able to achieve the following outcomes after the workshop.

1. Engaging in extracurricular activities and practicing hobbies will help in broadening their social connections.
2. Improves time management skills.
3. Boosts self confidence, acts as a stress reliever, helps in personal growth.
4. Leadership qualities.

The students participated actively in a workshop and enjoyed it a lot. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Math Lab Activity (Grade VI) - 2023
Podar International School Kankavli has conducted the math lab activity for students of Grade VI on Addition and subtraction of Integers by using a number line. All students enjoyed the activity along with peers and teachers. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Investiture Ceremony 2023-2024
'Investiture is not just about wearing a badge; it's about shouldering the responsibility to inspire, empower, and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

The investiture ceremony at Podar International School Kankavli was an eagerly awaited event that marked the commencement of a new academic year. The ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of Respected Principal Mam Ms. Swati Kanase and Chief guest Mr. Sachin Hundalekar (Police Inspector) who inaugurated the event. The investiture ceremony is a significant tradition in the school, where deserving students are bestowed with leadership positions, emphasizing responsibility and commitment towards the institution and their peers.

Principal Ms. Swati Kanase mam and Chief guest Mr. Sachin Hundalekar addressed the students with an inspiring speech, emphasizing that leadership is not about wielding power but rather about shouldering responsibilities and leading by example. Both encouraged the newly appointed student leaders to uphold the school's values and promote a positive learning environment.

The student leaders were appointed to various roles, including Head Boy and Head Girl. Each student leader was presented with a badge and sash as a symbol of their authority and responsibility. The appointed student leaders stepped into their roles with enthusiasm, ready to lead their peers and contribute positively to the school.

"With pride and purpose: our student leaders take the stage"

Here are a few glimpses of it.

Express Yourself Activity 'Creatvity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun' - 2023
Podar International School, Kankavli conducted Integrated English activities throughout the grades I to VIII under the Theme- "Young Entrepreneur", where we have motivated our podarites grade wise for "Express Yourself Activities" with different topics given to them so that they can come up with their creativity and can express thinking skills, communication skills with interest and enthusiasm. Here we are sharing a few glimpses of the same
Thematic Event 'Marvellous me' - 2023

Podar international school kankavli celebrated the Thematic culminating event "About me, My school, My Family theme "Marvellous me". During this event students performed and spoke all about Schooland family members. The program began with welcoming and honouring our guest principal Swati Kanse ma'am was felicitated with a token of love and care of a small Sapling by our Head mistress .The students performed a dance on bambam bole, ramp walk on stationery items and melodious songs dedicated by grade 1 to their parents" Om sai ram" Parents got involved in this event by playing a game "Touch me and guess me. In this game parents' eyes are tied with a piece of cloth and they have to recognise their child by touch and feel. In this way parents spend good quality time with their children. Parent and students enjoyed the program and at the end of the program principal ma'am asked a few questions related to topic and activity. Students answered very confidently and enjoyed the thematic week. Here are some glimpses of it.

Welfare Committee Meeting - 2023
First Boys and Girls Welfare Committee Meeting of the Session 2023-24 was conducted at Podar International School Kankavli The Session was conducted for the students of grade 4 to 9.The different points related to manners and etiquette, discipline, decorum, and how to Maintain health & hygiene in our day today life were discussed. Our principal Ms. Swati Kanase mam and Incharge teachers along with the student council guided the students about the discipline , rules and regulations abided by the students. Here are some glimpses of it.1
Culmination Event- Tech-It-Up - 2023

Under the Integrated English theme "Tech-It-Up-A World of Gadgets and Gizmos" Students of Podar International School Kankavli culminated the theme by organizing the Event "Tech-O-Mania" in which students of grades 1 to 8 participated and presented different types of robots, handmade smart home devices, types of positive & negative digital footprints, More Screen, Less Life! & Internet safety rules. Students participated enthusiastically and also shared knowledge regarding the latest technology. Students of grade VII and VIII had planned some interesting Techno-Games for all parents. All parents as well as students enjoyed the culminating event with enthusiasm. The main attraction of the event was the spaceship as the entrance of the event. For this event Mr. Suryakant Navale (Principal, MTIM college Oras) and Mr. Darshan Mhapsekar ( HOD Computer Department, SSPM College Kankavli) were invited as judges for this event. Honorable Principal Ms. Swati Kanase addressed all the students and encouraged them to participate in such creative and informative activities to enhance technicalities with regard to the present time. Here are some glimpses of it.

