Jumpstart Activity 'Theme - Significant People' - 2024
This activity evoked the students’ imagination and engaged them in the upcoming theme from the start. The purpose of Significant People is to enable students to comprehend the abilities, attributes, ideas, and talents of the world's notable individuals and to discover how they, too, can explore and develop their own unique qualities in order to become significant in the future.
Cooking Without Fire - 2024
We had a meaningful and fun filled activity called ‘Cooking without Fire’. For children, cooking without a fire can be an entertaining and instructive pastime. By experimenting with different items and trying certain no-fire recipes, they learnt about eating a nutritious diet.
Culminating Event 'Fashion Fiesta' - 2024
The students of grade 2 organised the culminating event along with the teachers on the theme ‘What we wear’. This event focused on the different types of clothes the students have been learning about during the units and students dressed in different types of clothes made of natural and manmade fibers.
Makar Sankranti Celebration - 2024
One of the most important Hindu festivals is Makar Sankranti which is observed nationwide with tremendous zeal and devotion. The same vibrant celebration could be seen in our school where the students participated in various cultural activities to showcase the importance of the festival
Christmas Celebration - 2023
Christmas is a worship and memory day. Christmas is a celebration that takes place every year on December 25 to honour the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas day is a reflection of the selflessness love that Jesus had on the humanity. Our students participated in various cultural programmes to bring out the significance of the day.
World Computer Literacy Day - 2023
On this World Computer Literacy Day, we celebrate the boundless prospects presented by the digital age. Computer literacy is more than just a talent in today's technologically advanced world—it's a ticket to success. The purpose of the December 2nd computer literacy celebration at Podar International School, Mysuru, Vijayanagar, was to raise awareness and comprehension of the value of computer literacy in the current digital world.
Field Trip To Mysore Palace - 2023
Mysore Palace, also known as Amba Vilas Palace, is a historical palace and a royal residence. It used to be the official residence of the Wadiyar dynasty and the seat of the Kingdom of Mysore. Grade 3 students visited the palace and explored the palace’s beautiful artwork, its artifacts, wrestling halls, wedding halls. Every aspect of this palace was interesting and remarkable
Halloween Celebration - 2023
Halloween celebration took place in the school where many students participated in it very enthusiastically. A terrifying performance was part of a special assembly, which was followed by an exciting student fashion parade and a scary comedy. The captivating Halloween dance was the day's high point, bringing everyone together in a joyful and unforgettable ambiance.
Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration - 2023

Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion at our school on 15 September 2023. The school premise was adorned with colourful rangoli, flowers, and decorative items to create an auspicious and festive atmosphere. A special morning assembly was held to highlight the significance of the day. The idol of Lord Ganesha was placed on a decorated pedestal and ceremonial puja (worship) was conducted where all the staff and students participated. Cultural programmes were organized by the students; traditional dances, skits and speech. The religious festivals are celebrated at our school so that all the students learn the uniqueness of each religion and appreciate the differences. This celebration paved way to unity, creativity and imbibe the values associated with Lord Ganesha.

Hindi diwas celebration - 2023
Hindi Diwas is celebrated across the Nation on 14th September 2023. This day is observed to promote and celebrate linguistic diversity of India, with a focus on the Hindi language’s importance and significance. The students took the pledge in Hindi. The significance of the day was highlighted, followed by Abinay Geet. The children performed many cultural activities to commemorate the day.
Celebrating the International Year of Millets - 2023
In addition to a plethora of health benefits, millets are also good for the environment with low water & input requirement. With the aim to create awareness and increase production & consumption of millets, United Nations, at the behest of the Government of India, declared 2023 the International Year of Millets. In order to bring awareness about this and the health benefits among the students grade wise activities were conducted across all grades; recipes of millets, millets cards, significance of millets, millets excerpts, match the grains etc.
Teacher's Day Celebration - 2023
There is nothing in this world that can be the biggest support for a child than a teacher who motivates and encourages him/her. Teachers are the role models who have the power to change the world. Teacher’s Day was celebrated on 5th September at our school which was organized by the students of grade 5. The students performed a scintillating cultural show to denote their love, respect, acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by the teachers towards their growth and development. They expressed their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers by giving wonderful Teacher’s day cards to all teachers. There were a few recreational games for the teachers which were filled with fun and excitement.
Celebrating Kabir - 2023
Celebrating Kabir was a commemoration felicitating the great poet Kabir Das with his famous Dohe. Podar International School, Mysore celebrated it on 7th September 2023 with great enthusiasm and curiosity among students. Students from grade 1-5 had various activities to celebrate this special day; group discussions, guess who and paper weaving etc. The students also were briefed on the biography of Kabir Das.
Krishna Janmashtami Celebration - 2023
Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated on 04 September 2023 with lots of colour and vibrancy. The little ones from grade 1 and 2 made the celebration of Janmashtami a splendid one as all were dressed up as Radhas and Krishnas beautifully. The ramp walk by these cute Radhas and Krishnas made the celebration more elegant.
