Dear All,


Podar International school has a rich tradition of serving the nation in a distinguished way. I am proud to be a part of it. I am sure each individual associated with the school feels so. We immensely value our mission , vision and values and learn lessons from it. Our mission is to Transform life.

It is truly an honor for me to work as Principal at PIS Washim with such a great and devoted organization who is working since 1927 to change the society in the field of education. My emphasis is upon the holistic development of a child by fostering a synergic blend between scholastic and co- scholastic achievements and a host of co-curricular and extra curricula activities which find a rightful place in the curriculum. Shaping young, impressionable minds is one of life’s biggest challenges.

We at Podar are committed in creating a safe and positive learning environment where staff and students promote and model safe, responsible, and respectful behavior in order to provide each student the best learning environment.

We also recognizes that the world is changing around us daily and that technology is necessary to engage and support learning. We strive to engage students through the use of various means of technology.

We also want that based on the experience and approach our Podarites should be independent thinkers, communicators, modern citizens and at last good human beings.

Learning happens all the time; not only in a pre-designated place called the school. It happens in the home, between home and school too. The home’s and school’s mission therefore is to provide a learning environment and opportunities to the children as the learners.

Parental involvement in a child's education process is both a gift to your child and a gift to the school. This partnership is strongly encouraged and highly valued at PIS Washim.

Thank you to all the stake holders for being with us as a part of Podar family. I feel proud to have long association with the organization and invite you all for the same.

Ms. Arti Vaidya
Principal, Podar International School - Washim