Welcome to the Podar Cambridge International (Cambridge) Thane web page. I am honored to be part of the vibrant Podar Education team, that ventures rich values and traditions through rightful education. The Podar Organizational motto “Traditional Values, Modern Thoughts” go very well with the ideologies of modern-day education across continents.

We, at Podar, wholeheartedly believe the key to excellence is in making students believe that they can achieve the best. School is a laboratory where one is set free to explore himself, find hidden dimensions, and excel in what (s)he is. Podar endeavors to demonstrate the right principles, values, and reasons and pledge to work in partnership with all parents and staff to support children in reaching their maximum potential.

As Aristotle says, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all.” To reach out to the hearts this widely diverse dynamic 21st century learners, the focal point of all instructional pedagogy is that values and principles that help them grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens in this era of technology and globalization. The pedagogy, at Podar International School (CAIE) Thane, delves deeper into the realms of holistic growth to prepare young learners who can convert challenges into opportunities. We make relentless efforts to explore, appreciate, evaluate, and encourage the hidden talents of our young learners and develop strong analytical skills, incubating creativity and innovation imbued with moral values to make them humane in thoughts and action.

At Podar, we strive to create such an educational environment, where learning takes place through differentiated pedagogy, variety of experiences that lead the student from practical issues to theoretical principles. I am sure that with the committed, caring, and supportive management, dedicated teachers, cooperative parents blend harmoniously as collaborative team and provide an exemplary educational environment within and outside the school so that our students are benefited to become the leaders of tomorrow.

At Podar Cambridge International, Thane
We Think
We Search
We Know

Our Motto for ourselves is the 3 E’s of Excellence – Engage, Empower, and Enlighten
Dimicandum, Talem and Illuminare

Jayapal Reddy Yeruva
Principal, Podar International School (Cambridge), Thane