Dear Parents

"The whole purpose of education is to turn green buds into beautiful flowers."
"The most important purpose of education is to learn how to find the beauty of life."
"The purpose of education should not to be to fill you with knowledge, but education should make you hungry for knowledge."

Our Mission is to provide Opportunities to every CHILD to stretch his/her inherent learning competencies through a self discovery process.

Podar International School Jabalpur under the vision and guidance of Podar Education Trust is to be the epitome of excellence, stimulating, trusted and safe learning environments for the children, embedded in Indian values while creating independent and innovative thinkers who spearhead a dynamic future globally.

I believe that, the biggest challenge faced by the educators of today is to prepare students for the challenges of a globalised world. In recent times due to pandemic, Covid-19 imparting knowledge to students passed through a challenging phase, but we at Podar are committed to impart quality education along with the holistic development of every student even despite of adverse circumstances.

We have taken our students to virtual learning platform so that students learning horizon is expanded. In present scenario, the world that continuously demands new knowledge and abilities; a world that requires the students to become adaptable lifelong learners in an ever changing scenario of new skills and competencies. They also need to be good communicators, be able to relate well with other people, and to think critically and creatively.

We at Podar International School aspire to fulfill the needs of the 21st Century learners. The heart of education is after all the education of the heart. We at Podar nurture valuable life skills and train the children to become more independent that are able to come out of their comfort zones and deal confidently with any uncertainty or challenges that may confront them in the future. We wish to be an inspiring institution wherein educators will get inspired by the inquisitiveness of learners and learners will get inspired by the educators as their role models.

I would like to quote the message in which Swami Vivekananda persistently advocated
"All power is within you, you can do anything and everything, and you are the creator of the universe. Never mind failures, they are quite natural. The failures are the beauty of life. If you fail one thousand times, make attempt once more!"

Since inception Podar Group of Education is found to be inculcating traditional values with modern blend of technology so as to develop socially conscious Indian Citizens and I hope that the Podar team will continue to strive hard to fulfill the cherished dreams of more than 1 lakh 50000 students who are getting right education in a very friendly and conducive atmosphere.

Let's join hands together in fulfilling the dreams of these future citizens of this great nation by empowering them with right values and skills which is the need of the hour.

We at Podar consider our parents as valuable partners in taking us further ahead to fulfill our dreams.

Finally in nutshell I convey my best wishes and regards to all the stakeholders in putting trust on us.

With best Regards,

Bharat Bhushan Jha
Principal, Podar International School - Jabalpur