SOF Achievers - 2023

Podar International School Kankavli felicitated the SOF exam merit and zonal excellence certificate achiever students for the year 2022-23.The details are as follows,
1. Certificate of merit (15 students)
2. zonal excellence certificate (08 Students)

All the achievers felicitated with certificates and medals in assembly by Principal Ms. Swati Kanase.

Hearty Congratulations to all the achievers..!

Here are some glimpses of the felicitation program.

Guru Purnima Celebration - 2023
Podar International School Kankavli celebrated Guru Purnima on 3rd July in the school. The special assembly was conducted by grade III and IX students. The student council members felicitated all teachers by giving love tokens and students of grade IX presented dance and dedicated a song to all teachers on occasion of Guru Purnima. Our Principal Ms. Swati Kanse addressed all students by sharing the importance of the day and wishes are given to all teachers. Here are some glimpses of it
School Club Activity 'Drama Club' - 2023
Podar International School Kankavli conducted School club Activity for Drama Club. It will help students to build self confidence and motivate themselves to take part in the role play act. The different activities were planned by teachers to create awareness about skills among students. All the activities were enjoyed by students along with their teachers. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Bakri Eid Celebration - 2023
Podar International School Kankavli celebrated Eid-ul-Adha or Bakra Eid, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, is one of the most important Islamic festivals celebrated by Muslims worldwide as this joyous occasion commemorates the profound act of sacrifice by Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his willingness to offer his son as an act of obedience to Allah (God). The traditions associated with Eid-ul-Adha hold deep meaning and significance, emphasising the values of faith, selflessness and gratitude. Eid was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in Podar International school Kankavli ,students shared the importance of the day, kaavali was performed by the students and Music Teacher Ms. Netra Prabhudesai. Respected Principal Ma'am Ms. Swati Kanase addressed students and gave wishes to all the students. Here are some of the glimpses.
Ashadhi Ekadashi Celebration - 2023
Student Council Election Result 2023-24

Podar International School Kankavli has conducted the Student council election for academic year 2023-2024.The process of selection of members of the Student Council 2023-24 is completed. It started with the declaration of elections by the Principal Ms. Swati Kanase on 26th June 2023. Elections were conducted on 24th June 2023 and results were declared on 26th June. The whole process was completed in a democratic manner. The participants nominated themselves to different positions and propagated in their favour. The children from Grade 5 to 9 voted for their favourite candidate through a secret ballot system. Students enthusiastically participated in the student council election by choosing the candidates of their choice. Finally, the most awaited results were announced by the Principal Ms. Swati Kanase. She congratulated all the winners and also all the participants for their true spirit of participation. She also thanked all the staff for successfully conducting this election process. Here are some glimpses of it.

School Club Activity 'Green Wizard Club' - 2023

Podar International School Kankavli has conducted the school club activity (Green Wizards Club) and provides the platform to students to show their talent and skills. The following activities were conducted.

  1. Dynamic Caterpillar: (Grade 1 to 4)
  2. Newspaper Craft: (Grade 5 to 8)

Every child enjoyed the activity with great zeal and enthusiasm along with the teachers. Here are some glimpses of it.

Campaign For Student Council Election 2023-24
Podar International School,Kankavli has conducted the campaigning for the different portfolios of students council. Here are some glimpses of the day.
International Yoga Day Celebration - 2023
"Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony." International Yoga Day is observed on 21st June every year. "Yoga" for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is the theme for the International Yoga Day, 2023. On this occasion, Podar International School Kankavli, celebrated the ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice of Yoga. It consisted of Yoga and Pranayam sessions which were facilitated by the sports department of Podar International. The program received great accolades by all present. Here are some glimpses of it. Happy Yoga Day.
Welcome Function for New Students 2023-2024
The new faces who have successfully cleared their previous levels and stepped into this new world “Podar International School Kankavli” were welcomed with a gesture of flowers by our Principal Ms. Swati Kanase. Students enjoyed to their fullest through the games like freeze dance, balloon pricking, Ring passing, Enacting , selfie pose were and are excited to begin their new academic year with zeal. Here are some glimpses of it.
Housewise Project Competition for Tech-it-up - 2023

“Tech-it-Up – A World of Gadgets and Gizmos”

Podar International School Kankavli has conducted the house competition for IE.

House Competition -;Tech Revolution 2050’ – A House Magazine/Journal with a collection of Innovative Technological Ideas for the Future.