BizKids Bazaar-‘Young Entrepreneurs - Discovering the Businessman in You’ - 2023

On 2 September 2023 the school conducted the culminating event ‘BIZ KIDZ BAZAR’ on the theme’ Young Entrepreneurs - Discovering the Businessman in You’ and Thematic Culminating Events for Grade 1 – ‘Marvelous Me’ and Grade 2 – ‘In My Town’. The event was initiated by inaugurating the program by one of the Theatre and film actress and businesswoman entrepreneurs of Mysore Mrs.Indira Nair accompanied by our Principal, Krishna Bangera, Vice Principal, Martin Arockia Raj. This provided the opportunities for the students to discover and explore their talents, dreams and abilities and it also focused on showcasing their entrepreneurial efforts to visitors. Grade wise events were planned. Grades 1 and 2: ‘The Mandala Art Zone’ Products made with hand painted Mandala art. Grades 3 and 4: ‘The Gond Art Zone’ Products made with hand painted Gond art. Grades 5: ‘The Manjusha Art Zone’ Products made with hand painted Manjusha art. Grades 5: ‘Food Zone and Game Zone’. The PTA Executive members also contributed to the event by being part of it.

Rakshabandhan Celebration - 2023
Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is a special occasion to celebrate the virtuous bond of love between a brother and a sister which is one of the deepest and noblest of all human emotions. It was celebrated very meaningfully at our school on 28th August 2023. The students tied Rakhi on the wrist of their classmates symbolically to express the bond of brothers and sisters. Also the students brought out the message that every individual needs to tie Rakhi to all nearby plants and animals as an expression of love and protection of the environment.
Onam Celebration - 2023
Onam festival was celebrated in the school on 29 August 2023. The students enthusiastically participated in making ‘Pookalam’ the flower carpet and performed ‘Thiruvathira' a cultural dance form of Kerala.
House Competition 'Young Entrepreneurs' - 2023
Young Entrepreneurs - House Competition was held at our school on the theme 'Pitch It!' - The Clash of the Advertisements. The competition attracted participation from every house. With this activity, students got the chance to experience the basic corporate decision-making strategy of product promotion. Students marketed a product in the competition using their knowledge gained through research, concepts, and creativity. The outcomes were judged by the principal, Mr. Krishna Bangera and Vice Principal, Mr. Martin.
World Entrepreneurs’ Day - 2023
World Entrepreneurs’ Day, which is annually marked on August 21 is a day dedicated to entrepreneurship and the individuals that foster innovation, generate jobs and advance the economy. To commemorate this day, fourth standard students organized a talk show to highlight the crucial role that entrepreneurs play in transforming the commercial landscape and advancing society, as well as the effects that this has on the next generation of business owners.
Independence Day Celebration - 2023
A lively gathering marked the celebration of Independence Day at Podar International School at Vijayanaga campus. The main guest, Retd. Colonel M N Mahendra Babu addressed the event. Along with parents, students and staff, the principal Krishna Bangera, administrative officer Mr. Augustine Pinto and PJK Headmistress Mrs. Kavitha participated in the flag-hoisting ceremony. This event makes us remember our past, celebrate our present and look forward to a brighter future on this special day. The occasion honoured India's struggle for freedom while showcasing unity and patriotism in the form of cultural events, patriotic speeches etc.
Field Trip to Regional Museum of Natural History - 2023
The students of grade 4 & 5 visited the Regional Museum of Natural History on 27 July 2023. A field trip is an excursion outside of the typical classroom where students can engage in new activities, encounter novel situations and gain important life lessons. The students who participate in field trips improve their critical thinking abilities and get the opportunity to consider a subject or issue from a different angle. The students were very enthusiastic to learn and interact with the guide to get more information. It was a very fruitful and meaningful field trip for the students.
Teaching Aid Preparation Competition - 2023
Teaching aids are an integral part of the classroom teaching learning process. It not only helps reinforce a skill or concept but also relieves monotony by presenting information in an interesting way, engaging all the senses of the students. To provide an opportunity to teachers to share their creative and innovative approaches to teaching , a competition was organized on 27 July 2023 by the principal, Mr. Krishna Bangera. The judges were the principals of two other schools; Mr. William Pushparaj & Ms. Mamatha. The teachers found the competition to be positive, supportive and rewarding. The teaching aids that were presented were vibrant, colourful, informative and innovative.
Dance Competition - 2023
Dance competition is a great way to build an emotional resilience in a child. It increases self -confidence and self -esteem in children. Dance competition in school is not just about the trophies-it is highly rewarding and worthwhile activity for students of all age groups. The students of Podar International School, Vijayanagar, Mysore, took part in it with lots of zeal and enthusiasm from grade 1 to 5.
Field Trip to Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya - 2023
Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya is housed in the heritage building Wellington Lodge in the heart of Mysore city. On 25 July 2023 the grade 3 students visited the museum. It is an anthropology museum with inside displays in a colonial structure and an outdoor village exhibition. The museum featured the traditional Indian arts and cultures. Students toured the museum and they were guided through it with explanation of each exhibit.
