Structured and systematic schedule for syllabus completion will ensure the optimum results. The syllabus is planned keeping in mind the existing class XI(2020-21) and upcoming class XI(2021-22).Existing Class XI will appear for final examination in February, 2021 and their grade XII classes will commence in March, 2021. The entire theory syllabus will be completed by the month of August, 2021.

Thus, we will be able to focus mainly on the preparation of competitive exams like NEET and JEE for the next three months i.e. September to November, 2020 which will provide them more time for self studies as well as self assessment. Ultimately they will be equipped with thorough knowledge which will boost their confidence level.

Class XI
Unit 1: Physical world And Measurement 1. Structure of atom Unit 1: Diversity in living world
Unit 2: Kinematics 2. Chemical bonding and molecular structure
    3. Organic chemistry some basic principles and techniques
Class XI
Unit 3: Laws Of Motion 4. Hydrocarbons Unit 2: Cell structure and function
Unit 4: Work, Energy And Power 5. Hydrogen
Class XI
Unit 5: Motion of system of particle & Rigid body 6. Thermodynamics Unit 3: Structural organization (animals, plants)
Unit 6: Gravitation 7. Some basic concepts of chemistry
Class XI
Unit 7: Properties Bulk matter Unit 8: Thermodynamics 8. Equilibrium Unit 4: Plant physiology
9. Classification of elements and periodicity in properties
Class XI
Unit 9: Behavior of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory 10. s – block elements Unit 5: Human physiology
11. Environmental chemistry
Class XI
Unit 10: Oscillations And Waves 12. Redox reactions Unit 5: Human physiology
13. States of matter
Class XI
Unit 11: Electrostatics 14. Electrochemistry Unit 6: Reproduction
  15. Chemical kinetics
Class XII
Unit 12: Current Electricity 16. Haloalkanes Unit 6: Reproduction
Unit 13: Magnetic Effects Of Current And Magnetism 17. Alcohols phenols ethers
Class XII
Unit 14: Electromagnetic Induction And Alternating Currents 18. Polymers Unit 7: Genetics and Evolution
Unit 15: Electromagnetic Waves 19. Surface chemistry
    20. Biomolecules
Class XII
Unit 16: Optics 21. Aldehyde, ketone and carboxylic acid Unit 8: Biology and human welfare
  22. Chemistry in everyday life
Class XII
Unit 17: Dual Nature Of Matter And radiation 23. Organic compounds containing nitrogen Unit 9: Biotechnology and it’s applications
Unit 18: Atoms And Nuclei 24. General principles and processes of isolation of elements
Class XII
Unit 19: Electronic Devices 25. P – block elements Unit 10: Ecology and environment
26. coordination compounds