School Events at Samastipur

Nal Jal Yojana - 2022

Students are the pillars of the foundation of brilliance and excellence'.

We feel proud to announce that our 6 marvelous learners have participated in the representation of a Science Project based on one of the schemes of Bihar Government, " Nal Jal Yojana", organized by PHED(Public Health Engineering Department),Samastipur on the occasion of "Zila Asthapana Diwas" and have secured the second position.

Many schools participated in this innovative event which opened up the doors of manifestation and exploration.

Participants are:
Daksh 7A
Divya Vinayak 8A
Aditya Prakash 8C
Shreyash Singh 8C
Rudra Sharma 8C
Aman Raj 8C

The students were guided efficiently by our dedicated teacher, Mr. Saurabh Suman, who ensured that our learners can make the best use of their skills.

Our Honourable Principal Sir, Mr. Parveen Kumar Zear has congratulated the students for bringing laurels to our school and wished them success in their future endeavors.

Children's Day Celebration - 2022

One innocent smile is more precious than gold,
It's the dream of a child that can never get old...

The biggest assets that can be treasured by anybody is a child who grows up to build the pillars of a better and brighter future.

To preserve the innocence of our timeless gems, We hold hands together to celebrate the joy of a lovely and beautiful childhood by organising a memorable and colourful event on the occasion of Children's Day.

All the children of Grades I - X were greeted warmly and with utmost love and want. The event was embellished with songs, dance performances and interesting skits which took everyone's hearts away. A heart whelming and thoughtful speech by our Honourable Principal Sir, Mr. Parveen Kumar Zear motivated every child as he imparted the importance of a healthy and educative childhood.

The entire program was a great success as each child left home with a bagful of blessings and a heart full of memories and happiness.

On this lovely day we wish every child to cherish the delicious fruits of an unforgettable childhood.

Diwali Celebration - 2022

Who said that Diwali is only a mere occasion of decorating houses with lamps and lights ??? But it is an emotion of home coming, unison and never ending victory of truth and honesty on which our civilization stands...

Understanding the values and joyful essence hidden behind the significance of the festival, We lights up the lamp of celebration and fun for the young Podarites who add both color and light to this wonderful day of Diwali Celebrations.

The learners adorned the corridors and Classrooms with decorative items and represented their wonderful creative skills.

There were a set of activities planned for all the classes in which students participated enthusiastically by putting their best feet forward.

To have their Classrooms glitter warmly
Grade 1 and 2 took part in the Diya Decoration Activity.

To celebrate an eco friendly event and recycle things over and again,
Grade 3 and 4 took part in the Paper Latern Making.

To welcome happiness with open arms and beautiful doorways,
Grade 5 and 6 participated in the Toran Making Activity.

To have the aroma of purity and fortune wrapped around our lives, Grade 7 and 8 engaged themselves in the Coconut Decoration Activity.

To spread the good news of happiness, health and prosperity entering our homes, Grade 9 and 10 participated in the Poster Making Activity.

The series of events are the lined up happiness and cheerful smiles adorning on each child's face and heart.

No such darkness can kill the light,
If we keep our hearts clean and bright.
We're are to rise up after each fall,
PIS, Samastipur wishes a Happy and Safe Deepavali to one and all...

Express Yourself - 2022

Can you think of anything more beautiful and expressive than a full fledged poem embellished with the words of wisdom, knowledge and over everything EXPRESSIONS???

As the cool breezes start blowing from the North, nature gets prepared to get wrapped within the folds of warmth and hence we set the blaze of colours in the event of Express Yourself by Gazing at the Magical Prism of Poetry.

The event opened its gates for Grades 1 - 8 where the young poets could be seen decorating their poem with magical words.

Grade 1 and 2 got engaged writing My "I am a poem."
Grade 3 and 4 went out searching for the 5Ws of Poetry.
Grade 5 and 6 endeavored to look at the Picture Poetry - What do I see?
Grade 7 and 8 held the pen's nib tight to curve the beauty of poetry on pieces of paper by taking help from the Poetry Prompts.

The event was fun, creative and no less refreshing than the cool breeze which chills our body and mind after a long, hot and tiring day.

