“There is no use of running fast if you are running on a wrong road hence first choose the correct way in your life! In the inception of PIS - Chandrapur, I strongly feel that this is the right time for all the vigilant parents of Chandrapur to choose the right school for the future of their children. Even if we are in inception, we are backed with 94 years of experience in education which directed us to be in Chandrapur to elevate the standard of education and shape the future of the generation.

Education can never be stagnated at any level. Each time there is a scope for touching new horizons. Researches in education have never taken the final shape so far. Initially ‘A’ used to stand for apple, the same letter later used to stand for aeroplane. Now as the generation has become smarter and its intellectual capabilities have enhanced, all children have been taught the same later with 10 different objects in 10 different ways. Who knows that after 50 years of life span, children may be taught ‘A’ for ‘aesthetics’ too! Education is moving from learning of visible to invisible and macro to micro.

Podar knows the need of all learners well therefore it has the exposure of all the age-appropriate curricular and co-curricular activities. Students’ development of all three ‘H’ i.e. Head, Heart and Hand is religiously focused upon here to groom them into all round personalities and responsible persons.

All the curricular and co-curricular activities conducted in Podar are to ascertain the overall development of the child’s personality. Therefore I strongly feel that if the two P’s of Podar i.e. preachers and parents walk hand in hand, the overall development of the third P i.e. pupils will happen faster and more appropriate. What children require is just a support from elderly people and a guide to set them on a proper track to move ahead; as the required potential is already leashed within them to conquer the world!

Hence, let’s come together and prepare ourselves to shape the future of the generation!

Dr. Valmik Somase
Principal, Podar International School - Chandrapur