School Events at Thane

Stress and Pain Management' session for AS level by Ms Priyanka Arora - 2021

Cambridge forum: hosted by PIS - Cambridge, Thane 2021

Investiture Ceremony 2021-2022

A day to invite the igniting minds to lit the marshal that would lead the way to individual and overall success. The Investiture Ceremony was celebrated on 11th December 2020. Everyone was excited and ready for the responsibility which they were about to owe. The event started with our energetic comparers Purajit and Hariharan who held the event and took it graciously ahead. The Headteacher and the student lead the prayer. The comparers invited the Principal to enlighten the team and to announce the winners. Every participant felt the surge of emotions enveloping them from their wisdom and time. The Principal and teachers together announced the winners. After the usually expected oath ceremony came to the unexpected surprise which gave a jolt of felicity to the Junior Students. The caps were about to turn to the young minds. The Principal declared Junior posts followed by the oath-taking ceremony for the Juniors. The event was given closure by reminding the dignity and honour of their position and responsibility with the acceptance of solemness and humble admiration.

Ekta Diwas Celebration - 2020

Classroom Activities - 2020

While welcoming the new phases to their lives, the students have been enthusiastically embracing the virtual platform. The spirits in which the students acquired proficiency and excelled in every competition is noteworthy. Competitions and classroom activities were conducted to nurture and inculcate values for the overall development of the student. Variations could be seen in their engagement and their demonstration of Classroom activities. Every presentation from the student excelled the previous one. Planned activities and Celebrations added an effect and accompanied the students through the corridor of their dreams.

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