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Podar International School
Udupi (Proposed CBSE*)

Principal's Message

Treat Well and Teach Well

Educating children should be based on the principles of unconditional love and care. Every teacher must put herself or himself in the place of a child. In the company of such a teacher, children will have no stress, strain, fear or failure. Here learning becomes a happy experience, full of enthusiasm and interest. Education in any form, devoid of the unconditional love and care undoubtedly remains mechanical, meaningless and incomplete. Children have to be treated equally irrespective of religion, region, caste, or creed. We should not discriminate a child in any way for physical, intellectual, mental and financial reasons.

The high-tech world can provide facilities with the latest infrastructures such as internet, multimedia classrooms with smart boards and sophisticated gadgets of all kinds. In this scenario the teacher-student relationship can become shallow and devoid of human touch. The teaching which does not come from the heart of a teacher does not reach the heart of a student. To a great extent, the ultra-modern education has weakened the ‘Guru Shishya’ relationship. Human element is an indispensable part in the teaching-learning process. The loving bond between teacher and student is extremely important. It isn’t enough to say that ‘I love and care for my children’ instead every teacher must make sure that the children feel that they are loved and cared. Mutual love, respect and understanding are the key factors in imparting knowledge and skills.

School should be a home for learning. A homely atmosphere with motherly or fatherly love and care will make learning an enriching and interesting experience for children. Here there is no room for ignorance, sadness, stress or fear. When treated with love and respect the child learns even the difficult concept easily and cheerfully. After all what a child remembers in the years to come is how a teacher treated him or her and not the subject matter that the teacher taught. Therefore, it is extremely important for every teacher to treat every child with a humane approach, respecting him or her as an individual. Here the child learns the valuable lessons of life along with the various subjects.

Teaching should never be a spoon-feeding process. Rabindranath Tagore said, “Child is not a vessel to be filled in, but a lamp to be lighted.” Teacher should become an active facilitator. Teacher has to create an atmosphere for self-learning by the students. It is worth remembering the famous saying, “If you give me a fish, I shall eat for a day. If you teach me to fish, I shall eat for a lifetime.”

In Podar School Udupi, we, as a dedicated team of teachers and support staff, do our best to make learning a happy, interesting and enthusiastic experience for our children. Here, children enjoy freedom and thereby they learn to be self disciplined. We believe that learning should be free from fear and force. It is only then what the children learn reaches their head and heart. We work with a holistic view of education. We do not want to limit our teaching to text books and test papers and not even for gainful employment. We educate our children for life. A holistic view of education leads the children to embrace a holistic view of life. One who has a partial view of life does not live a full life. Every life must be lived to the fullest.

It is my earnest desire that every child who enters the portals of PIS enjoys to the fullest his/her school life and returns to the world to be able to lead a successful and worthwhile life.

Mr. George Kurian
M.A., M.S., M.Ed., B.Phil.
Principal, Podar International School Udupi