PTA Executive Committee Meeting - 2023
The PTA Executive Committee meeting was held on 22 July 2023, presided over by Mr. Krishna Bangera, the school principal. During the meeting various innovative practices, school activities and the upcoming events were put forward. Valuable suggestions were provided by the PTA members on the upcoming events and other activities of the school.
Field Trip 'Shukavana Mysuru' - 2023
Podar International School #Mysuru, Vijayanagar organised a day trip to SHUKAVANA MYSURU for grade 1 kiddos. The SHUKA VANA is essentially a bird rehabilitation centre. The sanctuary is a collection of Parrots from all over the world, not just Macaws, and is placed in a garden with countless pairs of parrots and birds in cages that restrict flight. One step above, there is a huge screened run where the birds are released and encouraged to fly.
Field Trip 'Karanji Lake & Regional Museum of Natural History' - 2023
Field trips provide extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge in a variety of contexts. The goal is to reinforce and contextualize experiential and contextual learning. On 21 July 2023 the students of grade 2 of Vijayanagar campus were taken to Karanjilake & Regional Museum of Natural History.
Student of the Week 'June & July' 2023
Every week one student of each class and division is honoured with ‘Student of the Week’ badge. Also a certificate is issued to that student signed by the class teacher during the school assembly. The objective is to inculcate self discipline and self motivation among students of the school. The students are recognized for their diligence, honesty, respect and kindness towards others. It is presented to students who make an effort to better themselves. By recognizing and honoring them as the ‘Student of the Week’ they are encouraged to continue working hard to achieve their objectives. Though almost all the students at our school deserve this recognition it is evenly distributed throughout the year for the students to be honoured.
Mock Drill I - 2023
A mock fire drill was conducted in school on June 12- 2023. This exercise is designed to prepare students and staff for potential fire emergencies and it plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone within the school premises. The drill began with the activation of the fire alarm signaling the start of the exercise. All the students were safely brought to the school playground and the headcount was taken by the principal. The evacuation time was recorded and informed to the staff and students in order to have an improvement in the next mock fire drill. At Podar this essential practice is done regularly so that they become ingrained in everyone's minds, enabling a swift and efficient response during an actual emergency.
Parent Orientation Program 2023-2024
The parent induction program for grade 1 and parent orientation program for grade 2 to 5 were organised on 27th May 2023. A detailed explanation of the yearly activities, achievements, curriculum, introduction of subject teachers were done. The parents' concerns and doubts were addressed by the class teacher and the leadership team.
House Competition: Tech-it-Up - 'Tech Revolution 2050' - 2023
Our school hosted a house competition called "Tech Revolution 2050." Each house's students gathered information on new research, tech trends and impending technology, innovation news, predictions, current Science discoveries, and near future outlooks to develop a magazine on inventive technological concepts for the future. The competition assisted students in searching for and being aware of future forecasts in numerous disciplines such as artificial intelligence, communication, and computers. All of the teams did a fantastic job, making the decision difficult for the judges.
Student Welfare Session - 2023
Podar International School had the honour of participating in a dental hygiene and health presentation by Dr. Mohammed Abubakar Siddiq on June 21. The discussion about dental health dos and don'ts at the beginning of the session was really instructive and helpful. The exercises during the session include preventive and instructional elements to change people's behaviour patterns to enhance their oral health practises through dietary modifications, tooth brushing, and flossing.
Culminating Event 'Tech It Up' - 2023
Technology is a creative exercise of the human imagination, just like art. On July 1, 2023, Podar International School Mysuru hosted the culminating event, TECH-O-MANIA, as part of the integrated English theme, TECH-IT-UP! A World of Gadgets and Gizmos. The students enthusiastically took part in a variety of activities. The exercises were designed to raise students' awareness of the technology we use on a daily basis and to inspire an appreciation for how it affects our lives. The pupils were eager to creatively convey their ideas and opinions.
Talent Show - 2023
"Our nature endows us with talent. Our efforts will lead to greatness." For the new pupils who entered in the academic year 2023–2024, The Talent Show was organized at the school on 24th June 2023. Each performer charmed the audience with their captivating performance. Students demonstrated a variety of talents, including singing, dancing, speaking, martial arts, impersonation, and more. The onlookers were treated to a visual delight.
International Yoga Day Celebration - 2023
"Yoga is the perfect way to unite body, mind and spirit. "International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June 2023.Theme of Yoga Day is "Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Yoga for the welfare of all in the form of One World, One Family. It emphasises the spirit of Yoga .Our Grade 4 students conducted a special assembly on this day and enthusiastically participated in all the programmes.
National Technology Day - 2023
India observes National Technology Day every year on May 11 to remember the successful nuclear test in Pokhran, Rajasthan in 1998. The successful testing of the nuclear bomb, code-named Operation Shakti, made India the sixth country in the world to possess nuclear technology.From sending Aryabhata satellite in 1975 to Chandrayaan-2 in 2019, India has achieved remarkable success in technology since Independence. The day is celebrated not only to honor India's accomplishments in nuclear technology but also recognises the nation's advancements in numerous other technological fields. The students of Podar threw more light on this by depicting the importance of this day with a skit that mesmerized the audience and held an enthralling Quiz session for the entire school.
