It’s a matter of great pride to be associated with such a highly reputed Educational group-PODAR, which focuses on the growth of the education system which over the years has come to a standstill. At Podar students get ample opportunities to brush up their skills and build on their aptitude.

Podar Innovation Centre leaves no stone unturned to implement various methods to enhance the teaching learning process, to make teaching and learning not only interesting, but also novel-in the sense creating ‘attraction’ and ‘thirst ‘to acquire Knowledge. This is applicable not only to the Students but also with the Facilitators of Podar.

Each day at Podar Nadiad begins with new activities, techniques and learning. At Podar teaching and learning takes place in a subtle manner. Every subject/chapter has enough of activities and exploration to keep the curiosity level of the learners ongoing.

We give due importance to co curricular activities as well, which helps in the overall development and grooming of the child’s personality. With the best of technologies, well equipped infrastructure, trained and experienced teachers, Podar Nadiad, becomes one of the best centers for education to the younger generation today. FOCUS, PASSION, INNOVATION, CUROSITY - these were the traits that drove Albert Einstein to his discoveries!! Similarly here at Podar Nadiad we take the pride of offering the students the platform to investigate/ and introspect himself/ herself. We have an education system which is totally based on innovation and excellence.

The experience of learning at PODAR is highly inspiring, as it is entirely based on “Living the Learning”. As we strongly believe in what Einstein said –“True education is one, what remains even after one has forgotten what one has learnt in School.

Learning and Teaching at Podar means-a blend of old values and tradition with modern technology. The system is tuned according to the need. With its own globally accepted programmes ,Podar is successful in producing high level entrepreneurs, businessmen, doctors, artists and many more successful professionals.

We provide the best that will bring out the genius in your child. So leave your child with Podar, allow us to groom and bring out the best in him/her. Trust us, I assure you the education we impart will not only make your child successful on score cards but will mould him/her to be a beautiful human being as well, whom, we all will be proud of one Day.

Come join us at Podar Nadiad , and lets together make this place a wonderful place for Learning for our younger generation.

With Warm regards and Best Wishes

Mrs Vijayalaxmi S Kaimal
Principal, Podar International School, Nadiad.