School Events at Wakad

Science day Celebration - 2023

The national Science day is celebrated on 28th February 2023 at Podar International School CIE, Wakad with huge enthusiasm and zeal. This event was a great platform for students to create awareness of Science and Technology. The students discuss science phenomena, science and technology news as well as some interesting science facts, followed by a science speech. Our students proved efficiency by answering spontaneously to the questions.

Marathi Diwas Celebration - 2023

English olympiad achievers - 2023

Students from grades 1 to 8 we're appreciated today during the assembly with medals and certificates for their excellent performances in the English Olympiad competitive examinations.

Reflections - 2023

Creative and innovative display of art, science and languages was made on the Exhibition day (25th Feb 2023) at Podar International School CAIE Wakad. The skillfully designed pieces of canvas paintings, ancient historic Jewellery, Roman artifacts, clay models from ancient civilizations were captivating. Further, the show was captured by various language cultures and the theatre plays. It was also a treat to the eyes to watch various scientific working models and the enrapturing 3D print models.

Outdoor Fun with Hobbies! - 2023

The students of PIS, CAIE - Wakad were amped up to participate in several outdoor activities during their hobbies today! They enlivened every moment playing team games, messing their clothes and best of all, happily cheering around. The glimpse into some of the games like football, badminton, kabbadi, jump - stop etc, are presented here.

Hobby Workshops Activity - 2023

Messy tables give wings to creative minds. Glimpse into learners at work, students of grades 1 to 5 PIS - CAIE Wakad, are enjoying themselves at the hobby workshops. Students bring out constructive beautiful artifacts.

Board Games Activity - 2023

Fun with Physical board gaming! How entertaining is that? Students of PIS - CAIE Wakad, are excited to reserve their seats onto board gaming sessions during their hobby classes.

Republic Day Celebration - 2023

Jan Bhagidari - Peoples' Participation: The 74th Republic Day of India was grandly organized and lauded at the Podar International School CAIE Wakad. After two years of lock down due to covid this auspicious gathering was well awaited for. Students captivated the day with their heart stirring performances and speeches to various patriotic beats. It was indeed an impeccably woven celebration altogether.

Humanities Activity - 2023

Students of grade 4, exhibit their research and learning through presentations - group activity conducted in the Humanities class.

Field Trip 'Suresh Naik Space Center' - 2023

Travelling adds spice to life, the students of PIS CAIE Wakad were enthralled to feel the space like experience at Suresh Naik Space Center on the 21st of Jan 2023. The different space rides took the them into a different world altogether. The robotic dance, animated movie, travel to space, mission Mars, moon walk were some of the activities students enjoyed. It was a blend of both, educational learning loaded with fun and entertainment.

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