School Events at Chandrapur

Express Yourself 'Theme - Changemakers' - 2022

As Nelson Mandela has said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” So, we at Podar International School, #Chandrapur, are educating and working towards structuring the children to become successful as well as a responsible citizens too. Hence, we have undertaken an 'EXPRESS YOURSELF ' activity on the theme ‘CHANGEMAKER’, where we inform and help them understand about Human Rights and its importance and thus help them in building a strong foundation regarding knowledge of human rights. Various activities were conducted today in classrooms by the teachers with the help of students such as Impromptu role play, Picture talk, Action game and so on where they portrayed a scenario regarding Human Rights Violation or expressed their views regarding it. The enthusiasm of students was boundless while expressing their opinions.

Girls Welfare Committee - 2022

With the motto of 'lmproving menstrual health in school girls can lead to long lasting effect on women's overall education, health and well being ', Podar International School #Chandrapur has taken a strong initiative in educating the girls with forthcoming efforts of Dr. Kalpana Gulwade , leading gynaecologist of Chandrapur and the chief guest of the function organized by Girls Welfare Committee.

She explained various factors regarding menstruation such as :
1. The hoax and myth,
2. Biological facts,
3. Necessary hygiene factors regarding menstruation and female hygiene,
4. Do's and don'ts during menstruation.

Her information and advices were met with enthusiastic responses from the students.

Jumpstart Activity 'Theme - Changemakers' - 2022-2023

The new session of the year 2022-2023 brought lots hope and happiness to all of us .We at Podar International school Chandrapur started this academic year a Theme " *Change Maker"* Change is a inevitable law of nature.The theme states the ways by which our students will make a change in their surroundings ,home,school and environment. Jumpstart event to launch the theme by creating awareness in the minds of the students were conducted in the first period by the respective class teacher's . Students participated actively and shared their ideas for the Change by getting involved in different activities planned by the teachers. A great way to start off the academic year .

First Day of the Academic Year 2022-23

First day of school excites all ,the parents ,the students and the staff .Podar International school Chandrapur also welcomed all the parents ,the students with same excitement. Pandemic led to school closure but with everything getting back to normal, the school management welcomed all with open arms . Students were beautifully dressed in their new uniforms and were up-to-date with new books ,new grades and new beginnings.

Bird Feeder Activity - 2022

As the summers are nearing, After School Clubs of Podar International School #Chandrapur are including a few season specific activities for children. This time for 'Green Wizards' Club, Bird Feeder Activity along with Kitchen Gardening lessons were conducted by the Club Incharge Mr. Sushil Kubade. Children shared pictures of their inaugural plantation in the kitchen along with Bird Feeders made by them. By making bird feeders, children are made aware how they can contribute from their end and help other species in handling the summer heat.

International Women’s Day Celebration - 2022

Once an English Man asked Swami Vivekananda as to why Indian women don't shake hands with anybody. On which Swami ji asked if an ordinary man of his country can shake hands with the Queen. "No", replied the English Man. "In Indian every woman is a Queen," replied Swami Vivekananda.

Podar International School #Chandrapur celebrated International Women's Day with a meaningful exchange of thoughts through reciting poems, speech and dance performance. Children through various acts depicted how women form the base of our social structure by devoting themselves in various roles. Principal Mr. Valmik Somase in his compendium address reiterated the crucial role women play in shaping the society and that the field of imparting education is outnumbered by women folk because of their qualities of patience and perseverance. He highlighted the importance of every woman having 'me time' as well in their daily routine. He also remembered the great Indian women leaders on this day of International significance, who have set huge examples as our pioneers. And thus, just like the heart of any woman, the celebration on this day was full of compassion and exuberance.

Wishing Happy Women's Day to everyone!

'Banana and strawberry smoothie' and 'Icy fruity Pops' - 2022

Podar International School Chandrapur introduces the concept of 'After School Clubs', one of them being 'the Gourmet Club'. The Aim of this club is to get kids engaged in Culinary Arts. Working in the kitchen provides kids and teens opportunities to gain a sense of accomplishment. Another session under this Club was conducted by the Gourmet Club Incharge Mrs. Guneet Sahni- 'Banana and strawberry smoothie' and 'Icy fruity Pops' were the two recipes discussed in the session. Children participated with keen interest in this activity and satiated a lot of curiosity other than their stimulated taste buds.

Different shades scenery - 2022

At Podar International School Chandrapur another set of brilliant activities conducted by 'After School Art Club' Incharge Mrs. Dipti Dixit are as follows- 'Different shades scenery' on 17th Jan, 2022 and 'Paper flower' on 27th Jan, 2022 for Grades I to VIII. Children very enthusiastically partook in these activities fulfilling the purpose of forming this Club, that is, to integrate Arts in academic learning.

Listen and Draw - 2022

Podar International School #Chandrapur has taken the initiative to form the 'Green Wizards Club'. Objective of this Club is to foster a sense of responsibility in students regarding making right choices and following sustainable practices to preserve our planet, our ecosystem. An activity in this regard of 'Listen and Draw' was conducted by the Club Incharge Mr. Sushil Kubade on 28th of January, 2022. Children were made to listen to audio, that comprised sounds from natural habitat. For instance, of an elephant, the breeze, a river stream, etc. They were then prodded to use their imagination and draw a complete picture using these sounds as reference or the starting point. The objective was to infuse strength in an already existing bond that one has with nature. This way children could spend quality time with mother nature even on a virtual platform. They partook enthusiastically in this activity, pictures of which are shared herewith. After all, today's kids would grow on to take further measures in saving our planet and our future. We are doing our job of laying the stepping stone as of today, through such initiatives.

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