Qurio Magazine Release - 2022

17 Oct 2022

Podar International School Kankavli : School Magazine - ‘The Qurio Mag’ has published Officially and Digitally:
The aim of ‘The Qurio Mag’ is to provide a platform for the students to express and showcase their ideas, thoughts, imagination and creativity. It encouraged and trained the young minds to write, share, explore on various themes and produced a school editorial with an educative value.

The students got the opportunities to exhibit their work through the school magazine. They had contributed news, articles, stories, poetries, paintings, sketches, space book review, Space- movie review, spotlight of PIS Kankavli students achievement, extra co-curricular activities and so on. Contributing to the magazine allowed the students to do research on relevant topics which are an extremely useful life skill that can help students gather and analyze information, build knowledge, think critically and exercise their minds. The magazine had interactive space for games, puzzles, did you know and so on.

‘The Qurio Mag’ reflects the image of the educational institution through the work presented by the students and is published digitally for all the stakeholders through the School’s Facebook page, School WhatsApp group, BetweenUs & School Website.

Mentored and Conceptualized by - Principal Mrs. Swati Kanase
Editor in Chief - Ms. Jeevana Jyothi G
Teachers editorial Team - Mrs. Avantika Naik • Mrs. Priyanka Jadhav • Mrs. Swati kamble • Mr. Parag Sawant
Visual and Media Incharge - • Mrs. Shweta Toraskar • Mrs. Fatima D'souza
Creative Designer - Mr. Hanumant Tambat • Ms. Sampada Malandkar
Students Editorial team - • Srushti Sawant (Grade VIII) • Vidisha Devdhar (Grade VIII) • Vedika Kajarekar(Grade VIII) • Pranshu Ghuge (Grade VIII) • Harsh Patel (Grade VIII) • Soham Dhekane (Grade VIII) • Ishaan Nagvekar (Grade VII) • Kashika Kudalkar (Grade VII) • Radha Thakur (Grade VII) • Archi Parab (Grade VII) • Adhiraj Nadkarni (Grade VII) • Devashri Pakale (Grade VII)

The young, creative writers, buzzing poets, imaginative artists i.e the STUDENTS of PIS Kankavli have given their valuable contribution for making the Qurio Mag a Successful E - Magazine of Podar International School Kankavli.

Click here to download the Qurio Magazine 2022