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Podar International School (ICSE)
Aurangabad (ICSE)

Principal's Message

It is historically established that if a country has to graduate from being a developing country to a developed one, it must have total literacy and high quality of education. As software czar Azim Premji Says "if we want to transform India's destiny we have to begin by changing what we teach and how we teach."

Podar school has leveraged innovative international technology to add new power to learning with the installation of interactive white board which will soon redefine classroom teaching. Infact the school is among the first to install them in India.Interactive white boards create a range of learning opportunities for both stuudents and teachers. Studies have found them to be highly motivating and learns centered when integrated innovatively.

They offer a powerful facility for integrating media elements into teaching to enhance content and support collaberative learning. Also when used in conjunction with interactive handsets student are given the opportunity to part take in the lessons and also get a hands on feels with the latest technology. The interactive handsets are often used to conduct quizzes and surveys at the end of a lesson so as to ensure the students understanding the subject area as well as to encourage their participation.

We have Science Centre in our school which has 63 models on science, math, geography and astronomy. Our school will be only the first school in Maharashtra to adopt this unique concept to make science more interesting and interactive. Also We have fully equipped math lab with 150 models and kits and math has become enjoyable to all students like never before.

"A healthy mind in a healthy body" is a popular saying and to make it reality for our students we have started 15 minutes of compulsary yoga for all students after assembly every day. We lay emphasis on all round development of the child and hence this year we introduced various clubs.

Educationalists are constantly looking for ways to make the educational system more dynamic. The need has never been felt more, than it is now. We at Podar school, have been constantly keeping pace with the needs of society and the innovations that are taking place. We hope that as our children leave these halls of learning they will be ready to take on the world; whatever hue it may take from to time.

Through so many activities on the sports field, on stage, debates or discussions, dance and drama; competitive exams we endeavour to build the character at Podar School. We will continue to do so and show our children that a pure unblemished diamond is so much more valuable than one with flaws and cracks. These activities that we train our students for, have brought them laurels both in academics and co-curricular activities.

Mr. Prashant Muley
Podar International School, Aurangabad (ICSE)