Podar Prep Events

UnHalloween Carnival - 2022

Fear will run when we have Un-Halloween Fun

2nd Kiducation Huddle with Parent " Learning is Child's Play" at Podar Jumbo Kids

Coding curriculum - 2022

Mud Day Celebration - 2022

Jr KG Science Activity 'What dissolve in water' - 2022

In fun way kids will learn about concept

International Yoga Day Celebration 'Yoga for Humanity' - 2022

First Kiducation Huddle with Parents - 2022

Beautiful glimpses of our 1st Kiducation Huddle with Parent (Session 2022-23). Learning is Child's play....at Podar Jumbo Kids

Earth Day Celebration - 2022

Here are some wonderful glimpses of the' Earth Day' celebration. The theme of the event was "Let us protect the environment"

Parent Induction Session 2022-23

Here are some wonderful glimpses of our very first physical "Parent Induction Program" for session 2022-23.

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