School Events at Kankavli

Christmas Celebration - 2020

Constitutions day celebration - 2020

We believe constitution of India is the strongest among the world. On this day, we sincerely admire the contribution of Late. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar for drafting it. Students of our school read the preamble on the occasion of Sanvidhan divas. Also, we paid tribute to our brave policemen, soldiers and people who lost their lives in the terrorist attack of 26/11/2008.

Children's day and Diwali Celebration - 2020

Podar International School, Kankavli has celebrated Children's day and Diwali festival together on virtual platform. The whole program was designed by including events such as teacher's got talent, movie bash, treasure hunt, guess who game etc. Children have enjoyed each bit thoroughly. Through this event, the pleasant coincidence of Children's day and Diwali festival falling on the same day was truly celebrated in all means. Finally, we prayed for a better health and prosperity in coming year for every individual.

Second PTA meeting - 2020

Podar International School, Kankavli has scheduled 2nd PTA meeting at the school on 9th November. We have maintained social distancing norms thoroughly during this. In this meeting, we have received a great appreciation on the past term and it's planning. The PTA members wholeheartedly appreciated the efforts of teachers, school and the use of technology in most effective way when it is needed the most. We concluded this meeting by wishing happy and prosperous diwali to our everyone. We did pray for health and well being of each other.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration - 2020

As per Mahatma Gandhi, the youth of a country together has the power to move mountains and achieve anything they want to. Bapu always believed that the youth of a nation is responsible for the country’s uplift and development. Students of Podar International School, Kankavli have depicted the values of Gandhi ji rightly through some marvellous art and craft activities.

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2020

The light of the world, the beacon in the dark and the hope that gives us strength to survive, is our teacher. Today we celebrate Teachers' Day. A day, kept aside to honour the gifted souls who work everyday to make sure that the future is bright for all of us. Students have truly celebrated teachers day. They showed us that staying apart is not affecting our soul’s bonding.

Virtual Art and Dance Competition - 2020

Art is an source to express our own persona to the world. Students of our school have paid tribute to the nation through some fine dance and art performances. The competitions were held on the occasion of Independence day. The theme of 'Atma Nirbhar Bharat' was truly expressed by the children.

Grandparents day celebration - 2020

Grandparents Day serves to honor and recognise the contributions of grandparents in our lives. Grandparents are a society and a family's ties to its past as they pass on important values, beliefs and ideals to future generations. On this special occasion students of our school displayed a splendid effort by writing poems about their grandparents.

Independence Day Celebration - 2020

Freedom is the fundamental right of every one. But to realise this, one must pay contribution of his duties to the nation; sacrifices need to make. On this prosperous day we are celebrating 74th Independence day of India through the theme 'Atma Nirbhar'

1st Executive Committee Meeting of PTA - 2020

Podar International School, Kankavli has formed the very first PTA executive committee. We believe, parents are the important stakeholders in the process of schooling. They play an vital role when it comes to the proper functioning of the school. We are glad to work together with you. Your opinions will be respected in true manner. Together we can make our school to climb the ladder of success.

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