The Podar Group of Schools has been started and operates with the prime purpose of building young minds to spearhead a dynamic future globally. Podar International Schools are a symbol of progressive and quality education. In our school , children gain an all-round education and achieve their potential not just in the academic field but also in the field of sports and creative arts. It offers the students a distinctive mix of traditional values and exciting opportunities. We strongly believe in encouraging everyone to have high expectations of themselves and respect for others.

The purpose, the aim and the drive of the PIS-Hingoli is to equip the child with the most excellent technological and other essential proficiency so that s/he may function with clarity and efficiency in the upcoming world and, more importantly, to create the right climate of empathy so that the child may develop fully as a complete human being .This means giving him / her opportunity to flower in goodness so that s/he is rightly related to people, things and ideas, to the whole of life. School will be the real nursery and nurturing ground where student can form their opinions, values, likes and dislikes. Each one of us is a student on a journey. Each one of us is a teacher, sharing our varied experiences.”

The biggest challenge faced by we educators of twenty first century is to prepare students for the challenges of a globalised world. Students of today face a world that persistently demands new knowledge and abilities; a world that requires the students to become adaptable, life-long learners in an ever-changing scenario of new skills and competencies. They also need to be rich in soft skills, excellent communicators, be able to relate well with other people and to think critically and creatively. PIS-Hingoli is committed towards imparting these skills. Students will not only learn, but they will learn how to learn, unlearn and re learn.

Education at our school will develop among the students a global outlook and perspective while maintaining respect for their homeland. We strive hard to sensitize them to current developments taking place worldwide and educate them for the future so that they can be culturally versatile and are comfortable working, communicating and collaborating with people all over the world.

We want our pupils to develop valuable life skills and become more independent, resilient and confident individuals who are able to come out of their comfort zones and deal confidently with any uncertainties or challenges that may confront them in the future. Our team of qualified and experienced teachers will provide personalized attention to every student.

It will be the constant endeavor of our school towards providing holistic and quality education by infusing each and every student with the zeal to be passionate about learning as well as to be engaged and inspired. We want every student to be nurtured into strong, reflective and responsive individuals who are confident and adaptable in meeting the challenges and opportunities of this rapidly changing world.

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