Investiture Ceremony 2023-2024
"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality". The Investiture Ceremony, the most important ceremonial event of Podar International School, was held on June17th 2023,with great fervour and passion. It was indeed an honour and privilege to have Group Captain VS Shivraj, IAF as the chief guest of the day. The elected leaders were conferred with sashes and badges. Principal administered the oath while all the newly appointed council members took the pledge to uphold the prestige and the glory of the institution and discharge the responsibilities entrusted to them diligently.
School Club Activities 'Easy Bird Feeders' - 2023
The students of grade 2 enthusiastically participated and enjoyed making the bird feeder with the help of popsicle sticks. The students learnt to decorate the bird feeder, observe, identify and record the different birds that come to feed.
World Environment Day - 2023
On account of world Environment day, a special assembly was conducted in our school on 5 June 2023. prof.Jagannath Venkataramaiah an ISRO scientist and environmentalist, had been was invited as the Chief guest... The program began with the introduction of the Chief guest which was persuaded by elucidating the significance of the day. As a symbolic representation of enriching our environment a sapling was watered by the guest and principal. The Chief guest addressed the gathering and inspired the students with his motivational talk and created an awareness regarding wildlife protection .The students took a pledge that they will conserve the nature for the future generation.
Special Assembly on G20 - 2023
A special assembly on 'G20' was conducted in the school on 2nd June 2023 in order to bring awareness to the whole school. Students of Grade 5 presented the significance of G20 and India’s participation in it. The school troupe presented a group dance to emphasize its importance by stressing on the theme one earth and one family. The vice principal, Mr.Martin addressed the students and highlighted the importance of celebrating the great opportunity that India has got in organising it in India for this year.
Welcome back to school 2023-2024
The teaching faculties gave a warm welcome to all the students of grade 2 to 5 for the new academic year 2023-24. It was a great start as most of the students bounced with lots of joy and grin on their faces which rejuvenated all the teachers to celebrate the physical opening of the school after their summer vacation. In school assembly the new students and the new teachers were introduced to the school by the Principal & Vice Principal.
Field Trips 2022-2023
The classroom is an effective simulation of the real world however experiential learning argues that when learning is shifted into a real-life situation it becomes more powerful in individuals. This supports the idea that in order to prepare students effectively for life we need to give them memorable experiences like School Field Trips. In view of learning beyond the classroom our students visited several places such as Sukha vana, Silk Factory, Alokha Palace, Bamboo Vana, Nursery and Water Purification Unit. All the students were excited to explore the places.
Parivartan Drive 'Eco Warriors' - 2023
An awareness march as part of ‘PRIVARTAN DRIVE on the theme ‘Eco-warriors’ was organized on 25 February 2023. As a kick start on 23 February 2023 the student representatives and the principal participated in a press meet at Mysore District Journalists Association. The theme for the year revolved around clothing and its impact on the environment. The drive urged the students to rethink before purchasing clothes because buying too many clothes can cause a detrimental cost to the environment. The students participated in various activities and acted as agents of change. The students interacted with the people in and around and created awareness in the form of walkathons and by selling reused products and most importantly shared the message through the medium of Social Media, placards and banners. The principal, teachers and around 600 students from grade 5 to 9 took part in the rally which was flagged off at Mathrumandali Circle and culminated at B.M. Habitat Mall, Mysore.
Mental Health Day - 2022
On the occasion of World Mental Health Day a special assembly and various activities were conducted. The students were encouraged to achieve their objectives through affirmative exercise to inspire and motivate. There were grade-specific activities, like teaching self-care for grade 1 and 2, for grade 3 to 5 understanding the Cup of Peace, Kindness, Mandala art therapy and Making posters about Mental Health. Each student was encouraged to express through art to imbibe the significance of mental health.
Republic Day Celebration - 2023

Podar International School, Vijaynagar, Mysuru celebrated the 74th Republic Day with immense patriotic fervour and zeal. The celebration was presided by the vice principal, Mr.Martin and Mr.Austin Pinto, the senior Admin Officer. The event began with the flag hoist followed by the national anthem and a wonderful march past by the students of grade 4 & 5. Then the flower tribute was given to Dr. B.R Ambedkar by the dignitaries and coordinators of Podar as an honour to this great personality who chaired the team to form the constitution of India. The students came up on stage and mesmerized the audience with their speeches in Kannada, Hindi and English. There were eye catching dance performances by the students wherein they aroused the patriotic spirit and fervor of the audience. It would be a very commendable thing to note that the whole programme whether it be MC, welcome speech, march past, vote of thanks etc. was fully managed by the students of grade 4 & 5 under the guidance of the teachers and parents.

Christmas Celebration - 2022
Christmas was celebrated on 23rd December 2022 to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Students came to school wearing beautiful dresses on Christmas themes. The school was decorated beautifully with glitters, cribs and lights. One could easily notice the excitement of Christmas in the students’ eyes. There were cultural programme wherein the students danced, sang carols and played a short skit on the nativity of Jesus.  
