School Events at Samastipur

National Science Day Celebration - 2023

All Inventions are born on the laps of Necessity which is nurtured and nourished beneath the caring shades of Science.
Taking the responsibility of preaching the significance of Science to our young Podarites, We organize an eventful Special Assembly on the theme of Global Science Day, commemorating the striking contributions of Science and the brilliant minds involved within.
It was on this day in the year 1928, CV Raman had discovered the RAMAN Effect bringing new dimensions in the genre of Science.
To educate ourselves with the remarkable contributions of Science, some of our brilliant students dressed up as inspiring scientists and reminded us of the landmarks attained by the magnificent people.
Our HOD of Science Department, Mr. Indrabhushan Jha delivered an awestricken speech instigating the interest and curiosity that should sparkle within oneself for Science.
Our Honourable Vice Principal Sir, Mr Chandan Kumar Choudhary stepped forward motivating all the learners to leave their achievements as a trademark for others to take inspirations.
The event was informative and immensely helpful for each of the learners and we hope to see them exploring the wonders of the world which are yet to be discovered.

Mahashivaratri Celebration - 2023

He is Mahadev,
He is Rudra,
He is Shambhu,
Who lies in every Sutra...

Here comes the auspicious day which is eagerly awaited by every Shiva worshipper, the magical and spiritual day of Mahashivaratri.
A day when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were bound by the authentic rituals of marriage as they together became the guiding paths of mankind.

Understanding the divine significance of the occasion, We open up our gates for the brilliant Students of Grade X welcoming them in the blessing ceremony to shower them with best wishes.

All the students along with their family members entered the school campus which adored the essence of the performance of Mahashivaratri.

Our Honourable Principal Sir, Mr Parveen Kumar Zear took the moment and inspired all the students to put their best foot forward and shine bright in the years to come.

The teachers of Grade X came forward one by one and expressed their ideas and advised the learners to make the best use of the knowledge which they inculcated in themselves while studying at school.

The students had mixed feelings of pride and grief as they left the school premises with a bagful of memories which they can never forget.

3D Printing Competition - 2023

With every journey we discover a new way,
Every beginning simply requires a new day...

As we are growing in this Techno Savvy era, We organize a creative 3D Printing Competition for Grades V-VIII.

The students of the following Grades participated enthusiastically and presented their impressive skills wonderfully.

A motivational speech by our Honourable Principal Sir, Mr Parveen Kumar Zear energized the students as they were set to put their best foot forward.

The awestricken themes for the grades were as follows:
Grade V recreated the joy of playing with toys in their joyful theme of Toy Arena.
Grade VI took the audience on a remarkable trip in their theme of 3D Automotive Modeling.
Grade VII touched the sky in their theme of 3D Architectural Modeling.
Grade VIII reminded us of the significance of farming and agriculture as they took us on a short visit to their innovative farm on the theme of 3D Modern Farms.

The presentation was beyond any words of description and left the judge panel on the horns of dilemma.

Our Vice Principal Sir, Mr Chandan Kumar Choudhary took the moment as he inspired students by teaching them the philosophy of life, hard work and efficiency.

In House Training Classroom Management - 2023

It's not only about how much we know,
It's also the need to together learn and grow...

The profession of Teaching has always been one of the most respected and acknowledged ones in the world. Teachers have always contributed to the nation building process by nurturing the real gems of the country, i.e our students. But with the changing trends of the society, are Teachers facing any new challenges which is leading to difficulties in their teaching process???

Understanding the need of the hour, We organize a mindful and thoughtful In-house training on the topic of "Classroom Management" by the resource person Smt Mala Bharti, a bona-fide and inspiring trainer who has shown a positive path to many teachers.

All the teachers have participated enthusiastically and made their presence count by contributing their ideas and experiences in the ocean of discussion and learning.

Our Honourable Principal Sir, Mr Parveen Kumar Zear motivated and inspired all the teachers to come forward and learn the innovative tools of modernized teaching.

The training was all about innovating and experimenting oneself and grasping new methods and techniques which will lead to more fruitful learning outcomes.

Learning is truly a never ending process and the one who is successful in becoming a good learner is sure to be accomplished as a great teacher.

Legal Awareness Programme - 2023

If children are precious then they are to be preserved and protected...

To inculcate the awareness of child safety and protection,We organized a significant gathering for a Legal Awareness Programme on the sensitive topic of Juvenile Justice Act 2015 and POCSO Act.

The event welcomed well known dignitaries such as Smt Ranju Choudhary, Panel Advocate and Shri Vicky Kumar, PLV who spread the message of awareness and the necessary measures to be adopted by the adults while handling such delicate issues.