2nd Open House - 2022

Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.”

Understanding the significance of the Parent-Teacher teamwork for the betterment of every learner, We open up our doors for the 2nd Open House AY 2022-23.

The gateway for discussion should be kept accessible and communicable for the enhancement of a child in every sphere of life. Teachers and Parents along with their wards sat down for a fruitful discussion and promised to keep hands joined to strengthen the foundation of brilliance.

Communication is the best way to get matters solved and to have the best of accomplishments. We, being a family, never step back.

Jumpstart Activity 'Kaleidoscope : Gazing at the Magical Prism of Poetry' - 2022

Poetry is the language of the soul which makes human emotions overflow the boundaries of confined space. To inculcate the gems of these wonderful assets in our young minds, We have organized a poetic venture in the Jumpstart activity to spread the rhythm and magic of poems.

As the school reopens with a sudden jerking of enthusiasm, our young poets assemble together to mark the beginning of this soothing journey of poems.

Different themes were set for different grades which brought variation to the event.

Grade I and II got engaged in the theme of " GIVE ME A RHYME."
Grade III and IV were excited to participate in the theme of " AN ACTION WORD."
Grade V and VI were busy hunting for the theme of " RHYMING HUNT."
Grade VII and VIII braided the knots of poetry in the theme of " BRAID A POEM."

The event energised and motivated our learners to express themselves even more beautifully than before.

Poetry is the instant overflow of our emotions which if stopped will break the dams of restrictions drowning the plains of creativity...

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration - 2022

Be the Change you wish to see in the world...

With this amazing quote let's take a moment to remember and appreciate the efforts put in by a great man whom we proudly call the Father of our Nation.

To commemorate the spirit of Nationalism and Free India, We organize a special event to celebrate the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

The event was filled with different activities such as poster making, essay writing and penning down of wonderful thoughts which engaged the minds of young learners into thinking about their contributions and responsibilities towards the nation.

The event was jovial and filled with the colours of enthusiasm.

Navratri Celebration - 2022

Navratri is the occasion on which we celebrate the powers and strength of Goddess Durga by observing and celebrating her nine avatars.

She is Brahmacharini, she is Katyani and she is also Kalratri or Maa Kali. In all her forms she depicts the image of the strength that goodness has to uproot the stems of evil.

To celebrate this festive occasion we organize a colourful and musical gathering in the Special Assembly to mark the happiness of Navratri. The entire event was filled with beautiful songs including soulful hymns and breathtaking dance performances which was greeted with a huge round of applause. A meaningful and devoted speech was also delivered to revive the significance of the occasion.

A motivational speech was given by our Honourable Vice Principal Sir who encouraged everyone to instigate the positivity within themselves to brighten their pathways ahead.

Joy of Giving - 2022

Life is beautiful when meaningful,
Life is wonderful when colourful...

To fill colours on the canvas of life one needs to feel and live each of the shades offered by life on this majestic planet which is our ultimate home.
It's very easy to take but very hard yet important to give...

Hence, to inculcate the wisdom of giving and caring, We organized a holistic event on the theme of JOY OF GIVING. An event which makes every student realize the precious presents being gifted by Mother Earth and how we should appreciate her gifts by giving her cleanliness and a healthy environment.

The two day 27.09.2022 & 28.09.2022 event was held for grade I - VIII, where each class got the chance to learn about environmental degradation and how the goal of a healthy and green planet be achieved.

The event was filled with wisdom, knowledge, videos and creativity which ended with a very profound message.

"This planet is the only home to all the creatures surviving, so let's conserve, reserve & preserve the gems present on this planet and hand over the most beautiful Mother Earth to our future generations and relish this JOY OF GIVING."

District Under 17 boys kabaddi match - 2022

It is often said that to keep oneself happy and healthy one should be engaged in the challenges offered in the meadows of sports... We proudly announce that our young Podarites have participated in the Under 17 boys district kabaddi match organized BY PEFI, Bihar Chapter and have secured the 2nd position. They have left an impression of appreciation and hard work which is to be carried forward by the younger ones.

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