Dasara Celebration - 2022
A special assembly was conducted to bring awareness on the significance of Dasara. The secondary students performed a skit and a dance on this occasion. ‘Dandiya Raas’ event was organised for students and parents on 24 September 2022 where all the parents, students and teachers danced to the beats of Dandiya and Garba. It was a spectacular evening with lots of colour and festive spirit. Rangoli competition was organized for the parents wherein more than 50 parents took part in it. Everyone was dressed up in traditional attire which added colours to the celebration and lit up the evening brightly.
Annual Sports Meet 2022-2023
The Annual Sports Meet of our school was held on 19th November 202. The chief guest Dr. S. Madialagan graced the occasion along with the principal, Mr.Krishna Bangera, admin officer and PJK HM as the dignitaries. The Principal extended a floral and formal welcome to the chief guest, dignitaries and shared a brief report of the School’s Sports activities and achievements of the students. The Sports Day started with the march past of the four different houses. Thereafter the oath taking ceremony was administered to the students. The most intriguing aspect embellishing the event was the sports torch, pom display, aerobics dance, fan display and yoga display by all the students of grade 1 to 5. The zealous parents gathered in large numbers and constantly applauded the participants. The winners were honoured with the certificates and medals by the dignitaries, teachers and parents. A few events were organized for the parents and it was very mesmerizing to see them take part. The meet saw its culmination with the National Anthem. 
Children's Day Celebration - 2022
On 14 November Children’s Day was celebrated by the teachers to make the day very memorable to the students. The celebration focused on children and their enjoyment. The celebrations began with the morning assembly by the teachers which included a few cultural events; wherein the teachers danced, sang songs and did ramp walks to entertain the students. It was followed by varieties of fun filled activities and games conducted by the teachers which filled the children with immense joy, enthusiasm and magnificence. All the children were given sweets and Children’s Day certificates to mark this day a memorable and valuable one. 
Kannada Rajyotsava – 2022
Kannada Rajyotsava, also known as Karnataka Formation Day or Karnataka Day, was celebrated on 14 November 2022 by hoisting the flag, lighting the lamp, flower tribute to Kannadambe and followed by many other cultural activities; singing songs, dance and fancy dress on famous personalities of Karnataka. The significance of the day was highlighted by one of the students. The vice principal stressed that the love for a language and place must be cultivated by every individual. 
Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration - 2022
As part of the religious integrity the school celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi festival with a lot of respect and belief that the Lord Ganesha who is the symbol of wisdom bestows his presence on earth during Ganesh Chaturthi festival & removes our obstacles. There was a feeling of complete devotion, creativity & fun altogether. The students performed a group dance gracefully on this occasion. The celebration gained importance with 'Ganesha Pooja' performed by one of the teachers. The principal, Mr. Krishna Bangera enlightened the whole school with his words of wisdom by speaking on the significance of the day. 'Prasadam' was distributed to students and staff members to encourage positivity amongst all.
Special Assembly on Krishna Janmashtami 2022
Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated on 18 August 2022 with lots of colour and vibrancy. The significance of the day and the purpose of the celebration were briefly highlighted to the students. The little ones from grade 1 and 2 made the celebration of Janmashtami a splendid one as all were dressed up as Radhas and Krishnas beautifully. The ramp walk by these cute Radhas and Krishnas made the celebration more elegant.
Independence Day Celebration - 2022
Independence Day is a national festival and is an opportunity for us to renew our resolution to rebuild and refine our national character. This day reminds us of all the sacrifices that were made by our freedom fighters in order to set India free from British rule. The nation is celebrating its 76th Independence Day this year. To commemorate the victory of our freedom struggle the school celebrated the glorious day by unfurling the flag and the whole school singing the National Anthem with pride followed by patriotic songs, dances, speeches in different languages and a skit. Mr. Shekhar H.T, the Superintendent of Police, Principal, Police Training School, Mysuru and the principal of the school, Mr.Krishna Bangera enlightened the gathering with their words of wisdom.
Investiture Ceremony 2022-2023
The Investiture Ceremony is a platform to showcase the leadership skills and abilities of our student leaders and it is one of the most prestigious ceremonies in the schedule of school events. This spectacular event took place on 25 June 2022 in the school premises.The event began with an elegant march-past led by the newly elected head boy and head girl along with the house-masters and prefects. Col. V Srinivas Admin Officer, NCC Mysore Group, Head Quarters inspected the parade along with the principal, Mr.Krishna Bangera and team. All the leaders were invested with the responsibilities of the student leaders of the school with badges and sashes as a symbolic gesture. The hoops display and aerobic dance by the students made the day more colourful and spectacular.
Express yourself 'Theme - Changemakers' - 2022
‘Express Yourself’ activity for Grade 1- 5 was conducted on 13 June 2022 under the theme ‘Change Makers’; Me & My Responsibilities (Grade 1&2), Collaborative Activity - A Perfect World (Grade 3&4) and Creative Expression ‘Picture Talk – What does it mean to us?’(Grade 5). Through these activities students got an opportunity to understand their ‘Responsibilities’ towards themselves and others, express their outlook of a perfect world, share opinions about real-world issues, discuss ‘Human Rights’ violations and how they are deeply embedded in our society and its effect on our way of living peacefully. Students actively participated and shared their opinions and views.
