School Events at Kankavli

Jumpstart Event 'Thematic Unit' - 2022

Podar International School, Kankavli conducted JUMPSTART EVENT and CONCEPT QUEST ACTIVITY for Grade 2 on 03rd November 2022. Under the thematic unit ‘Clothes'. In the jumpstart event students donated their clothes in a clothes donation drive box which will be given to the orphanage. In concept quest activity students were made aware of why the clothes are very important and so in groups they did the drawing of different clothes they wear .Everyone enjoyed the Event.

Diwali Celebration - 2022

Light a lamp of love!
Blast a chain of sorrow!
Shoot a rocket of prosperity!
Fire a flowerpot of happiness!

Podar International School Kankavli wishes you and your family a sparkling Diwali! The students celebrated Diwali by performing skits, singing melodies and by distributing sweets.

World Mental Health Day 'Poster making competition' - 2022

Podar International School Kankavli celebrated World Mental Health Day over the span of a week.

Various activities like ‘Gratefulness Jar’, "When do you feel this emotion", Movie screening: "Inside-Out".

Poster Making Competition were conducted to create awareness among the students and teachers. Health not only refers to Physical Health but Mental Health too. The activities helped students to become self aware, get in touch with their emotions and in sensitizing with other's emotions and situations. Here are a few glimpses of it.

World Mental Health Day - 2022

“Your mental health is a priority. Your happiness is essential. Your self-care is a necessity.” ‘World Mental Health Day’ was celebrated at Podar International School Kankavli. Song was sung by the students during the morning assembly. The students displayed a skit within which focused on the importance of mental fitness along with physical fitness.

Garba Celebration - 2022

Feel the Spirit and have fun!

The Dandiya Raas has begun

Maa Durga has come to Bless everyone with prosperity and happiness!

Podar International School Kankavli organized the Navratri Celebration wherein students & parents of all Grades participated with great enthusiasm. The students, parents and teachers attired in traditional dresses added glory to the festive mood. Invoking the blessings of divine deity, the program commenced with the lamp lighting and a melodious prayer presented by the school choir group. Students, Parents and Teachers enjoyed every beat of the music and were swinging on the rhythm. The Students, Parents and Teaching, Non-Teaching staff were honored with special awards - 'Best Dancer', 'Best Attire' and 'Best Couple Dance' to appreciate their support and love towards the school. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Prize Distribution - 2022

You've got to keep your eye on the prize and do what you love to do. Podar International School Kankavli encourages students by conducting different activities and competitions. Students diligently participate and achieve success. Today on occasion of Hindi Diwas, the winners were awarded with certificate by principal Ms. Swati Kanase madam. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2022

Hindi is the pride of India, Hindi is the identity of every Hindustani, Hindi is the unique tradition of unity, Hindi is the desire of every heart. Hindi Diwas was celebrated in Podar International School Kankavli The program started by lighting the lamp by Principal Ms. Swati Kanase madam, which was followed by Role play and Mime Act by the students. The Hindi teacher guided the students with the importance of Hindi Diwas by delivering a speech and reciting a poem. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Rangoli Competition - 2022

On the fiesta of Onam, Podar International School Kankavli organized a Flower Rangoli Competition for students. Many Students diligently participated in the competition. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Onam Celebration - 2022

Air is filled with joy and zeal. It’s colorful everywhere, Homes are adorned with colorful embellishments. But I hope that Onam is not just about that. I hope that the spirit of Onam fills your heart with happiness and fulfillment. The Onam Festival was celebrated at Podar International School Kankavli Respected Principal Ms. Swati kanase madam embraced Mr. Rakesh Chavan the Principal of Podar International School, Ratnagiri. The students graced the moment by expressing their gratitude by performing a screenplay, Singing Song. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Inside Out Activity - 2022

Podar International School Kankavli organized an activity ‘INSIDE OUT’ - A Focus on the Emotional Quotient - it is to help the students to become aware of their emotions and manage their feelings better. The students will become aware of the situations that trigger stress within them and will learn to cope with such situations. Here are a few glimpses of it.

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