School Events at Jabalpur

International Yoga Day - 2022

Podar International School Jabalpur celebrated 8th International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm. The students demonstrated various asanas followed by Omkar chanting. Warm up exercises were done and all the students performed sitting and standing asanas under the guidance of Yoga teacher Mr.Ashish Raikwar.

Yoga and Aerobics session - 2022

Emphasising the importance of physical activity, Podar International School, Jabalpur conducted Yoga and Aerobics session for the students of classes I-VI. The session was conducted by Mr.Ashish Raikwar (Sports teacher) and Mrs.Rupali Singh (Aerobics teacher).

Workshop on stress management - 2022

In order to help the teachers to learn to cope with the stress, one day workshop was held in Podar International School, Jabalpur by our Counsellor Ms. Yeswita Yadav.

Yoga session for teachers - 2022

Podar International School, Jabalpur conducted Yoga session for the staff members with enthusiasm. All members of the school joined the yoga session with the Principal Mr. Bharat Bhushan Jha. The session was conducted by Mr. Ashish Raikwar (Sports teacher) where he made everyone performed Asanas and Pranayam and also explained its importance in life.

FIT India Cyclothon - 2022

Podar International School, Jabalpur organized ‘FIT India Cyclothon’ as part of the Fit India Movement for all the staff members at Dumna Nature Park. It’s a new initiative conceived with a vision to help everyone keep fit.

Express Yourself - 2022

Today, Podar International School, Jabalpur conducted an activity "Express Yourself". In this activity students expressed themselves by drawing different emoticons.

Earth Day Celebration - 2022

Earth Day was observed to make students responsible and conscious to apply their whole hearted efforts to preserve environment’s natural resources today and for the future generation.

School Activity 'Theme - Activate Your Summer Shield' - 2022

Schools play an important role in helping students establish healthy eating behaviors and follow healthy food pyramid. With this Podar International school, Jabalpur conducted an activity with the theme "Activate Your Summer Shield" in which some topics were given to all the students to present in front of the class. Each of them gave a message that good nutrition and a balanced diet help kids grow up healthy.

Beginning of New academic year 2022-23

Welcome back dear students to Podar International school, Jabalpur. Good luck for the beginning of the new Academic year 2022-23.

Student Orientation Programme 'Day 2 - Yoga Session' - 2022

Yoga session was organized on 6th April, 2022 for the students of Podar International School, Jabalpur. The yoga instructor, Mr. Ashish Raikwar, took yoga session with great dedication. The students participated with full interest, enthusiasm and eagerness.

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