Jumpstart Activity on Change Makers - 2022
The jumpstart activity on 'Change Makers' was conducted for grade 1 to 5 to bring awareness about human rights. The activity focused on the needs and wants of people. Students of grade 1-4 were engaged in Human Rights Quilt Card making and grades 5 had an opportunity to write their views about ‘How to be a Responsible Citizen’ on chart paper. The students successfully engaged and enjoyed the activity.
Back to School - 2022
On 26 May 2022 the students of grade 2 to 5 and on 30 May 2022 the students of grade 1 were given a warm welcome to kick start the academic year 2022-23. It was a great start as most of the students bounced with lots of joy and grin on their faces which rejuvenated all the teachers to celebrate the physical opening of the school after a long gap.
Parent Orientation - 2022
The parent orientation program was held on 21 & 28 May 2022 for grades 2 to 5 & grade 1 respectively. Sessions on IEC and Symphonics were conducted. The parents were briefed about the achievements of the school, the School Development Plan, the School Review System, the school’s vision & mission, the curriculum, all the co- curricular activities, the usage of Betweenus portal, the academic assessment plan, work culture and the importance of wearing the complete uniform to school.
Mock Fire Drill - 2022
To create an awareness on evacuating a building in the event of fire or other emergencies, a mock Fire Drill was conducted on 7th March 2022.The evacuation time was recorded and the head count checked.
Republic Day Celebration - 2022
The 73rd Republic day was commemorated on the 26th of January 2022 at Podar International School, Mysore. The members of management and staff took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. The National flag was unfurled and everyone pledged to uphold the honour and integrity of our country.
Republic Day Activities - 2022
To celebrate 73rd Republic day and to inculcate the spirit of patriotism among students, few activities were conducted virtually on Saturday, January 22nd 2022. A Fancy Dress event was organized for the students of grade 1-5 and students of grade 6-9 participated in poster making activity.
Investiture Ceremony 2021-2022
The Investiture Ceremony for the new prefect council was held on 8th September 2021.The newly elected School Council comprises the Head boy, Head girl, House Captains and Vice Captains of the four houses - Aqua, Ventus, Ignis and Terra. The members of the council took oath from our beloved principal Mr. Krishna Bangera to take their responsibility effectively for this academic year. The event ended on a note of positivity and willingness, with the leaders promising to do their best.
After School Clubs - 2021
'After School Clubs' activities were conducted in the school to help children to connect with peers, nurture meaningful exchanges and create opportunities for learning from each other while discovering new possibilities within themselves. Students of grade 1- 5 were engaged enthusiastically with various activities in different clubs like Green Wizards Club, Happy Me Club, Treasure Trove Club and Art4All Club which showcased their innate talent.
Culminating Event 'Whats Cooking' - 2020
The thematic unit: “WHAT’S COOKING” for grade 3 culminated in the event ‘Healthy Food Stall’ in which students were actively involved in cooking up delicious treats by dressing themselves as chefs. Individual stalls representing each food group were set in the classroom. Students were familiar with the recipes and were able to talk about various aspects of the recipes like ingredients, nutritive value and taste. They also sang the Healthy song jingle and the healthy food song to promote their stalls.
National Youth Day Celebration - 2020
"All power is within you: you can do anything and everything" Podar International School Mysuru, conducted a special assembly to celebrate the birthday of Swami Vivekananda. He was a social reformer, philosopher and thinker. The main objective behind the celebration was to propagate the philosophy and ideals of Swami Vivekananda for which he lived and worked. No doubt, he continues to be a great inspiration for all the youth of our nation; hence his birth anniversary is celebrated as National Youth Day.
Jumpstart Activity 'The Pursuit of Happiness' - 2019
Jumpstart Activity for the theme ‘The Pursuit of Happiness - Unwrap Life Philosophies from Around the World’ was conducted in the school. The theme focuses on helping students to cultivate the propensity to ask questions related to life, self, personal well-being as well as inquire about the nature of existence. It also helps the students to understand the importance of inquiry and expand their knowledge in philosophical areas. Grade wise activities like ‘What do I feel like today?’ ‘What brings me peace? What breaks my peace?’ ‘Open the key to Happiness’ etc... brought a very good response from the students.
Christmas Celebration - 2019
Podarites celebrated Christmas with great fervor and enthusiasm. ‘Christmas’ is a month of ‘giving and forgiving’. Students performed various activities like carol singing, dance, etc. The school premises were echoing with Christmas carols and depicted the spirit of love and sharing among the students. The students performed a role play to show the importance of birth of Lord Jesus.
Kannada Rajyothsava Celebration - 2019
Kannada Rajyotsava celebration in the school began with lighting the lamp by the Principal, Mr. Krishna Bangera. The cultural program included fancy dress parade, group song, dance and skit by the students . A passionate speech brought out the importance of the day. The principal shared his experience about kannada language and encouraged everyone to be proud of Karnataka state. Department of Kannada took the initiation for the celebration.
