The world has changed, Globalization is no longer possibility, and it is reality. And in this increasingly globalization mental set up. It is not enough just to know how the education system in India? It is critical to know that, how the system of education internationally as well.

Our vision is to improve life style of students, under our care by providing innovative educational products and service. We strongly believe in the process which saves life from our life style at present in the implications of a true education. We also firmly believe in identifying the deep - rooted potential of our students and developing it through the tailor - made curriculum. So that the practioner's of the respective domains may thrive in them.

Our global standard homemade Curriculum ensures that our students are ready for the challenges of the world. We are always a step ahead from other Indian schools. You could say we are one of the fastest transforming schools in the field of education. Which was already planted by our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi.

You can discover a lost sense. Sense of belongingness in our children at PODAR. With a reputation for quality of education. Innovation and perfection on live performance we are the first choice school for your children, it is the school of yours own imagination. You can trust and rest about the future of your children assured on our reliable shoulder. In a city that has become a verb from a noun across India. PODAR reflecting its global faces ,blending the traditional values with contemporary teaching methodologies, in a path finding campus of green play field equipped with modern facilities to cater your children’s in the city, that celebrate the finest of aesthetics and the quintessence of environmental value at your needs.

In short.
Honor, Culture respect and brother hood tradition tempered by innovation, spirit tempered by wisdom and freedom tempered by responsibility.

We welcome you whole heartedly help us to help your children, Grow, Learn, Lead and Excel.

Mr. Lava M.B
Principal - Podar International School - Tumakuru