Podar International School Hosts the World’s Top Freestyle Footballer

03 Nov 2023

The students of Podar International School couldn’t have asked for more as it will play host to Jamie Knight, ranked among the world’s top 10 football freestylers and multiple Guinness World Record Holder. Jamie is one of the world’s most experienced and most in-demand Professional Football Freestylers. In his second visit to India as part of Podar Education Network’s initiative to heavily focus on sports and enable their students to get the best workshops and training sessions from internationally acclaimed players and coaches.

Jamie is known for his tremendous control of the football and has travelled worldwide and collaborated with renowned global brands. He has played the part of the official global Mascot for EURO 2020 and also performed on the pitch at back-to-back UEFA Champions League Finals in 2017 and 2018. His consistency and meticulous execution has earned him a huge fan following and recognition by world-renowned footballers.

Jamie firmly believes that freestyle footballing helps in developing physical and mental health and teaches the importance of a growth mindset. This furthers Podar Education Network’s strong support of a holistic education.