Principal’s pen…….

Since time immemorial, the human tendency has been the search for-what is life about. The result that the humans have found for this search is the perpetual growth and development. Education is the strongest pillar for growth of civilization but COVID-19 pandemic has affected this phase of human progress adversely. This has created pandemonium in the path of growth and development. However, technological advancement does not let the flame of education wither away and thus has become the integral part of education. It is rightly said that, "Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational." The 21st century is the age of skills and competency-based learning. The NEP 2020 has thrown a new light in this. It is the time for transformation- a shift from a completely conventional teaching environment to a blend of acquisition and to foster understanding in this New Era. Effective use of technology must be the priority of the schools to achieve better teaching-learning modules. This will facilitate better performance with an emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness. Podar International School aims at igniting the young minds with a proper blend of technology in the classroom teaching-learning environment. It provides propitious environment that assures its students will always illuminate society with the flame of education. With best wishes.

Dr. Yogesh Jain
Principal, Podar International School - Nadiad. Gujarat.