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Marathi Rajbhasha Diwas - 2023

Publication : Pudhari

In the pride of Marathi language, 'Marathi RajBhasha Day' was celebrated with enthusiasm in 'Podar International School',Kankavli. Every language is very important in its own way, even in Maharashtra, Marathi language has an unreachable important place, and describing the greatness of Marathi language, Marathi Language Pride Day was celebrated in a very enthusiastic atmosphere at Podar International School, On this occasion, the students performed a brave dance on the songs of praise of Marathi. Along with this, the students described the thoravi of Marathi through various things such as group songs, poems, charoles and speeches based on the Marathi language. The main feature of the program is Pul Deshpande in Marathi, Vs. The students presented various information about famous poets and writers like V. Shirwadkar, Shanta Shelke, Bahinabai Choudhary, playing roles. At the same time, the publication of the manuscript 'Gandh Marathicha' based on various songs, literature and information on Marathi language written by the students of the school also by the Principal Mrs. Swati Kanse telling the story of the Marathi language, the school's Marathi teacher Mrs. Priyanka Jadhav also told some interesting things in Marathi to the children by reciting great Marathi poetry.

School Principal Ms. Swati Kanse wished the students on Marathi Language Day and congratulated and appreciated all the participating students in the program.

Proper Recycling of Clothes - 2023

Publication : Pudhari

The students of 'Podar International School' Kankavli. Created awareness on the concept of 'Proper Recycling of Clothes' by giving various messages. Although food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of human beings, it is equally important to use them in the right amount and in the right way. If it is not used properly, not only the human race but the entire living creation has to face the consequences. That is why it is necessary to make the present students aware of all these things in order to make a good future citizen and save the creation.

And one such successful attempt was made by the students of Podar International School, Kankavli, who organized an awareness walk about 'proper recycling of clothes' and tried to sensitize the society by giving various messages. On this occasion Mrs. Swati Kanse, the principal of the school also participated spontaneously. In this activity, the students of class V to VIII through street plays gave message that we should not buy more clothes than they need and use them properly and how the damaged clothes can be recycled without throwing them away, the students also gave many messages on various types of public awareness through the rally. All these things are taught to the students of this school under the subject of 'Integrated English', in which students get to learn such innovative things. On this occasion, Mrs. Swati Kanse, the principal of the school, talked to the students about how to properly recycle clothes and its benefits, and how important it is for the future generation to understand this.

Abacus national level divisional competition - 2023

Publication : Pudhari

The students of Podar International School, Kankavli, who have been continuously developing The students in the sacred field of education have done well in various competitive examinations and have planted another pillar of honor in the school's veins. In the Abacus national level divisional competition held at Kolhapur on December 25, the students of Podar International School, Kankavali, Rishita Vineet Sharma, class V, won the gold medal, while Shaunak Rajendra Jatekar, class VI, a student of the school, got a scholarship in the Mathematics Proficiency Competition organized by the Maharashtra Mathematics Teachers Corporation. It has added to the reputation of the school by achieving Special proficiency. Mrs. Swati Kanse, Principal of the school congratulated these students by giving them certificates and medals.

'Nritya Tarang' was held at Podar International School Kankavli-in a very colorful and bright manner - 2023

Publication : Lokmat / Pudhari

Podar International School Kankavli, which is a pioneer in all-round development of students with diverse and colorful programs of various qualities, conducted the annual 'Nritya Tarang' program in a very bright and enthusiastic atmosphere. MLA Nitesh Rane attended the program as the chief guest. He was welcomed with dhol and the annual day was inaugurated by him. Through this program, the students performed various Indian dance forms that mesmerized the audience and gave them a real experience of Netra Deepak scenes. The main theme of the show was 'Nritya Tarang' which was based on introducing Indian dances which were performed by the characters Michael and Mohini. This includes Kashmiri, Goan, Bihu, Kerala, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Gujarati, Cherao, Maharashtrian Jogwa, Lazeem, Koli and Fusion dances and 'Podar Show' which introduces various things in Podar, based on public awareness about not using plastic. Various programs like drama, orchestra making The atmosphere musical with various instruments was presented by the students. On this occasion, while guiding on the platform, the Principal of the school Mrs. Swati Kanse presented the annual report of the school and described the important place of all these programs in the life of the students. On this occasion Chief and Admin Officer of Podar School Mr. Suresh Shirwalkar, G. of Kolhapur Hub. M. Shri. S.P. Kulkarni, Nagpur Hub's G. M. Mr. Yogesh Mhatre, Principal of Podar Satara School Mr. A.K. Singh, Principal of Podar Goa School Mrs. Swati Patel, Sr. H.R. Manager Mr. Mrs. Bipin Mahajan, Principal of Podar Kankavali. Swati Kanse, Mr. Avinash Kanse, Correspondent Babu Gaik Wad, Abid Naik, Mrs. Megha Gangan, Mrs. Pratiksha Sawant and many other dignitaries were present The program was moderated by school students Mihir Sawant, Urvi Gavankar, Arya Navare, Mansi Bobhate, Ishan Nagvekar and Kavya Goundalkar.

Achievement in different Sports Competitions organized by Shaley Krida Spardha 2022-23

Publication : Lokmat / Pudhari

"The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning."

Podar International School Kankavli is pound to announce Achievement in different Sports Competitions organized by Shaley Krida Spardha 2022-23.

Swimming :- Kavya Gaundalkar and Arya Navare Ranked First in 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle and 50m Backstroke District level and selected for Division level. Anuska Apte Ranked second in 50m Freestyle District level and selected for Division level.

Yoga :- Kavya Gaundalkar ranked Second and Anushka Apte ranked Third in District level and are selected for Division level.

Principal Ms. Swati Kanase Congratulated the students and wished them All the Best for their further Competitions. Here are some glimpses of it.

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