School Events at Ratlam

Parivartan Drive 'Conserve Water' - 2016

On 27th February, 2016 Podarite Ratlam marched in a rally to highlight the need to Conserve Water.The drive was performed successfully with the prior written permission from the head of traffic police and THANA INCHARGE.

The concept of Parivartan Drive – Conserve Water was explained to the students by the principal sir and the school event coordinator some days before in the morning assembly.

The march by 45 students , 10 teachers, 7 helpers, school nurse, principal sir and 4 policemen started at 9.30 am from the four square near to Lokendra talkies to the Podar city office.

Helpers gave a safe coverage to the students with a thick long rope around the students. Students were holding placards that read many slogans about to conserve water. Those placards and banners were prepared by the students during an interhouse competition - ‘ACTION FOR A CALL’ in the school.

Parents were sent invitations to join the rally 2 days before and they became the integral part of the rally.

The rally reached at its destination (city office) around 10.20am, there a short session of quiz had been organized. Students’ enthusiasm to participate and to create awareness among the people was really appreciable.We tried to set a good example by taking up such an initiative.

Annual Function 'Navras' 2015-2016

PIS, Ratlam celebrated its 2nd annual day on February 13th, 2016 in a community hall – SHARDA BHAVAN.It was presided by the chief guest Mr. Fatak., the Governor of Rotary Club.

The function started at 6 pm with swarswati vandana…karuna karo hei vak devi maa….. and lighting of lamp by the chief guest , special guests (principal of PIS UJJAIN, principal of PIS 1 INDORE, mentor Mr. Krishnamurthy, GM of MP hub Mr. Sagar Kennie) accompanied by the principal of PIS, RATLAM Dr. Ritesh Limaye.

To make the function a big success teachers started taking practice around 20 days before and the school made all the arrangements meticulously.

Principal of the school presented the annual report of the session 2015 – 2016 followed by the scheduled program.

The evening was made colorful with dance performances based on the theme ‘NAVRAS’ All the students gave their performances with grace and got a big round of applause. The chief guest blessed and admired the performers in his speech.

The hall got enveloped with the feelings of karuna by a group song ….ek tu hi bharosa, ek tu hi sahara…..wherein before the song audience were asked to stand at their own places holding candles in order to pay heartfelt homage to the Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives in PATHANKOT terrorist attack.

The program concluded at 7.30 pm with a vote of thanks followed by Podar Song and then National Anthem.

Kite Festival - 2016

17th January, 2016 the day was celebrated as 2nd Annual Sports day followed by KITE FESTIVAL in the school playground.The event was full of immense zeal and gusto.

Parents registered their presence before time and brought their own kites and string roll.

It was a wonderful scene when all the kite fliers were trying pull the string and their kite rises up. Some were trying to cut the strings of the kites of others with the string of their own kite. For around 2 hours parents and students experienced the real glory of fests.

One could feel the liveliness of the people in the ground. An arrangement was made to offering sugary delight –GAJAK and tika with haldi and kumkum to the parents and students before leaving..

The day was beautiful and it gave a good exercise to the limbs and sharpens the eyesight as well.