The true end of education is not only to make the young learned, but to make them love learning; not only to make them industrious, but to make them love industry; not only to make them virtuous, but to make them love virtue; not only to make them just, but to make them hunger and thirst after justice. - John Ruskin

On behalf of entire family of Podar International School (CBSE), Baroda, I warmly welcome you all through our official website.

PIS Baroda is on a journey of preparing global citizens ready to face the challenges of 21st century. We aim to provide a supportive and conducive environment that enables our students to explore their capabilities and realize their full potential in all aspects of school life. Our students will be challenged and motivated through genuine learning opportunities which will further inculcate creativity, confidence in them and help them in becoming independent, righteous life-long learners.

The challenges for the 21st century would be so radical, diverse and media centric. As educators and parents are we ready to handle them where we do not have an iota of idea how the world will change in next moment? Our educational mindsets need to be seriously re-aligned with the demands of next century or else whatever we teach will be redundant. Up keeping with the changing scenario we equip our children through various innovations like English Lab, Math Lab, Golden Hour to name a few. We have made our classrooms completely techno savvy coupled with state of art facilities ensuring that human intelligence and technology is carefully balanced!

Our curriculum is remarkable, providing broad range of experiences and opportunities to grow and learn! With our systematic, well researched lesson plans it is ensured that all the students get qualitative learning irrespective of their geographical location. Our teachers are trained continuously to keep them abreast of subject content, new technologies and methodologies in teaching by our Podar Innovation Centre. PIS Baroda offers many extracurricular and sports activities to the students to expand & develop their talents.

We are equipping our children to be all set for a "futuristic world" where

  1. problem solving
  2. communication
  3. maintaining physical and emotional well being
  4. optimum utilization of resources
  5. working in teams and collaboration
  6. creation and innovation
will not be only valued notions but essential, required attributes to become future leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Our vision - to be the best and be recognized as raising the traditional standards of educational possibilities and outcomes for students, parents and society-clearly radiates our passion towards enriching students’ lives. Indeed, education is phenomenal journey and we wish all PODAR students focus on their cherished dreams and make every effort to achieve it!

With lots of well wishes,

Shalini Bhatt
Principal, Podar International School - Vadodara