House Competition – ;Tech Revolution 2050’ will allow students to practice secondary data collection for the purpose of making a magazine or a journal. The students of each house will collect material on new research, tech trends and upcoming technology, innovation news, predictions, recent science breakthroughs and near future outlooks, and create a magazine on innovative technological ideas for the future. Thus there will be 4 magazines, one from each house.

Grades 3 and 4 can collect news related to technology and latest inventions.

Grades 5 & 6 and 7 & 8 can collect write ups or articles from newspapers or magazines on predictions, recent science breakthroughs, near future outlooks and expert interviews on technology. Here are a few glimpses of it.

School Club Activity 'Treasure & Trove Club' - 2023
It is well said that find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them and it will change your life. Podar International School kankavli takes every step forward to inspire students for the best. After school club activity (Treasure Trove Club) is conducted by Teachers along with students successfully. Miniature Clay Kitchen Set (Grade 1 to Grade 4) Today you will use your modeling clay to make your miniature kitchen set. Created their Kitchen set, by using different color clays to make the items. Lippan Art ( Grade 5 to Grade 8 ) Lippan Art is a form of folk art practiced in Gujarat, it is used to decorate their homes. Every child enjoyed the activity with great zeal and enthusiasm. Here are a few glimpses of it.
PTA Executive Committee Selection - 2023
Podar International School, Kankavli has conducted formation of PTA executive committee members for academic year 2023-2024 on 15/06/2023. Principal Ms. Swati Kanase mam thanked old executive members for their support and congratulated the new executive committee members. Also planned agenda discussed in detail with parents during the meeting. Here are some glimpses of it.
Special Assembly under IE - 2023
National Technology day was celebrated at Podar International School Kankavli with great enthusiasm. Technology is all around us, from our mobile phones and MP3 to computers and televisions. In fact, there is so much technology in the world today that we don’t even realize how much of a part of our lives it is. The Tech-it-up module is taking the students on a tour to a world of gadgets and gizmos, and into the future of technology... Today a special assembly on National Technology Day (which is observed on 11th May) was conducted, Students spoke about the importance of technology in our life. They also represented various modern devices that have been a part of our day-to-day lives. A short quiz on technology was conducted. Here are some glimpses of it.
First PTM of Grade IX - 203
A world full of little learners today means a universe packed with brilliant minds tomorrow. We at Podar believe in boosting our students in every phase of life. Opportunities are given in the scholastic and co-scholastic areas. To enlighten the future of the student is our aim, keeping this concept we had conducted a Parent Teachers Meet of Grade 9 on 14th June 2023 at Podar International Kankavli by Respected Principal Maam, Mrs Swati Kanase. The parents were made understand the Rules and Regulations, curriculum and the exam pattern. Additional activities were also discussed. The meeting ended with positive feedback towards nurturing their ward. Here are some glimpses.
Club Activity 'Music & More Club' 2023-2024
Podar International School Kankavli conducted after school club activities (Music and More Club). Teachers along with students and club in-charge conducted the activities successfully. Every child enjoyed the activity with great zeal and enthusiasm. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Back to School 2023-24
"A new school year means new beginnings, new adventures, new friendships and new challenges. The slate is clean and magic can happen." Welcome, Dear students! We are glad to have the campus beaming with your warm presence! The new school year brings new opportunities to shine. We are delighted to welcome the Podarites to the Podar International School Kankavli In this New School Year, we wish you inspiration, zeal, and happiness. Here are some glimpses.
School Club Activity - 2023
Podar International School, Kankavli conducted after school club activity The Gourmet Club Activity – Sprout Chat (Grade 1 – 5) & Biscuit Sandwich (Grade 6 – 8). Grade 2 enjoyed Music Activity. Teachers along with students club in charge conducted the activities successfully. Every child enjoyed the activity.
Welcome back to school 2023-2024
We are delighted to welcome the Podarites to the Podar International School, Kankavli In this New School Year, we wish you inspiration, zeal, and happiness. Here are some glimpses.
Annual Day Celebration 2022-2023

