School Events at Chandrapur

Field trip for Grade 7 to Baba Amte Abhyasika - 2022

Podar International School, #Chandrapur organised a field trip for Grade 7 to Baba Amte Abhyasika, Chandrapur on the occasion of Children's Day i.e. on 14th November, 2022. The students visited the study centre established in the loving memory of Baba Amte and witnessed the fine arrangements made available in the library. The study centre was well equipped with sitting arrangements and books for the competitive exams. To encounter a well occupied library with a pin drop silence mesmerized the students. The happy smiling faces of the students were the evidence of the fun time they had.

Boys Welfare Committee - 2022

Health is a state of complete harmony of body, mind and spirit which can get affected by our lifestyle. To ensure that students stay inspired and motivated towards a healthy lifestyle Podar International School , #Chandrapur organised a session on Nurturing a Healthy Mind under the Boys Welfare Committee on 13th November 2022. Issues such as addiction of mobiles apps and various websites that can lead to an ill state of mind were discussed. Furthermore , the impact of a friend circle on our habits and careers was elucidated. Students were explained the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and mental health by the speaker Mr Roshan Wairagade.

Children's Day Celebration - 2022

Podar International School, #Chandrapur celebrated Children's Day with a lot of enthusiasm and its true spirit. Children were exhilarated to receive flowers and chocolate at the entrance itself.Celebration took place in school with students across all Grades. Teachers put up a wonderful show for the students by decorating the entrance for them followed by an assembly wherein teachers sung melodious songs and grooved to the tunes of perky songs. This was followed by a compendium address by Principal Dr. Valmik Somase wherein he stated that children are always young and child-like for parents and elders, no matter how old they grow. And that all of us have a child within us, who should be nurtured. He gave wishes to one-and-all on this day. Overall the celebration was 'sugar and spice, and everything nice', just like our dear students.

Zentangle Art Activity - 2022

Podar International School Chandrapur under Art Club conducted Zentangle Art Activity for Grades II to IX on 20th October, 22. Students were directed by their Club Incharge Mrs. Dipti Dixit, to draw various shapes and divide it into 5-6 sections. Each section is to be filled with different patterns- simple and consistent. These patterns could be made using dots, lines, curves, etc. This activity relaxes the mind while teaching Art in the most simplest way. Students thoroughly enjoyed partaking in it.

Ancient Tribal Art Activity - 2022

The Treasure trove Club Incharge arranged an activity for the students of classes I to VI .In it an ancient tribal Indian art with basic shapes such as dots,lines, circles, triangles and squares done on mud walls using white colour. It depicts gods or other deities, scenes of daily life, and important events that the painter chooses and does not imagine. The students enjoyed the activity and painted awesome warli paintings.

Joy of Giving - 2022

All the students in Podar International School,Chandrapur celebrated ‘Joy of Giving’ by actively engaging in class activities. The main idea of the special feature ‘Joy of Giving’ is to create awareness among the students related to environmental problems. The students understood that we are being nurtured by the resources available on the Earth. Hence, it is really important for us to ‘Give back to Earth’, the kindness and generosity we receive from her.

Jumpstart Activity 'Theme - Kaleidoscope' - 2022

Podar International School,Chandrapur started the new session with a new theme by conducting jumpstart . The focus of the theme ‘Kaleidoscope: Gazing at the Magical Prism of Poetry’ is for students to explore the literary form of ‘poetry’ through the various activities . The activities were conducted during the Jumpstart surprise, evoke imagination & engage students in the upcoming theme from the very beginning. It also provided a platform to all the students to draw from some experience while progressing through the module. All the students were immersed in this magical theme of poetry and made beautiful poems according to the topics.

Dandiya Nights with Podarites - 2022

Podar International School #Chandrapur organised a cultural fiesta, a spectacular celebration- 'Dandiya Nights with

Podarites' on 1st of October 2022. Students, Podar parents along with the guests attended the gathering in mass. To boost the morale of invitees, it was decided that prizes would also be given by the end of the evening. Dr. Valmik Somase welcomed the chief guests for the occasion Mr. Sunil Tiwari and Dr. Rakesh Ranjan along with the judges- Mrs. Jharna Gour and Mr. Devashish Roy. Children and elders performed splendid Garba raas whilst rejoicing in the festive fervour. Many prizes in the categories of best dressed and best dance were given to children as well as elders. Total 8 winners were declared for Garba competition- Ms. Savi Bhatt was best dressed girl, Mas. Dhruv Arora was best dressed boy, Ms. Samayra Puglia won for Best Dance (Girl), Mas. Meer Suchak for Best Dance (Boy). Mrs. Tina Suchak was best dressed lady and Mr. Rahul Bahadurkar was best dressed in men's category. Mrs. Jayashree Darbar won Best Dance (Female) prize and Mr. Avinash Bathkal won Best Dance (Male) prize. Special prizes were given to 10 students who contributed to making this congregation even more auspicious by hand painting Nine Avataras of Goddess Durga. This art work by Ms. Sanvi Matte (IV A), Ms. Anvi Shukla (IV A), Mas. Reyansh Garg (V B), Ms. Harshada Rathod (VI), Mas. Aditya Singh (V A), Mas. Aditya Yadav (VIII), Ms. Gayatri Dhere (VIII), Ms. Prachi Sheladiya (VIII), Mas. Sarvoday Sahare (IX) and Ms. Shweta Agale (IX), were mounted for the spectators. Thus the evening of divine convening, filled with festivities, celebrated by devotional dances and building camaraderie with everyone attending, was much appreciated by one and all.

2nd PTA Meeting - 2022

2nd PTA Meeting was conducted at Podar International School Chandrapur today on 24th September, 22. Members of Parent Teacher Association attended the meeting in a huge number wherein their queries, co-curricular as well as academic, were resolved by Principal Mr. Valmik Somase and all other staff members. Various events conducted by the school to create an overall holistic development of students was shown to the parents. Further plans of organising such events that increase the involvement of students as well as parents were also discussed. Parents appreciated the initiative of school to reduce burden of bags and further ways were discussed to address other hurdles in this regard. Paper pattern that has been changed by CBSE for board exams of Grades IX and X was discussed. Various ways of reducing the screen time for students were discussed. The intention was to develop healthy and transparent communication between parents and teachers, so that any glitches in the way of imparting the best education to students could be avoided. Overall the meeting could achieve the aim of strengthening teacher-parent association and including parents in planning the roadmap to better learning for the children.

Awareness regarding eye health and safety - 2022

Podar International School Chandrapur organised a very fruitful session on creating 'awareness regarding eye health and safety' for students of Grades VI to X, on 24th of September. Dr. Bhushan M. Uplanchiwar, an Ophthalm, as representative of Indian Medical Association initiative of creating better doctor patient relationship guided students on a range of sub topics, right from 20-20 rule for eye health to various eye conditions that require immediate medical attention, etc. Students were quite attentive throughout the session and were appreciated by Dr. Bhushan for getting various doubts clarified. Some important tips the doctor recommended to students included- socialising more rather than resorting to mobiles and laptops for recreation, staying away from firecrackers or at least being vigilant while handling them, to avoid contact of harmful substances with eyes. He advised to report immediately for lazy eye, cataract-like condition or squinting. He guided how one should avoid playing with sharp objects which can lead to an injury that ends up being a long standing and recurring eye problem. He guided various ways of maintaining hygiene of the eyes. He boiled down the entire session in one piece of advice- that when it comes to eyes, precaution is always better than cure. School appreciated the efforts and thanked the doctor, who so precisely yet conclusively guided students about such a pressing issue, especially at present times. The session was truly the need of the hour.

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