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Visit to AOC Corps Museum - 2023

Publication : Haribhoomi

Podar international school students, staff along with the Principal visited the Aoc Corps Museum located at the College of Materials Management (CMM), Jabalpur which is Asia’s one of the biggest Corps Museum.

Annual Day Celebration 2022-2023

Publication : Haribhoomi

Podar International School, Jabalpur and Podar Prep celebrated its First Annual Day on 4th February 2023 based on the theme “The Jungle Jumble” and Jumbo ke Vanbandhu” with amidst great splendor, mirth and zest.

Patriotic Solo Singing Competition - 2023
Publication : Haribhoomi
Podar International school, Jabalpur welcomed today the aspiring singer from Bollywood Ms. Ishita Vishwakarma along with her mother Ms.Tejal Vishwakarma for the felicitation program - 2022
Publication : Haribhoomi
Excursion trip to Parle-G factory by the students and staff of Podar International School, Jabalpur - 2022
Publication : Haribhoomi
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