"What Makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, buta different way of looking at the world and learning" Podar International School Kankavli Conducted its 1st Annual Function " Nritya Tarang "–Celebration of Indian Dance Forms, on 28th of January 2023. The Annual Day was Esteemed by Mr. Nitesh Rane sir - A Member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for the Kankavli Vidhansabha constituency. The Theme showcased a journey of two artists who were exploring the classical and folk dances of India. They unravel the different dances of different states to depict their costumes, musical instruments used to perform particular dances. The students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. It was a privileged moment to have Mr. Suresh Shivalkar Sir -Podar Education Trust Chief Administrative Officer, Col. S. P. Kulkarni Sir-The General Manager of Kolhapur Hub, Mr. Yogesh Mhatre Sir- General Manager of Nagpur Hub, Mr. A. K. Singh Sir - Principal of PIS Satara, Mr. G. B. Patil Sir -Principal of PIS Sangli, Mrs. Swati Patel Ma’am - Principal of PIS Panelim Goa, Mr. Rakesh Chavan Sir - Principal of PIS Ratnagiri, Mr. Bipin Mahajan Sir - Sr.HR Manager, Mr. Avinash Kanase Sir - Assistant Registrar at Bharati Vidyapeeth / Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University as our dignitaries for the Annual function.

School Annual Report was read by our Respected Principal Mrs. Swati Kanase Ma’am.

The happiness on the faces of the audience proved the success of the show. Here are a few glimpses.

Thematic Culminating 'Seasons & Clothes' - 2023
Podar International School Kankavli celebrated Thematic Culminating Event ‘Clothes’ on the theme “Fashion Fiesta”. The program began with Welcoming and honoring Today’s guest of Honour - Principal. Ms. Swati Kanase with a shawl as a token of love from her beloved students. During this event students performed mind blowing fashion show depicting the attire of different states. Students sang a song with great enthusiasm. A game was played by the parents of ‘Getting into the planets’. Parents graciously enjoyed the program. A Flea Market was organized. Here are some glimpses of it.
Museum on Wheels At Podar - 2023
Podar International School Kankavli had arranged CSMVS (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya) Museum on Wheels exhibition for our students on historic, artistic, scientific and social themes. Exhibition showcased object replicas from the museum’s vast collection, information about them, digital interactive, hands-on activities such as coin making, design printing on cloth. Principal Swati Kanase Maam felicitated the Education Facilitators with a token of momentum. A detailed orientation was taken by the Facilitators and thereafter a visit to the museum was taken. Students very enthusiastically got involved into the journey of Museum of Wheels and gained information about historic themes. Here are a few glimpses.
House Competition 'Theme – Pleat by Pleat: Traversing the World of Sustainable Fabrics' - 2023
Podar International School Kankavli had conducted a House Competition for The theme – ‘Pleat by Pleat: Traversing the World of Sustainable Fabrics. The module aimed to encourage and support Indian artisitians and Indian handlooms. It also aimed to make students aware about the impacts of fashion and how it is causing harm to the environment. The module encouraged students to think – reuse, rewear and upcycle the waste material and make best out of it. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Jumpstart Activity 'Thematic - Solar System'
The Jumpstart event is an activity carried out at Podar International School Kankavli for grade 2 under the Thematic Unit – Solar System. Students have an experience to draw from as they are progressing through the unit. For the Jumpstart activity in this unit, the students will watch a video based on Outer Space. As part of the concept quest students decorated posters based on the theme of the Solar System and wrote down questions that they have on the topic. After decorating and coloring the posters, the students asked one question they have about space and the solar system or one thing they want to learn during the course of the module. Here are a few glimpses of it.
Assembly 'Pleat by Pleat' - 2023
Traversing the World of Sustainable Fabrics’ Assembly: Heroes who are Reviving India’s Heritage Textiles. Podar International School #Kankavli was welcomed to the Podar Network Channel on 4th Feb 2023. We are learning a lot of Fabrics so keeping in mind the theme we had invited a few people who had tried to revive many of our forgotten weaves. Ms. Suriya Hassan Bose who is single-handedly responsible for the revival of many forgotten weaves. She is also popularly known as Suriya Aapa. Along with the guest the students approached with few questions. And the whole school was made aware of the importance of fabric.
Jumpstart Activity 'Pleat by Pleat' - 2023
Podar International School #Kankavli conducted Jumpstart activity 'Pleat by Pleat' : Traversing the World of Sustainable Fabrics on 3rd January 2023. To surprise the students evoked their imagination and engaged them in the upcoming theme from the start. Students of all classes participated in IE lessons and the activities helped them to draw different works related to fabrics that they see around and quilts of school. Here are some glimpses of it.

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    • Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
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    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Photocopy of Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
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