Annual Sports Meet 2019-2020
The 8th Annual Sports meet of Podar International School was held in the school ground. The event began with releasing of balloons and torch run followed by an eye -catching march past by the contingents of the four houses. The students exhibited different drills with great energy and enthusiasm. Final events were conducted for students of all grades and they exhibited great sportsman spirit. Prize winners were felicitated with medals and certificates. The events for the parents and teachers was a grand success.
Children's Day Celebration - 2019
Children’s Day was celebrated in the campus on November 14th to mark the birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The traditional lighting of the lamp was followed by offering of floral tributes. Teachers made the day special for the students by conducting the assembly and presenting a variety of programs.
Podar Spectaculum - 2019
Podar International School, Mysuru, conducted “Podar Spectaculum” - an exhibition to showcase the talent of Podarites, in the school campus on 11th Nov 2019. The main aim of this exhibition was to nurture the creativity and tap the potential of the students so that they are able to represent the practical aspect of the concepts learnt. It helped to stimulate the domains of learning and promote higher forms of thinking like analyzing and evaluating. The students of grade 4 to 9 participated in the exhibition with full zeal and enthusiasm. The participation of a large number of parents motivated the students. They also appreciated the efforts of the school in arranging such an exhibition.
Diwali Celebration - 2019
A special assembly on Diwali was conducted on 25 October 2019 in our school with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. It started with a prayer to the divine power followed by speech highlighting the significance of the festival. Other programmes included group song and a vibrant diya dance. The whole school took an anti cracker pledge to protect the environment.
Joy of Giving - 2019
A special module on ‘Joy of Giving’ was conducted for two days in the third week of October 2019. The aim of this activity was to learn about empathy. It made the students understand why they shouldn’t let their judgements and pre-conceived notions deter them from forming healthy bonds.
Jumpstart Activity 'Design a way' - 2019
Jumpstart activity on the theme ‘Design A Way!’ was conducted to spread the awareness and importance of design in daily life. Students learnt to be creators, innovators and problem solvers who can adapt and pivot when necessary to flourish in a rapidly changing world. Grade wise activities like How do you see , Design your own pencil with a Sharpener, What I would like to Invent and What New Ideas I would like to Bring in MY SCHOOL were held and students enjoyed taking part in the activities.
Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2019
Hindi Diwas was celebrated by the students enthusiastically in the school to celebrate the popularity of Hindi as an official language of India. The students took the pledge in Hindi and also presented various programs in order to promote the use of this language. Slogans highlighting the importance of the day were also displayed. A ‘tongue twister’ game for teachers was arranged on the occasion.
Culminating Event 'Me and My World' - 2019
The culminating event of the thematic unit “Me and My world” for grade 1 was successfully celebrated in the school. The students were dressed up as various community helpers and enthusiastically exhibited and explained about their costumes. They took part in Fashion Show and Yoga Display. The classrooms were decorated with various components of their surroundings. From this module-which aims at ‘Learning by doing’, children were able to understand the concept in a creative way.
Teacher's Day Celebration - 2019
Teachers Day was celebrated on 5th September 2019 very meaningfully. The seniors organized a fun filled cultural programme and few games for the teachers. The classes were then engaged by the parents who had volunteered to take classes on that day. They were given a time slot of 40 minutes each. After the session the parents were given a ‘Gratitude Letter’ signed by the principal. The parents were very happy to be part of the Teachers Day celebration and appreciated the initiative taken by the school.
Giving Back 'A Podar Volunteer Program' - 2019
This program is aimed at helping students participate in activities that benefit the community or environment in some way. It gives students a holistic learning experience. The focus of the program is on social awareness, relationship skills, values and personal responsibility. As part of this program, students of Grade 1 to 5 were involved in Plantation Drive, Grade 6 to 8 donated books and Grade 9 & 10 participated in ‘Swach Bharat’ activity by cleaning a park.
Ganesha Chaturthi Celebration - 2019
Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated with religious fervor in the school amid chanting of shlokas. Eco friendly idols of Gowri and Ganesha were installed and pooja performed for the welfare of the school. The teachers recited Ganesha Pancharatnam. Later, prasadam was distributed to all the staff and students.
Culminating Event 'Stardust' - 2019
The school-wide theme ‘Space Troopers’ culminated with an event - ‘STARDUST: To Infinity and Beyond’, organized by the students and staff members of the school within the school premises on 31st August 2019. It provided opportunities to the students to showcase their learning and share the experiences they had during the course of the module.
Independence Day Celebration - 2019
The 73rd Independence Day was celebrated on 15th August 2019 very meaningfully at Podar International School, Mysuru. The chief guest, Mr.Harish Machia Kodandera, unfurled the national flag and enlightened the gathering with his enthusiastic and energetic speech on academic excellence and patriotism. The students performed various cultural events with patriotic fervour. At the end of the programme, parents were gifted with a sapling in order to build a greener India.
