There has been a paradigm shift in the Education sector,resulting in redefining the role of schools from being an institution of learning in strict disciplined environment to that of a haven for personal, emotional and social grooming.The list of priorities is constantly changing in this constantly evolving society and we, at Podar International School, are well armed to respond to the challenges we may face.

We strive to provide an intellectually stimulating environment for our exuberant students and encourage them to achieve higher goals.Our aim as an institution is to provide a platform for the young minds and empower them to unleash their potential .We ingrain our strong Indian Values and core principles during their formative years and provide individualistic attention to each child,as we endeavour to maintain an ideal teacher- child ratio. Our aim is to create leaders of tomorrow and edify them with the worth of honesty,dignity and justice .Each child is unique and with the right kind of environment,he can learn at his own pace,he should find the joy in learning and have meaningful experience. . Our entire school programme is a manifestation of efforts to sensitize our children and arouse in them, awareness about the gift of humankind. We inspire them, not merely to passively voice concern from the fringe of issues that yearn for attention, but be proactively involved in promoting initiative to make a difference to the world.

Our committed team at Podar International,Ratlam will ensure that every child is given an opportunity to experiment and experience to excel.

We are grateful to all parents for their unflinching support in all our endeavours

Mrs Suvir Kapoor
Principal, Podar International School - Ratlam