School Events at Tirupati

Culminating Event 'Theme - Changemakers (Courage Conquers)' - 2022

Podar international school, Tirupati is the showcase for updating innovative ideas by celebrating fantabulous programs. As a part of it, the school celebrated the culminating event under the theme 'Change Makers'-Delving into challenges and promises of Human Rights as a part of Integrated English on 16th July 2022. This event aims at providing opportunities for the students to showcase their learning and the experience they have during the course of the module. This kind of event serves as an ideal opportunity to know what kinds of initiatives ‘Change Makers’ are taking throughout the world to bring about a change in ‘non-progressive’ mindsets and attitudes institutionalized in our societies.

Mr. K.Prabhu, an Ex-Police Officer, an advocate, and also a socialist is the honorable Chief Guest of the program. He impacted on Human Rights and their Importance, roles, and responsibilities children need to have and presented the education system and learning methods children should have for their better future.

The team leader with innovative ideas, the school principal addressed the gathering stating the importance of human rights and explaining the importance of the theme and event.

Children performed different performances based on the theme like a skit related to the right against Child labor, and dialogue delivery of different activists of human rights.

Skit participants are
1. STD 8: Ram Charan, Puneeth, and Sowmya,

List of rally participants
1. STD 8: Kathiravan, Ram Charan, Charisma, and Puneeth

Dress up like a human rights activists
STD 8: Mukesh Karthik, Kathiravan, and Suhash

STD 7: Nikhilesh, Hema Teja, Charuhas, Nimagna, Yasmitha, Mokshitha, Kethan, and Bhanu Prakash.

The program was made a success by the dedicated teachers and the presence of morally valued parents.

Mathematics Day - 2021

Every year 22 December is observed as National Mathematics Day in india to commemorate the birth anniversary of legendary Mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan.The day marks the importance of mathematics in our life and encourages people to develop self learning and rational skills.

Marking this Podar International school, Tirupati celebrated Mathematics Day in exploring the knowledge of children.

The honourable chief guest of the programme was Mr.B.Chengal Raju, senior lecturer at DIET, Karveti Nagar.

The Chief guest remarked the importance of the day and Mathematics. He suggested the children to have good Mathematical skills which develops self confidence and systematic in life.

Children from different grades presented their presentations stating the importance of the day.

Grade 1,2 children symbolised the symbols of math in their dance performance.

Grade 3 to 7 presented their Mathematics projects and given remarkable explanation of their projects.

School parents visited the school and felt very happy for the performance of the students.

The Chief guest questioned all the students and felt delighted with the answers and motivated the children to elate best in their work.

The Chief guest appreciated Math teacher for giving best and making the children perfect in the subject. The renowned person school principal Mr.Srinivas Raju, General manager of A.P. and Telangana of Podar education trust Mr.Ram Gopal Krishna and all the teachers made the programme Grand success.

Speaker of the month 'December' - 2021

Podar International School, Tirupati came with an elevated ideas to explore and enlighten the young minds and to give shape to the young minds.

As a part of this, we had ‘Speaker of the month’ with enhancing personalities of different professions.

The cold and festive December ‘Speaker of month’ was conducted on 18th December. The invitee was Dr. Harinath Reddy. Sir has chosen the eminent topic ‘Value of Food and Value of Farmer’.

Sir came up with desirable and memorable memorizing moments and shared by presenting practical presentations. The Presentations are memorizing with the content simple to complex.

Master Nadeem of Grade 5 gave welcome speech, Master Harshit of Grade 5 introduced the topic. Master Srivarardhan of Grade5 introduced the Chief Guest and Vignan of Grade5 Conveyed vote of thanks.

The eminent leader, the School Principal Mr.Srinivas Raju planned the programme eminently and given guidance to the teachers.

With the support of all the teachers the programme framed successfully.

Constitution day celebration - 2021

Podar international school, Tirupati celebrated National constitution Day also named as Samvidhan Divas honoring Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, the drafting committee chairman. Children were acquired knowledge of our National leaders and their ruling by celebrating these kinds of events as a part of their curriculum.

Children's Day Celebration - 2021

In remembrance of our 1st Prime Minister Jawharlal Nehru, children’s participated in various activities. Different activities were conducted in the school.

Speaker of the month - 2021

Podar international school, Tirupati came with innovative ideas to share and explore knowledge among the students with the event ' Speaker of the month'. We came up with the idea that the parents of the different professions may help the children to recreate the new things instead of replicating the things around them.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration - 2021

The policy of non-violence gave people a way to fight for freedom without being subject to violence. Keeping this Motto and to get the awareness of his principles, Podar International School, Tirupati enlightened the Bapu's simple living and high thinking and which made him fondly called as Bapu in the celebrations of Gandhi with the programme ' Bapuji ke sath ek Thasveer'.

Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2021

Hindi Diwas is celebrated all over India to mark the adoption of Hindi as one of the two official languages by the constituent Assembly of India. To Mark up National integrity among the children we had grand celebrations in our school.

Independence Day Celebration - 2019

Podar International school Tirupati celebrated 73rd independence day on 15th August, 2019 in a grand manner. The chief guest Commandant Durgesh Chandra Shukla hoisted the National Flag. As a part of investiture ceremony chief guest confer the badges to the student council. The chief guest addressed the gathering by explaining the importance of the day. The guest of honor Mr. Ram Gopal Krishna, General Manager of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Podar Education Trust, stated the importance of the day. The students of the school showed their patriotism by performing cultural activities. As a part of Podar Volunteer Programme, students of the school has written appreciated letters to the army soldiers and handover to Ram Gopal Krishna Sir. Students gave the vote of thank to the guests of honour, parents, principal sir, teachers and attenders. The programme is anchored by the students.

Thematic Unit 'Me and My World' - 2019

Podar International School, Tirupati conducted culminating event as a part of Thematic Unit 'Me & My World'. This is the ending session of the culminating event. This event started with music and dance. As a theme of EVS students explained 'My Family', 'My House', 'My School' and 'My Neighborhood'. Students exhibited their Art & Craft exhibits. As a theme of Integrated English student explained cleanliness things, classroom things. The session ended with the parents explanation of their profession.