Jumpstart Activity 'Space Troopers' - 2019
The second IE theme of the year 2019-20 began with jumpstart activity on ‘SPACE TROOPERS’ – A Hitchhike through the Mysterious Universe! Various grade wise activities like “If I went to the Moon….” and “If I were an Astronaut…”were conducted. These activities helped to build excitement, capture the imagination and interest among the students about the ongoing theme. Through the exploration, the students will learn more about space and understand the space advancement that has been taking place in recent years.
Culminating Event 'Mystical Rainforest' - 2019
The school-wide theme ‘Mystical Rainforests’ culminated with an event - ‘Into the Wild’, organized by the students and staff members in the school on 6.7.2019. It focusssed on representing the different tribes of the major rainforests of the world. The students showcased the life of the tribes, their livelihood, way of dressing, food & entertainment, rules and customs.
Investiture Ceremony 2019-2020
A grand ceremony of investiture for the new prefect council was held on 22nd June 2019. The members of the council took oath from our beloved principal Mr. Krishna Bangera to take their responsibility effectively for this academic year. The chief Guest Rtd. Flt Lt. D Srinivas delivered an inspiring speech to the new prefectorial team and also complimented the students who took part in different displays.
International Yoga Day - 2019
International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21 June to raise awareness about the benefits of practicing yoga daily. Yoga brings balance between body, soul and mind. The whole school enthusiastically performed yoga. Different asanas were displayed by students.
World Environment Day - 2019
World Environment Day was celebrated in the school to bring about awareness among children to protect and preserve nature. The Chief guest, Mr. Rajkumar Devaraje Urs, the Managing Trustee of Wildlife Conservation Foundation, gave an inspirational speech regarding the importance of conserving wild life and forest. A short speech, group dance and a flash mob by students enlightened everyone.
CBSE Workshop 'Classroom Management' - 2019
A two-day CBSE workshop on ‘Classroom Management’ was organised in the school on 21st and 22nd May 2019. Classroom management is an essential component of effective teaching. The workshop focused on the elements of classroom management - content management, conduct management and covenant management. Various activities were undertaken to illustrate these elements with an involvement of the listeners. It provided a platform to the teachers to adopt various effective techniques for classroom management with positive approach.
CBSE Workshop 'Life-Skills' - 2019
A CBSE workshop on ‘Life Skills’ was conducted for all the teachers in the school on 21st May 2019. It mainly focused on meaning, importance and need of life skills to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of life. Techniques to enhance life skills, case studies on stress and different types of behaviour like aggressive, submissive and assertive were discussed.
Hobby and Sports at PIS Mysuru 2018-2019
Hobby and Sports classes for the academic year 2018 – 19 were conducted from July to March. They included Yoga, karate, calligraphy, football, skating, chess and many more. The acquired skills were displayed with enthusiasm by the students. All the resource persons were invited and thanked for their tireless efforts in bringing out the best in the children.
Thematic Learning 'Solar System' - 2019
In the thematic unit ‘Solar System’ students of grade 2 learnt various aspects about sun, planets and solar system. They learnt about cardinal directions and their relation to the sun, phases of the moon and stars. They applied their understanding about sun through worksheets and about planets through activities. Math concepts of addition and subtraction and names of different shapes were taught through games. Students applied the skills of spatial reasoning to draw a rocket. In Integrated English, students learnt about concepts of aliens and their planets through an activity by creating their own aliens and describing their alien planet by making a postcard. As a part of culminating event, they dressed up as astronauts.
Parivartan Drive 'Think Global, Eat Local' - 2019
A walkathon on creating awareness about Indigenous crops, Indian Super foods, Organic farming and eating healthy was organized by Podar International School in February 2019 in two different locations in Mysore. Students participated in this special drive to highlight the importance of eating local and fresh produce. A press meet was conducted by students of grade 9 prior to the event. During the walkathon, they performed street plays to spread the message based on the theme and the problems faced by the farmers.
70th Republic Day Celebration - 2019

Podar International School, Mysore, celebrated the 70th Republic Day on the theme ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’. The day started with the Mini Marathon which was inaugurated by the chief guest Ms.Pushpalatha Jagannath, the Mayor of Mysore City Corporation and the guest of honour, Mr. Deepak R J of 93.5 Red FM. There were 6 categories of participants. All the first 10 winners were given certificates and medals. This occasion was presided by the principal, Mr.Krishna Bangera, vice principal and admin officers. The chief guest of the day highlighted the importance of Republic Day. She said that new generation is up with many new initiatives like the marathon which opens the door of opportunities for the present and coming generation. Mr. Deepak appreciated the initiatives of Podar School and welcomed all the activities of Podar for the better future of children. After which the children performed many cultural activities and mesmerized the audience. The event came to a close with the presidential address by the principal.

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    • Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
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    • UDISE Number (Unified District Information System for Education) from current school (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Student's previous/current class Report Card (Std 2 onwards).
    • Photocopy of Address proof (any one) : a) Ration Card. b) Electricity Bill c) Passport d) Aadhar Card.
    • Photocopy of Aadhar card of any one parent/guardian.
    • Photocopy of Pan Card of any one parent/guardian.
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