Our Honourable Principal Sir, Mr Parveen Kumar Zear bridged a healthy and informative conversation where the Legal Team opened up topics which are still a Taboo in our society. Teachers were made aware about the safety of each and every child who may get abused without the knowledge of the elders. The toll free numbers of Child and Women's Safety were also shared and the confidence of raising voice against the wrong was communicated amongst all.

Criminal is not only the one who commits a crime but also the one who tolerates the crime. So, let's enrich our little ones with the values of morality and the brilliance of bravery so that they can live a life with dignity and respect.

Saraswati Puja Celebration - 2023

Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in man...

Such were the inspiring lines of great men who understood the significance of education and educated people. No wonder why is school called a temple as it's the permanent residence of the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom, Maa Saraswati.

Paying respect to the deity of learning, We organized a blessed function on the auspicious occasion of Saraswati Puja. Our Honourable Principal Sir, Mr Parveen Kumar Zear performed the mighty Puja with devotion.

All the teachers participated in the event and prayed in front of the Goddess of Learning without whom there is no beginning and end.

If a school is a temple, then our students are the devotees who come everyday with the hope in their hearts to be showered with the blessings of teachers and above all Maa Saraswati.

Volunteer Programme 2022-2023

Sharing is caring when done from your heart,
Spreading love and happiness is also an art...

Understanding the significance of sharing and spending love and care, We spread the message of goodness among its young minds to inculcate the wisdom of living and growing together. A Volunteer Programme was organized to promote the importance of Plantation and Food Donation.

Students of Grade I-IV brought saplings to school to grow the seeds of greenary in the Plantation Drive. The students planted the saplings in the school ground to spread the branches of a healthy and clean environment.

The Food Donation camp encouraged the students of Grade V-VIII to stretch out the helping hand towards the underprivileged of the society.

The students participated actively and learnt the secret of happiness which increases only when spread and shared.

International English Olympiad - 2023

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." We are glad to announce that the students have exuberantly participated in the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH Olympiad (IEO). 81 students participated in which 24 students received medals (8 Gold Medal of Distinction and 16 Gold Medals of Excellence) and everyone has received the ‘Certificate of Participation'. Our Honorable Principal, Mr Parveen Kumar Zear congratulated and appreciated the efforts of the students by felicitating the Medal winners. Here are the glimpses of the same............

74th Republic Day Celebration - 2023

Let the colours of our Tricolor reach the sky,
Let the essence of Nationalism fly high...

Commemorating the day when our Constitution came into force, our nation has set its foot on the 74th year of a Republican Country. The unforgettable sacrifices and bloodshed for our Motherland remains immortal for ages to come.

Taking pride in the event of celebration, We join our hands to celebrate the day of Nationalism by organizing a colorful and patriotic function on the occasion of 74th Republic Day.

All the students and teachers came forward to shower the event with their contributions. The significant event commenced with the Hoisting of the National Flag by our Honourable Principal Sir, Mr Parveen Kumar Zear along with our Events Coordinator, Mr Niranjan Sharma. As the Tricolor reached the zenith, our moist eyes filled with pride shouted the slogan of "Jai Hind" and "Vandemataram."

A motivational and inspiring speech was delivered by our Honourable Principal Sir, Mr Parveen Kumar Zear who inspired all the young minds to make their contributions count in the free nation and mark their journey in the pathway of Nation Building.

The event was filled with patriotic songs and zealous dance performances which again lit the flames of Nationalism in our hearts.

Our Vice Principal, Mr. Chandan Kumar Choudhary addressed the students and delivered the message of honesty, modesty and hard work.

he colorful event ended with happiness but the journey of Indians never ends.
Let's enrich our future generations with the rich culture of our country and make them the unbreakable pillars of tomorrow's dream India.

Express Yourself 'Pleat by Pleat' - 2022

Expressions are the reflection of one's feelings and ideas...
Understanding the significance of the same, We organized a colorful and exciting event of Express Yourself manifesting the theme of "Pleat by Pleat."
All the students of Grade I-VIII participated happily and joyfully in the event and expressed themselves Pleat by Pleat.
Students of Grade I-II had shown and told their ideas in their Sari Play.
Students of Grade III-IV declared their design in the activity of Stamp it!
Students of Grade V-VI expressed their creative expressions in the activity of My Spruced-Up Uniform.
Students of Grade VII-VIII participated in the Class Discussion and deciphering the untold story of the Indian Artisans.
The event was embellished beautifully adoring the strings of creativity and expressions which shared the message of innocence along with the brilliance of our young minds.

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