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Gandhi Jayanti Celebration 'Gandhi ji ke anek roop, ek tasveer bapu ke sang' - 2019

Publication : Sakshi News Paper

Podar International School, Tirupati celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi on October 2nd, Programme Theme: “Bapu Ke Anek Roop, Bapu Ke Sang Ek Tasveer” also named as “Aao Kuch Bane Bapu Aur Sahstriji Ke Sang”. Along with school children many of the children from outside participated in programme. Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Tirupati branch joined hands for conducting the event.

The Chief Guest of the programme, Dr. J. Munisekhar, M.D. Pediatrics, chairman of Vaishnavi Hospital, and the guest of honour Mr. Siddique, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Showroom Manager, special guest Mr. Mahendra, Marketing Manager Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Tirupati branch, started programme with lighting of the lamp. Children made the programme devotional by signing the song “Aigiri Nandini”.

Dr. J. Munisekhar, chief guest stated the importance of the day and explained about Gandhiji's role in freedom struggle. He inspired everyone with his valuable words.

Along with the Podar Jumbo Kids and Podar International School, many of the participants from outside took part in the event. The children showed their patriotism by performing many activities like:

· Ramp walk in Khadi, informing more about importance of the places in various parts of India.

· Dandi March, children reminded everyone that changed the entire face of India i.e., Dandi March. Along with participants, parents and guest participated in Dandi March organized in school.

· Jai Jawan, children made everyone to know the obstacles of Jawan’s by taking part in obstacles in race.

· Puppet show, Podar Jumbo Kids teachers conducted puppet show showing Gandhigiri and Shastrigiri in the 21st century.

· Dress, parents and children dressed themselves in a dhoti like bapu and a topi like Shastirji. Parents took children photographs in “Bapu-ki-vatika” and “Bapu Ke Sang Ek Tasveer”.

Podar International School, PodarJumbo Kids team of teachers and admin staff showed their efforts to make the programme grand success.