School Events at Shivamogga

Young Explorer Inauguration - 2023

The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.” Albert Einstein "YOUNG EXOLORER," the mega creative and innovative event, was inaugurated in our school. The inauguration was done by all the national-level participants of the National Children's Science Congress, which was a proud moment for all of us. Different innovative science experiments were done during the inauguration. The chief guest, Mr. Samson P. Roy, wished the best wishes for all the young scientists. Mr. Sukesha Serigara, principal of the school, said that every simple question from the child will create interest in exploring new things. encouraged students to be inventors. Ms. Nethra, the vice principal, and the year leaders worked hard off screen for the success of the programme.

Soft Board Decoration for Young Explorers - 2023

Soft Board Decoration for Young Explorers in our school The soft boards were used in a great way to display learning objectives, science goals, facts about scientists, conversation starters, fun or interesting facts, and more!

Young Explorer 'Grade 1-5' - 2023

A "YOUNG EXPLORER' science exhibition for grades 1–5 was conducted in our school. The school provided students with a platform where they showcased different scientific concepts understood through their projects and models. It also helped students to build the confidence to explain the theory independently. Judges had fun with students by patiently listening to them. Students enjoyed the event, and their creativity was appreciated by all the parents.

Young Explorer 'Grade 6-8' - 2023

'YOUNG EXPLORER," the science exhibition competition conducted in our school. It provided the platform for the students to use their scientific knowledge and make the best inventions from their brains. Group presentations forced students to work together and learn from each other. They shared their ideas and, collectively, galvanised those ideas to bring something innovative into implementation. External judges spent their time with students, given the marks on their presentations. The most anticipated opportunity made students enthusiastic and active in the event.

Young Explorers Winners Felicitation - 2023

The competition was conducted on school premises on 8.1.23. Students presented creative and innovative projects in science. Parents were the judges for the competition; they spent quality time with students' projects. On their judgments, the medals and certificates were distributed for best, first, second, and third places.

National Science Day Celebration - 2023

National Science Day was celebrated at in our school to raise awareness about the importance of science. The celebration was inaugurated by offering flowers to the image of 'C.V.Raman'. The school has organised a "Science in Miracles" programme conducted by Mr. M.V.S. Swamy, Head Master, SBMMR High School, Hiriyuru. In this programme, many activities were conducted using fire, camphor, potassium permanganate, glycerine, etc., and the chemistry involved was described. Through this, students were made aware that all things and acts in the world involve science. Encouraged students to find science everywhere. Students enjoyed the informative programme.

Second 'Mock Fire Drill' - 2023

Second 'Mock Fire Drill' demonstration was conducted in our school to create awareness about the fire accidents.

Connect Circle - 2023

Connect Circle' a support activity was conducted for all the teachers in our school. It's a kind of activity where a safe space was provided for all the teachers to introspect, reflect and vent out their feelings. All teachers described themselves and had fun.

Human Rights Issues - 2022

Grade-7 students of our school learned about Human Rights violations in Integrated English period. Students planned to create awareness about Human Rights issues by creating thought provoking messages and effective solutions on the worksheet Talking Head.

Environmental Rights - 2022

Grade 5 and 6 students of our school became aware about environmental disasters in Integrated English period. In this session, students understood the ways to protect and preserve the environment. Students watched a wonderful video 'The Man' and learned about 'Environmental Rights' and their roles towards the betterment of the environment. Students enjoyed the learning process.

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